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Can't decide - i7-10700K or i9-10850K

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Dear Flyers,

I am building my first flightsim rig during Christmas holidays. It is intended for 1440p simming in MSFS 2020 (locked to 60 or 30 fps) . All other components are already in, but I desperately cannot decide on the processor. I am considering 10700K (EUR 380,- here) and 10850K (EUR 460,-).

The other main components are:

  • Asus Strix Z490-E,
  • 32MB RAM 3200 CL16,
  • RTX 3070,
  • H115i pro xt 280 mm aio cooler,
  • PSU 850W Gold+.

It is not much question of money. I can afford to buy the 10850K. It is more the question of what is logic and wise. My consideration are:

  1. Which of the 2 has better single core performance. Some say 10700K is easy to oveclock and then gets perhaps better than 10850K,
  2. More cores in 10850K means more difficult cooling. Isn't 10700K easier choice?
  3. If Intel released new 11th gen Rocket lakes processors in Q1-Q2 2021, I might wish to get that one. I would  loose less money on 10700K.
  4. BUT: 10850K has higher boost clock,
  5. What if Asobo improves support for multicore? Then 10 cores is more than 8 cores.
  6. Etc.

I searched internet for MSFS CPU scaling info. Not much luck finding comparison between 10700K and 10900K. Reportedly, 10850K performs equally to 10900K in games. Here they mean games in general. But what is the situation specifically in MSFS 2020? Is there any difference between these two in 1440p?

Any advice would be very much appreciated, thank you.


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I have the 10850k and am happy with it. 10900k have been hard to get.I was told that the 10900k would go 5.2 and the 10850k would go 5.1. There is a sizable cost differential so was advised to go with the 10850k. I haven't overclocked yet so can't comment on that end.


Bill W

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