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Problems with 1080 Ti - no more CUDA

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Posted (edited)

I hope one of you, hardware/software geeks can identify what my problem is and be so kind to tell me.

I not always just fly P3D on my computer. Actually, for 90% of time it is my working horse. One of the main things I do is editing films in Adobe Premiere Pro. Not long ago (maybe around two months time) I noticed some evident problems.

My video footage edited in Premiere started being really laggy. I’ve been editing on this computer since 2017 and everything was fine. I haven’t changed the cameras or footage parametres. And suddenly it felt like a housefly sunk in honey. The first thing I checked was the renderer’s settings in Premiere. In order to have fluent perfomance with NVIDIA cards, you need to activate GPU acceleration with CUDA. And I’ve always had it selected. This time though, I noticed the selection was greyed out and it showed ‘Mercury software only’, which is a disastrous situation for video edition, especially when working on 4K material, including DJI drone stuff, with many layers, which is what I do.

Of course my NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti 11 GB does support CUDA, but suddently it looks like it... doesn’t anymore? Initially I thought it must be a problem purely on the Adobe side. But investigating further, I ran the latest GPU-Z and CUDA-Z. Interestingly, GPU-Z does NOT show CUDA (or OpenCL for that matter) active, which you can see in the added screenshot. Even worse, CUDA-Z won’t launch at all, as it reports initial error ‘No compatible CUDA devices found! Please update your NVIDIA driver and try again!’. Which is what I did a few times, trying to solve the problem. I tried the current driver (461.72) as well as a few older ones, both in the Studio and Game Ready versions. I did clean installs, used DDU and rebooting Windows in the safe mode, removing all possible NVIDIA traces, according to the books. Nothing! No CUDA support, so Premiere still laggy.

I had two chat sessions with NVIDIA support. They generally told me to do what I aready did, which was clean reinstall of drivers. When I told them it did not help, they suggested the card itself is probably faulty. OK, sounds reasonable, but... really? I’ve had it since summer 2017 and it always worked fine. I mean it still does. When I fly my P3Dv5 on relatively high settings in FSLabs A32X VC (tried last night), it performs nicely, like it did months ago. There is no system or applications hanging, no blue screens, all detectors can see the card, temperatures and other parametres seem okay. I did some software testing and card tiring with a few recommended apps (OCCT, GpuMemTest, etc.), and the results seemed just fine.

I called guys (a computer shop) who helped me build my PC in 2017 and one of them suggested it may also be an OS problem (I’m on Windows 10 Pro systematically updated), but to find out it would require reinstall. Well, you know, when you have so many things installed, your professional tools together with many projects, the sim, the network, documents, apps, and so on, this seems to be a very painful option. Of course, if nothing else helps, I am ready to go this way too.

What I did not know either, and was told by the computer shop guy, in case my card turns out to be faulty indeed, it is now extremely difficult to buy graphics cards. I have checked in on-line shops and it is true. Gosh!

My specs are: Windows 10 Pro, i7 7700K 4.2 GHz, GTX 1080 Ti 11 MB, Maximus 9 Formula, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, LG 34" ultrawide monitor.

Does any have any experience with similar problems, eg. CUDA not working on 1080 Ti or similar cards or maybe has enough knowledge (I am not a computer geek) to suggest what to do?

Thank you so much in advace!


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Rafal Haczek


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Sorry Rafal,

I can't really help but I have a very similar setup to yours (7700K + 1080Ti) and I don't see what you're seeing.


Something's not right with your system but I'm not sure I could guess what. Given the prices of graphics cards at the moment a reinstall of windows would be a cheap test to see if it's software related.



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Before you tackle the chore of reinstalling windows you might want to try removing and reinstalling the graphics card and also disconnecting and reconnecting all the video card cables at both ends. I try to do the easier stuff first when troubleshooting.


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3770k@4.5 ghz, Noctua C12P CPU air cooler, Asus Z77, 2 x 4gb DDR3 Corsair 2200 mhz cl 9, EVGA 1080ti, Sony 55" 900E TV 3840 x 2160, Windows 7-64, FSX, P3dv3, P3dv4

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Hi Rafal,

Here's mine to compare with.




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KInd regards


I7 8700K / Fractal Design Celsius S24 watercooling / ASRock Z370 Extreme4 motherboard / Corsair 32GB 3200mhz DDR4 / INNO3D iChiLL GeForce GTX 1080 Ti X3 / Samsung SSD 960 EVO M.2 PCIe NVMe 500GB / Seasonic-SSR-850FX power supply / Fractal Design Define R5 Black case / AOC Q3279VWF 32″ 2560x1440 monitor / Benq GL2450 24″ 1920x1080 monitor / Track-IR 4

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