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Overclocking with RTX 3090

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5 hours ago, westman said:

1. if you run 1440 save some money go for a 3080.

2. 4K 3090 shine , it crush all cards the only one thats close is the 3080 but with way less vram the 20xx series no one close.

3. you need a very good cpu with great ipc and good bins, 5900x 5950x 11900k kf , 10900k is good 2 more cores then 11900k  but not as good ipc.

4. you need to understand the Nvidia boost, if you do you see that OC give advatages depending of cooling and silicon quality. 

5. undervolting is kind of reverse enginering if you like it do it , but lock at the grafs in the thechpower test when your card  hit 75c you ar down to the 0.96v 

    Nvidia techs is not stupid they now what they do, 

6. Mem temps are critical miss in that graph , keep in mind that the 3090 is harder to cool than the mems on a 3080 series, 3080 mems is on the gpu side, 3090 both the gpu and backplate side. this is for GDDR 6X not GDDR 5 if someone say that they have no problems with memtemps on a 2080ti.

7. 4K with 3090 at 30fps its good you get headrom for load spikes , less risk for stutters

I have 2 x 3090 one watercooled with 1000W bios second aircooled 450W bios , 2080ti AIO cooled and 1080ti AIO cooled 



It was you that educated me into how to use and what to look for with GPUZ ( and MSI afterburner) and I am very gradfull to you and your time. Thankfully I did not have the mind set of you "handicapping " my card. It now runs so much better and I am sure it will last a lot longer. Its good to learn and again thank you, I now know what to do. My GPU now sings along at 2025 MHz.

Saddly "you can lead a horse to water......."

Its funny "Only in the flight sim world " when your intentions are good to help/share someone, they just puts you down for trying to do so. Bless!

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10900K@4.9 All Cores HT ON   32GB DDR4  3200MHz RTX 3080  • Thrustmaster, Warthog HOTAS & TPR • TrackIR 5 & ProClip • Samsung G7 32" 1440p 240Hz • 

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The RTX 3080 and 3090 run hotter than the 20-series cards. The RTX 3070 is a bit quieter though. 

R9 5900X | RTX 3090 | 64 GB 3600 | 3440x1440 G-Sync | TrackIR 5 | Oculus Rift S
Experience with Flight Simulator since early 1990s

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Many thanks for your inputs.

After several months of waiting, I caught one card. Cards are being sold in some minutes or seconds and people who are dedicated to mining catch almost all the videocards available.

My card is the Asus ROG Strix RTX 3090 24G OC. It seems to be number 1 in terms of cards. Now I need to start building the computer. The next step will be motherboard. 

I am seeing three different ones: Asus ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMINGAsus ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO WI-FI and MSI MEG Z490 ACE. Maybe there are better ones, maybe not. I prefer Asus, MSI or Gigabyte for MoBo but I accept your suggestions. 😉


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I didn’t buy a 3080 to slow it down. It also has a loud fan noise in graphic applications as well...that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use them. It just the price of doing business , but I think it should be water cooled if it gets that hot. My corvette has a mode to open up the butterfly valves and wake up the neighborhood. I actually paid for that..hehe.  

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I recently upgraded to a new PC (i9-11900K, 3090) and was initially disappointed with the smoothness with frames unlocked (yes, fps was a lot higher than my old PC with a 1080 Ti and an ancient i7-4770K, and I could now set everything to ultra), but it still wasn't perfectly smooth.  I'd had bad experiences with locking FPS to 30 on my old machine (even though I could hit 35-40 regularly unlocked), but following the suggestions in this thread, I thought I'd give it a try again with the better PC - and wow, it's incredibly smooth, even in urban areas on full ultra settings at 3840x1600.

Counterintuitively, it seems that locking frames only really works if you have good hardware (both CPU & GPU) that could run significantly faster than 30 if unlocked.  But when it does work, it works really well.  I guess this is because the 'amount of work' needed to render each frame varies significantly from frame to frame, so only with the extra horsepower can you be 100% sure that you'll meet the target on every single frame (with my old PC, although dev mode was reporting 35-40fps unlocked, there was probably a frame every second or two that took more than 1/30 of a second to render, resulting in stutters).  An added bonus is reduced noise and heat, since most of the time the GPU is only running at 60-70% load.

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