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Which graphic card?

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Hi, currently I use a GTX 1060 and a ryzen 7 3900x and msfs in VR ist just not enjoyable.


So I am thinking to buy a RTX 3070 or a RX 6800.


Has anyone suggestions for me which card is better for MSFS VR? The rx 6800 has more RAM.


Does anyone of you uses one of these cards and has a suggestion for me?

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Unless you're really concerned with RTX and DLSS (effectively irrelevant for Flight sims), go with whichever of the two you can get.

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Of those two clearly the 3070. DLSS is planned for summer and this is a must have to get acceptable fps. Even my 3080 struggles hard with an Index

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DLSS is planned for MSFS? I’ll believe it when I see it. Flight sim devs are slow to implement new tech. Besides which, XBox uses Amd for graphics.

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Neither DLSS or ray tracing are irrelevant to MFS. The devs have stated some time ago that the would "look into" ray tracing after DX12 is implemented. Reflections in water will be rendered correctly with ray tracing - currently there is a noticable "gap" in reflections around the cockpit window frames and other elements that hide the scenery behind, because reflections can only display what is actually visible on the screen. With ray tracing you can reflect the hidden elements of the scene. So for example with high-wing aircraft you will be able to see reflections of the landscape below on the underside of the wings, or reflections of taxiway or runway lights directly beneath the wing, which is also not possible with current technology. Better visual fidelity like that is not unimportant if you enjoy the visual experiences of VFR.

With regards to DLSS it can bring noticable performance gains and is therefore entirely relevant for MFS.

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I think you know that’s a different context. 

Something being useful and being adopted are two very different things. 

Flight sims are a category that takes a while to implement new tech, *especially* when it’s proprietary. M$ has even *less* incentive to provide resources toward DLSS then the other sims, when their other platform uses AMD, which doesn’t (yet) have a similar feature. (It can do ray tracing to a degree.)

I’ve heard the “looking into it” thing from flight sim devs before, too. Asobo has a lot on their plate as it is. I stand by my reply.

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