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sys error 80

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from time to time I get the following message in the last line: sys error 80: SimConnect problem: no user aircraft position update received for 10 seconds. FSX was not interrupted and everything seemed normal.

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Mon Mar 29 10:38:00 2021 (utc) PSXT (32 bit) version 21.9 for Prepar3D v3/v4/v5 or FSX

********************************** parameters **********************************
from C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\parameters.xml

21 aircraft heights from C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\avg_heights.txt

Aircraft type information read from data\types.xml
author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021

Wingspan information read from data\wingspan.xml
author: PSXseeconTraffic + Nico, version: 20.2, date: Feb 23, 2021

***************************************** liveries summary *****************************************
wrong airline length: AIR FORCE
missing elements in a an .xml line: B732;1;1;T43-MyPaint07
wrong airline length: AIR FORCE
missing elements in a an .xml line: B752;1;1;B757-200 MyPaint113
wrong airline length: AIR FORCE
missing elements in a an .xml line: C141;1;1;C141 MyPaint00
wrong airline length: AIR FORCE
missing elements in a an .xml line: C141;1;1;C141 MyPaint01
wrong airline length: EVA AIR
missing elements in a an .xml line: MD90;1;0;McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint02
2855 liveries read from file F:\AILGenerator\liveries\AI_liveries.xml, of which 0 specials
author: AILGenerator, version: 9.4, date: Feb  7, 2021

224 registration codes found in the liveries of the user
809 unique airlines, 82 unique aircraft types

Similar aircraft types read from data\types.xml
author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021

generic liveries for 1 type: A388

730 liveries in aircraft category Heavy
2115 liveries in aircraft category Middle
10 liveries in aircraft category Light
No livery found in aircraft category Heli
Extra category Helicopters deselected while there are no Helicopter liveries

28913 registration codes + Airline + Type added from data\regcodes.xml
author: AILGenerator+Nico, version: 5.1, date: Oct 20, 2020


21548 airports found in data\airports.xml
author: ParkPosGenerator + Nico, version: 19.4, date: Jan 10, 2021

Waiting for Flight Simulator (FSX or P3D) ...
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (10.0.62615.0) connected
User aircraft title: Boeing 737-900ER - Blended Winglet  Delta Air Line
User aircraft model: B739
User aircraft half wing span: 17.8 meter
User ac status: in the air
Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXseeconTraffic ...
Data provider connected
Traffic Reader connected
QNH Reader connected
The destination airport is KMSY
PDT6279  N690AE    GRR->DCA PDT E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint30
JIA5116  N599NN    FNT->CLT JIA CRJ9 =4= CRJ200 MyPaint55
DAL328   N198DN    LAX->JFK DAL B763 =3= SkySpirit2010 - Boeing 767-300ER CF6-80C --AWL Delta Air Lines N1613B
ASH6018  N89313    CLE->IAH ASH E75L =6= E175-MyPaint08
DAL821   N895DN    SEA->DTW DAL B739 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint72
RPA5639  N220JQ    CMH->DTW RPA E75S =4= E170-MyPaint09
N4888C   N4888C    TVC->PTK PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
PDT6195  N660CL    FWA->PHL PDT E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint24
NKS417   N686NK    DTW->FLL NKS A321 =3= A321 MyPaint46
N4045F   N4045F    FNT->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
CGOHI    C-GOHI             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
SLQ734   C-GSKA    YHM->YQG SLQ B190 =6= B1900-MyPaint44
DAL1184  N131DU    DFW->DTW DAL A320 =8= A320 MyPaint184
NKS653   N907NK    PIT->LAX NKS A20N =4= A320 MyPaint162
AAY2400  N256NV    GRR->BOS AAY A320 =6= A320 MyPaint32
NKS128   N917NK    LAX->BWI NKS A20N =4= A320 MyPaint162
N643AE   N643AE    CLT->TOL PDT E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint24
RPA5744  N213JQ    PIT->DTW RPA E75S =4= E175-MyPaint07
RPA5730  N218JQ    IND->DTW RPA E75S =4= E175-MyPaint07
UAL411   N451UA    LAX->IAD UAL A320 =3= A320-MyPaint62
10:42:40 Live: 17, Parked: 0
SWA593   N8555Z    CMH->DEN SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
DAL2521  N1201P    LAX->JFK DAL B763 =3= B767-300 MyPaint117
N933WN   N933WN    MDW->DTW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
RPA5727  N222JQ    BUF->DTW RPA E75S =4= E175-MyPaint07
SWA897   N7740A    IND->BWI SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
UAL536   N670UA    SFO->IAD UAL B763 =3= B767-300 MyPaint06
RPA4958  N420YX    DCA->CMH RPA E75L =3= E175-MyPaint07
N691TC   N691TC    LOU->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
N692NK   N692NK    DTW->LAS NKS A320 =3= A320 MyPaint162
N130SY   N130SY    IAH->DTW SKW E75L =6= E175-MyPaint08
RPA5674  N216JQ    ROC->DTW RPA E75S =4= E170-MyPaint09
N291B    N291B                  H25B =7= YAK40_MyPaint38
10:47:59 Live: 22, Parked: 0
JIA5347  N568NN    SBN->CLT JIA CRJ9 =4= CRJ700 MyPaint04
EJA739   N739QS             EJA CL35 =7= ERJ135_MyPaint06
ATN7414  N761CX    CLT->CVG ATN B762 =6= B767-200 MyPaint12
PAC775   N452PA    CVG->NRT PAC B744 =4= B743 MyPaint07
EDV5078  N8694A    SBN->DTW EDV CRJ2 =6= CRJ200 MyPaint08
N309QS   N309QS                 E55P =7= YAK40_MyPaint37
N244C                       PVT A343 =A= A343-MyPaint09
10:53:10 Live: 19, Parked: 0
JIA5234  N554NN    DAY->CLT JIA CRJ9 =4= CRJ700 MyPaint04
ASH6256  N86350    CMH->IAH ASH E75L =6= EMB-175 Trip
===> N309QS   N309QS                 E55P"YAK40_MyPaint37" is hanging, will be removed
N3755D   N3755D    CVG->LAS DAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint43
N327JZ   N327JZ    LUK->SSI PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
10:57:59 Live: 13, Parked: 0
JIA5526  N524AE    CLT->FWA JIA CRJ7 =3= CRJ700 MyPaint04
DAL1029  N351DN    CVG->LAX DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
FFT2022  N230FR    LAS->CVG FFT A320 =3= A320 MyPaint170
AAL2527  N960NN    ORD->CLT AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
N287NV   N287NV    CVG->PGD     A320 =6= A320-MyPaint23
N479PX   N479PX    CVG->LGA     CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint11
SKW4315  N886AS    DTW->FWA SKW CRJ2 =3= CRJ200 MyPaint54
N120HF   N120HF             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint01
EJA585                      EJA B738 =A= Boeing 738 NyPaint50
AWI3865  N464AW    ORD->    AWI CRJ2 =3= CRJ200 MyPaint27
11:02:59 Live: 18, Parked: 0
SWA878   N298WN    IAD->MDW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N2008W   N2008W             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
SWA943   N8673F    IND->TPA SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
SWA148   N8554X    ATL->MDW SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N365NK   N365NK             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint03
EDV5027  N910XJ    CVG->DTW EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint04
AAY41    N334NV    LAS->FWA AAY A319 =6= A319 MyPaint45
ASH6144  N87360    CVG->IAH ASH E75L =6= E175-MyPaint04
N7702A   N7702A    SDF->MDW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
EDV5141  N146PQ    ATL->DAY EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint17
11:08:00 Live: 23, Parked: 0
N85373   N85373    SDF->IAH     E75L =6= E175-MyPaint08
SWA434   N296WN    CLE->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N756ZW   N756ZW    VJI->LOU PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint03
N381DN   N381DN    CVG->TPA DAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint44
RPA4952  N449YX    STL->PHL RPA E75L =3= E175-MyPaint07
DAL1746  N842DN    DTW->MCO DAL B739 =4= Boeing 738 NyPaint43
AAL1118  N9018E    RDU->ORD AAL A319 =6= A319 MyPaint102
SWA3332  N8605E    ORF->DEN SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
GTI7816  N1327A    STL->CVG GTI B763 =6= B767-300 MyPaint37
N559LC   N559LC                 GLF4 =7= YAK40_MyPaint52
11:12:49 Live: 29, Parked: 0
N580QS   N580QS                 C56X =7= YAK40_MyPaint28
DAL1401  N3734B    CVG->FLL DAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint43
JIA5208  N500AE    CVG->    JIA CRJ7 =3= CRJ700 MyPaint04
N738RL   N738RL             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
SWA489   N488WN    BWI->MDW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N565CW   N565CW             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
ENY3603  N607AE    ORF->ORD ENY E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint18
===> 11:17:12 "ERJ145 MyPaint18" could not be created!
N10JP    N10JP                  GLF4 =7= YAK40_MyPaint35
ENY3603  N607AE    ORF->ORD ENY E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint27
N852DN   N852DN    CVG->ATL DAL B739 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint72
N2727U   N2727U             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint00
11:18:09 Live: 35, Parked: 0
N293NV   N293NV    CVG->FLL     A320 =6= A320 MyPaint162
RPA3675  N865RW    IND->EWR RPA E170 =3= E170-MyPaint09
N315CJ   N315CJ             PVT C25B =7= YAK40_MyPaint22
N148UM   N148UM             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint05
N286CX   N286CX                 F2TH =7= YAK40_MyPaint52
DAL2657  N827DN    SDF->ATL DAL B739 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint72
N845DA   N845DA                 H25B =7= YAK40_MyPaint19
NKS627   N617NK    DTW->RSW NKS A320 =3= A320 MyPaint162
SWA937   N920WN    IND->RSW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
RPA5802  N815MD    IND->LGA RPA E170 =3= E170-MyPaint09
SKW3260  N768SK    FWA->ORD SKW CRJ7 =3= CRJ700 MyPaint15
11:22:59 Live: 33, Parked: 0
N482PX   N482PX    CVG->DTW     CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint14
GJS4549  N506GJ    TYS->ORD GJS CRJ7 =3= CRJ700 MyPaint14
EDV5141  N146PQ    DAY->ATL EDV CRJ9 was removed from Sim by another program!, id: 10614, status: 2
SWA360   N8520Q    RDU->MDW SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
AAL649   N916NN    BNA->ORD AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
AAY958   N260NV    PIE->CVG AAY A320 =6= A320 MyPaint76
LTA73    N673L     IND->    LTA B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint05
DAL1561  N312US    CVG->RSW DAL A320 =3= A320-MyPaint145
N998NC   N998NC             PVT B722 =A= B722 MyPaint84
LTA43    N943L     IND->    LTA B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
SWA810   N8638A    CHS->MDW SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
No wingspan found for type CONC
N849L    N849L              PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
N641RW   N641RW    SDF->ORD RPA E170 =3= E170-MyPaint10
11:27:59 Live: 34, Parked: 0
N631RW   N631RW    EWR->CVG RPA E170 =3= E170-MyPaint10
N717RF   N717RF             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint00
ABX7354  N797AX    DEN->CVG ABX B762 =3= B762F MyPaint00
SKW5741  N125SY    BNA->ORD SKW E75L =6= E175-MyPaint05
PAL8126  RP-C7776  SFO->LCK PAL B77W =6= B773ER_MyPaint11
N213PH   N213PH             PVT BE20 =7= B1900-MyPaint52
N977L    N977L     IND->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
SWA2191  N736SA    BWI->DAL SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N424YX   N424YX    IND->ORD RPA E75L =3= E175-MyPaint07
SWA581   N961WN    DCA->HOU SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
SOO7643  N5167A    AUS->CVG SOO B738 =6= Boeing 738 NyPaint46
N1CH     N1CH                   E55P =7= YAK40_MyPaint20
N40PC                       PVT B772 =A= B772_MyPaint29
EJA571   N571QS             EJA C68A =7= YAK40_MyPaint55
SWA390   N8687A    BWI->LAX SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
N91HK    N91HK                  CL60 =7= ERJ145 MyPaint01
AWI3753  N441ZW    CHA->ORD AWI CRJ2 =3= CRJ200 MyPaint27
LTA48    N948L     IND->    LTA B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint04
LTA67    N367L     IND->    LTA CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint03
N521DB   N521DB             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
ENY3962  N237NN    ATL->ORD ENY E75L =6= E175-MyPaint06
LTA25    N225NG    IND->    LTA B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
UAL492   N73251    EWR->IAH UAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint105
N107DN   N107DN    IND->ATL     A321 =6= A321 MyPaint30
SWA1529  N213WN    PHL->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N735KT   N735KT             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint03
JBU563   N955JB    ORD->FLL JBU A321 =4= A320 MyPaint120
N716CD   N716CD             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
11:32:59 Live: 49, Parked: 0
SWA1135  N7866A    BWI->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N743CK   N743CK    CVG->LEJ CKS B744 =4= B741 MyPaint07
AWI3764  N408AW    CAE->ORD AWI CRJ2 =3= CRJ200 MyPaint27
SWA1578  N8640D    MDW->FLL SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
AAY863   N259NV    PIE->SBN AAY A320 =6= A320-MyPaint144
EDV4765  N279PQ    SBN->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint00
N454MM   N454MM                 C56X =7= YAK40_MyPaint37
SWA809   N7826B    TPA->MDW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
AAY1503  N250NV    PGD->FWA AAY A320 =6= A320 MyPaint26
SKW3505  N813SK    BNA->DTW SKW CRJ9 =3= CRJ900_MyPaint09
UPS64    N625UP    SDF->ANC UPS B748 =4= B741 MyPaint06
N909MA   N909MA             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint04
N51AC    N51AC                  C25C =7= YAK40_MyPaint03
N537A    N537A              PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
N258NV   N258NV    CVG->AUS AAY A320 =6= A320 MyPaint113
11:38:18 Live: 46, Parked: 0
EDV5406  N331CA    BHM->DTW EDV CRJ7 =6= CRJ700 MyPaint19
EDV5140  N695CA    BMI->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint06
SWA1617  N293WN    ORD->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
RPA5696  N202JQ    MDW->ATL RPA E75S =4= E175-MyPaint07
DAL1466  N993AT    ATW->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint10
SWA584   N769SW    ATL->STL SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N240Z    N240Z                  H25B =7= YAK40_MyPaint48
SWA312   N479WN    PIT->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
DAL1082  N697DL    MSP->ATL DAL B752 =3= B757-200 MyPaint61
SWA294   N8526W    BOS->BNA SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
SWA1714  N223WN    RSW->MDW SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N599MT   N599MT             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint03
N850TS   N850TS    MQY->TAD PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
DAL1526  N979AT    STL->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint04
N587MT   N587MT             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint01
11:42:49 Live: 45, Parked: 0
N568MT   N568MT    MQY->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint04
N449MH   N449MH                 C68A =7= YAK40_MyPaint41
N410MB   N410MB             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
N596MT   N596MT             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint00
DAL1423  N945AT    ORD->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint04
SWA1172  N960WN    MCO->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
EDV4843  N310PQ    MLI->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint14
SWA1670  N201LV    RDU->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
N108JC   N108JC             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
SWA2046  N7811F    JAX->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N918PT   N918PT                 LJ75 =7= YAK40_MyPaint10
NKS1204  N916NK    ORD->RSW NKS A20N =4= A321 MyPaint46
AAL574   N186US    PHL->DFW AAL A321 =6= A321 MyPaint57
AWI3775  N449AW    EVV->ORD AWI CRJ2 =3= CRJ200 MyPaint27
11:47:59 Live: 46, Parked: 0
N444FT   N444FT             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint00
N179PF   N179PF                 C680 =7= YAK40_MyPaint04
N349SB   N349SB    PDK->DNV PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint01
ASH5798  N906FJ    AVL->DFW ASH CRJ9 =3= CRJ900_MyPaint11
AAY2890  N335NV    VPS->GRR AAY A319 =6= A319-MyPaint21
N2204Y   N2204Y             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
N974SR   N974SR    BWG->FFT PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
SWA2079  N565WN    MKE->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
N329PQ   N329PQ    EVV->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint09
JBU182   N603JB    FLL->BNA JBU A320 =3= A320 MyPaint82
AAY2231  N316NV    SFB->PIA AAY A319 =6= A319-MyPaint46
SWA2184  N7741C    DCA->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
SWA1241  N441WN    MDW->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
DAL1464  N944AT    OMA->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint10
11:53:09 Live: 45, Parked: 0
N105NA   N105NA             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint01
PPINC    PP-INC    ECP->    PVT E35L =7= ERJ145 MyPaint04
EDV4821  N302PQ    XNA->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint06
DAL2552  N670DN    MCO->MSP DAL B752 =3= B757-200 MyPaint121
EJM415                      EJM T154 =A= Tu154-MyPaint27
JCM21    N21LJ     BNA->ECP JCM B752 =A= B757-200 MyPaint57
N525DC   N525DC             PVT C525 =7= YAK40_MyPaint19
SKW2950  N745SK    TRI->DFW SKW CRJ7 =3= CRJ700 MyPaint03
EDV4834  N195PQ    SGF->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint06
SWA2095  N7854B    BNA->BWI SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N7363G   N7363G    MQY->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
N112KD   N112KD    CKV->SRQ PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint04
N5331K   N5331K             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
SWA257   N758SW    FLL->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
SWA334   N550WN    MCO->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N995TT   N995TT             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint01
N220BG   N220BG                 C56X =7= YAK40_MyPaint44
11:57:50 Live: 53, Parked: 0
N952PJ   N952PJ                 C68A =7= YAK40_MyPaint34
DAL2848  N863DN    BNA->ATL DAL B739 =4= Boeing 738 NyPaint43
N31593   N31593    HSV->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint04
SWA611   N497WN    FLL->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
N134PF   N134PF             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
N21FE    N21FE                  CL30 =7= YAK40_MyPaint08
N12136   N12136    IAD->HSV ASQ E45X =7= CRJ1000_MyPaint00
No wingspan found for type LJ75
12:03:13 Live: 46, Parked: 0
DAL1284  N585NW    RSW->MSP DAL B753 =3= B757-300 MyPaint08
N5466U   N5466U             PVT BE95 =7= B1900-MyPaint38
SWA262   N210WN    LAX->BNA SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N714US   N714US    DFW->BHM AAL A319 =6= A319 MyPaint105
N895VA   N726SF    JAX->    PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
UAL545   N426UA    CLT->IAH UAL A320 =3= A320-MyPaint62
DCM5874  N711WG             DCM C525 =7= YAK40_MyPaint09
NKS1322  N691NK    MCI->MCO NKS A320 =3= A320 MyPaint162
N65SL                       PVT T154 =A= Tu154-MyPaint37
N214NN   N214NN    DFW->HSV CPZ E75L =3= E175-MyPaint03
N486TT   N486TT                 C56X =7= YAK40_MyPaint44
EJM29    N299CX             EJM C750 =7= YAK40_MyPaint32
EDV4854  N294PQ    ICT->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint11
AAL1905  N914UY    CLT->SFO AAL A321 =6= A321 MyPaint50
N365KM                      PVT B733 =A= B733 NYPAINT68
N531TH   N531TH             PVT AT72 =A= ATR72-MyPaint20
N21131   N21131             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
DAL1708  N988AT    OKC->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint10
DAL2132  N940AT    TUL->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint04
DAL2908  N995AT    ATL->BHM DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint10
AMF7245  N240DH    DFW->RIC AMF B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint03
ASH6051  N87368    IAD->BNA ASH E75L =6= E175-MyPaint06
N32SF    N32SF              PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
12:08:19 Live: 48, Parked: 0
DAL2065  N116DU    IAH->LGA DAL B752 =8= B757-200 MyPaint81
ASA635   N236AK    TPA->SEA ASA B739 =3= Boeing 739 MyPaint00
NKS712   N679NK    IAH->EWR NKS A321 =3= A321 MyPaint46
UAL1461  N27239    DFW->IAD UAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint105
DAL1046  N831DN    RDU->LAS DAL B739 =4= Boeing 738 NyPaint44
DAL1156  N304DN    TPA->MSP DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
AAY791   N282NV    PIE->DSM AAY A320 =6= A320-MyPaint24
DAL1485  N381DZ    MIA->MSP DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
N56CH    N56CH                  E550 =7= YAK40_MyPaint15
12:13:06 Live: 33, Parked: 0
N1962    N1962              PVT C25A =7= YAK40_MyPaint57
AAL524   N193UW    CLT->DFW AAL A321 =6= A321 MyPaint78
SWA5760  N951WN    STL->MCO SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
66-4358  66-4358            PVT T38  =7= Tornado MyPaint23
ASH5977  N930LR    GSO->DFW ASH CRJ9 =3= CRJ900_MyPaint11
ENY3885  N287NN    CAE->DFW ENY E75L =6= E175-MyPaint05
12:17:59 Live: 32, Parked: 0
DAL9960  N685DA    ATL->QRO DAL B752 =3= B757-200 MyPaint121
N451SD   N451SD                 LJ45 =7= YAK40_MyPaint56
68-8203  68-8203            PVT T38  =7= F15 MyPaint33
DAL2088  N929AT    ATL->HOU DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint10
66-4362  66-4362            PVT T38  =7= F15 MyPaint33
N913TD   N913TD             PVT C525 =7= YAK40_MyPaint26
N60397   N60397    OLV->    PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
DAL2155  N929DZ    ATL->MCI DAL B739 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint72
N247RU   N247RU                 C56X =7= YAK40_MyPaint54
N1901    N1901              PVT C25A =7= YAK40_MyPaint34
12:23:09 Live: 30, Parked: 0
AAY1660  N253NV    PGD->CID AAY A320 =6= A320 MyPaint132
DAL1098  N337DN    ATL->AUS DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
68-8211  68-8211            PVT T38  =7= Tornado MyPaint24
SWA1846  N738CB    TPA->STL SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
N777SG   N777SG             PVT BE58 =7= B1900-MyPaint00
SWA2135  N413WN    SAT->BWI SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
DPJ328   N328RP             DPJ C56X =7= YAK40_MyPaint26
ENY4268  N261NN    GSP->DFW ENY E75L =6= EM-B175 NWA-Northwest Airlink
AAL2591  N651AW    CLT->IAH AAL A320 =6= A320 MyPaint63
FDX64    N562FE    SJU->MEM FDX DC10 =3= DC10F MyPaint05
DAL1686  N366DX    ATL->SAT DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
N1560T   N1560T    BTR->BHM PVT BE9L =7= B1900-MyPaint03
VTE3001  N16511    BNA->TUP VTE E135 =6= ERJ135_MyPaint00
JBU821   N633JB    EWR->AUS JBU A320 =3= A320 MyPaint82
N929WC   N929WC             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint00
JIA5555  N552NN    JAN->CLT JIA CRJ9 =4= CRJ700 MyPaint04
N782AD   N782AD             PVT B350 =7= B1900-MyPaint21
JIA5665  N513AE    MEM->CLT JIA CRJ7 =3= CRJ700 MyPaint04
SWA189   N7883A    AUS->BWI SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
NKS163   N603NK    DFW->ATL NKS A320 =3= A320 MyPaint162
12:28:08 Live: 41, Parked: 0
DAL2332  N323DN    MEM->ATL DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
DAL715   N389DN    ATL->SFO DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
BONES3   70-1565            PVT T38  =7= F15 MyPaint33
N32LA    N32LA              PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
FFT679   N714FR    MCO->DEN FFT A321 =4= A320 MyPaint170
N655SC   N655SC             PVT B350 =7= B1900-MyPaint09
AAL2011  N172US    IAH->CLT AAL A321 =6= A321 MyPaint03
N100GP   N627VT    JAN->CSG PVT BE9L =7= B1900-MyPaint31
NINJA1                      PVT B752 =A= B757-200 MyPaint74
AAL2047  N987NN    ORF->DFW AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
12:33:09 Live: 41, Parked: 0
NKS735   N918NK    MCO->LAS NKS A20N =4= A321 MyPaint46
N762PK   N762PK    ADS->GTR PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
N620GB   N620GB             PVT T154 =A= Tu154-MyPaint45
ASA443   N494AS    ATL->SEA ASA B739 =3= Boeing 739 MyPaint00
GUTS1                       PVT A321 =A= A321 MyPaint22
N59TA    N59TA              PVT MD11 =A= MD11F-MyPaint08
DAL1061  N869DN    ATL->DEN DAL B739 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint72
N2086W   N2086W             PVT BE95 =7= B1900-MyPaint62
12:38:16 Live: 35, Parked: 0
AAL375   N988NN    JAX->DFW AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
SWA2098  N8549Z    MCO->PHX SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
68-8125  68-8125            PVT T38  =7= F15 MyPaint33
N637SF   N637SF                 G150 =7= YAK40_MyPaint41
70-1590  70-1590            PVT T38  =7= F4 MyPaint03
JBU2801  N961JT    FLL->LAX JBU A321 =4= A320 MyPaint119
AAL1538  N998AN    MCO->DFW AAL A321 =6= A321-MyPaint47
PDT6103  N691AE    MOB->CLT PDT E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint02
PWA207   N207NW    PWA->OPF PWA CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint00
68-8179  68-8179            PVT T38  =7= F15 MyPaint33
N525KR                      PVT A306 =A= A300-600 MyPaint66
12:43:05 Live: 29, Parked: 0
N925RW   N925RW             PVT BE20 =7= B1900-MyPaint49
AAL424   N936NN    DFW->CLT AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
AAL2361  N767UW    PNS->DFW AAL A319 =6= A319 MyPaint80
95-3003  95-3003            PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
SWA710   N957WN    ECP->HOU SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint17
N708WH   N708WH    DHN->IAH PVT BE20 =7= B1900-MyPaint38
N3504Y   N3504Y             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint01
ENY4170  N905JH    GPT->DFW ENY E145 =6= ERJ145 MyPaint07
FFT86    N309FR    STL->CUN FFT A20N =4= A320 MyPaint170
12:48:09 Live: 30, Parked: 0
N60UH    N60UH              PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint04
ASH6082  N85351    GSP->IAH ASH E75L =6= EMB-175 Delta Connection
DAL2053  N355DN    IAH->ATL DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
UCA4272  N12157    PNS->IAH UCA E45X =7= ERJ135_MyPaint05
EDV5070  N313PQ    LFT->ATL EDV CRJ9 =6= CRJ900_MyPaint16
EDV5144  N980EV    AEX->ATL EDV CRJ2 =6= CRJ200 MyPaint06
SNIPE37  08-3944            PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
DAL1155  N3772H    MIA->SLC DAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint43
DAL1287  N608AT    DAL->ATL DAL B712 =4= McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 MyPaint04
DDFI5899 165741                 C560 =7= YAK40_MyPaint11
N11387   N11387             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint01
12:53:09 Live: 31, Parked: 0
AAL2575  N901NN    MIA->DFW AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
DAL1762  N365DN    AUS->ATL DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
SWA1211  N7733B    MCO->MSY SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
NKS469   N680NK    FLL->DFW NKS A321 =3= A321 MyPaint46
N635SF   N635SF    LUL->TYR     G280 =7= YAK40_MyPaint25
ASA921   N926VA    FLL->SEA ASA A21N =7= A320-MyPaint152
NKS362   N638NK    IAH->ATL NKS A320 =3= A320 MyPaint162
AAL2304  N905AU    SJU->DFW AAL A321 =6= A321 MyPaint03
NKS657   N912NK    FLL->MSY NKS A20N =4= A320 MyPaint162
ENY4328  N247NN    ILM->DFW ENY E75L =6= E175-MyPaint02
N79BK    N79BK     JAN->CXO PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint02
N3747B   N3747B             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint03
12:58:21 Live: 36, Parked: 0
SWA2059  N7818L    FLL->DAL SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
LXJ341   N341FX             LXJ E55P =7= YAK40_MyPaint17
SWA16    N7823A    DAL->MSY SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
AAL655   N917NN    SAT->MIA AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
13:03:19 Live: 20, Parked: 0
GCT34    N134CM             GCT H25B =7= YAK40_MyPaint11
N8552Z   N8552Z    TPA->MSY SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
DAL1593  N312DN    SAT->ATL DAL A321 =4= A320-MyPaint145
The parking airport is KMSY (MSY)
Parking percentage set from airport file: 50
Airport file F:\ParkPosGenerator\airports\KMSY.xml for Armstrong New Orleans Intl
author: ParkPosGenerator, version: 21.1, date: Feb 17, 2021

    altitude feet: 4
    home base:
    max two:
    parking positions: 36
    actual hour only: 0
    real only: 0
    not yet updated

13:05:31 Real is off, Actual hour is off
There are 0 parking positions with valid options at 13:00 (utc) +/- 12 hours
0 parking positions to be filled = 0% (vs wanted 50%)
No aircraft to be parked, there are no gates with an airline + type option that fit
AAL2701  N832NN    MSY->MIA AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
SNIPE96  166106             PVT B77F =8= B772F_MyPaint02
13:08:17 Live: 16, Parked: 0
N2330F   N2330F             PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
N108LT   N108LT                 CL35 =7= CRJ700 MyPaint14
AAL2069  N965AN    IAH->MIA AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
13:13:14 Live: 13, Parked: 0
N287CD   N287CD                 C650 =7= YAK40_MyPaint46
AAL406   N854NN    AUS->MIA AAL B738 =3= Boeing 738 NyPaint42
FFT1287  N339FR    MCO->PHX FFT A20N =4= A320 MyPaint170
AAL2222  N149AN    DEN->MIA AAL A321 =6= A321 MyPaint50
13:18:21 Live: 14, Parked: 0
FFT2339  N717FR    PHL->MSY FFT A321 =4= A320 MyPaint170
EJA688   N688QS             EJA C68A =7= YAK40_MyPaint13
N246V    N246V                  DH8A =8= Dash 8-100_MYPAINT30
EJA544   N544QS             EJA C68A =7= YAK40_MyPaint08
N520ER   N520ER    NEW->    PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
13:23:19 Live: 15, Parked: 0
SWA2088  N429WN    MIA->HOU SWA B737 =3= Boeing 737 NyPaint63
N813LL   N813LL    ECP->LFT PVT CONC =8= Conc_MyPaint04
N489BM   N489BM                 H25B =7= YAK40_MyPaint13
N413EB   N413EB             PVT CONC =A= Conc_MyPaint04
SWA203   N8647A    AUS->FLL SWA B738 =4= Boeing 737 NyPaint16
UAL1238  N429UA    IAH->MSY UAL A320 =3= A320 MyPaint169
Error sys error 80: SimConnect problem: no user aircraft position update received for 10 seconds
objectId user aircraft:1
13:52:51 User closed PSXseeconTraffic
QNH Reader has stopped
Traffic Reader has stopped

******************************* Airport file changes KMSY (MSY) at Mar 29, 2021 *******************************
<NKS A20N soft> 13

<SWA B738 soft> 13

<AAL B738 soft> 13

13:05:34 actual_hour_only=0
13:05:34 learn=1
13:05:34 real_only=0
13:52:54 parked_updates\KMSY.xml sorted and saved

******************************* live traffic livery matching summary *******************************
Matches at step:
  1: 0
  2: 0
  3: 100
  4: 63
  5: 0
  6: 64
  7: 64
  8: 67
  9: 0
  A: 15

Could not be created:
  E145 ENY "ERJ145 MyPaint18"

Missing liveries:
  AAL A319
  AAL A320
  AAL A321
  AAY A319
  AAY A320
  ASA A21N
  ASH E75L
  ASQ E45X
  ATN B762
  CKS B744
  DAL A321
  DAL B712
  DAL B739
  DCM C525
  DPJ C56X
  EJA C68A
  EJA CL35
  EJM C750
  ENY E145
  ENY E75L
  FFT A20N
  FFT A321
  GCT H25B
  GTI B763
  JBU A321
  LTA DA40
  LXJ E55P
  NKS A20N
  PAC B744
  PAL B77W
  PDT E145
  PVT B350
  PVT BE20
  PVT BE35
  PVT BE36
  PVT BE58
  PVT BE95
  PVT C150
  PVT C172
  PVT C177
  PVT C182
  PVT C25A
  PVT C25B
  PVT C525
  PVT C82R
  PVT DA40
  PVT E35L
  PVT G200
  PVT M20P
  PVT M600
  PVT P28A
  PVT P32R
  PVT P32T
  PVT PC12
  PVT SF50
  PVT SR22
  PVT T210
  PVT T38
  PWA PC12
  RPA E75S
  SKW E75L
  SLQ B190
  SOO B738
  SWA B738
  UCA E45X
  UPS B748
  VTE E135

Mon Mar 29 13:52:55 2021





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That's a known SimConnect bug that sometiimes pops up. There is no cure yet.

I recommend  to try the public beta 2 version of  22.0, see my website.


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Version 22 beta 5 should be able to handle this situation. Please give it a try.

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