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Lon Duncombe

caught between MS2020 and P3D

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I have not flown MSFS in about 2 months.  I haven't flown P3D in about 3 months.  MSFS' graphics and immersion ruined P3D for me.  MSFS's flaws made it frustrating.  So off I went to DCS to see if I could master their A-10C (still working on it).

Today I went back to MSFS to see if things had improved.  Picked the TBM and decided to take a short flight from CYYT Billy Bishop.  On the real weather setting the grass was green, no snow, the temperature plus 19C.  Anyone who is anywhere near Toronto knows we are going through a very cold wave, snow, ice etc.

After 6 months I am disappointed that Asobo can still not get the weather right, I mean it's wildly off.  So back to DCS I grumpily go.

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Out of curiosity I just located myself with live weather at CYYT.  Current sim temperature -4C with patches of snow everywhere (but not a thick blanket), scattered clouds, and gusty winds up to 20 knots.

Current METAR: CYYT 232300Z 29011KT 15SM FEW015 OVC140 M04/M06 A2922 RMK SC3AC5 SLP905

Are you sure everything is configured properly?

I have not noticed that kind of way off weather for a month or more.  A little bit off from the METAR, yes, but not that far off.



Charles "Dutch" Owen - Developer at Military Visualizations - currently working on the C310R and SR-71A project for MSFS.

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Weather here as been pretty spot on for the last few weeks.

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6 hours ago, Lon Duncombe said:

So back to DCS I grumpily go.

DCS doesn't even have live weather if that's the reason.

FSX | DCS | X-Plane 11 | MSFS 2020 | IL2:BoX

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One of the bugs we've discovered in Live Weather is that it sometimes needs to be kicked after spawning.

  • Don't use the Live Weather option in flight-planning
  • Use the Clear weather preset
  • Spawn to the location
  • Using the drop-down menu, select the weather tool
  • Set the time to Live
  • Set the weather mode to Live Weather

Sometimes it takes a few seconds, then it pops.  It's been almost spot-on for me since I started using this technique.

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Randall Rocke

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