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Customized aircraft control keyboard...

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Way back in the early days of FSX or maybe it was the latter days of FS9 the Quest Kodiak became my go-to aircraft.  I fly it about 90% of the time.

I also hated all the keyboard commands, most of which I didn't need like combat flying stuff and helicopter controls or the myriad of view keys.  I didn't need several diferrent sets of key strokes for 'look forward up' or look 'back down'.

So remapped the keyboard to what I want and discarded those keystrokes I didn't want.

Then I made the following keyboard - Saitek control template.

I had to customize the Kodiak panel and the panels of my addon aircraft to conform to the template but that's no big deal.

Now all of my aircraft have similar panels and the same panel controls.  You will notice I have redundant keys/Saitek controls for some items.  For instance I have one key stroke for the landing gear and two Saitek switches for the landing gear...one on the throttle handle and one on the stick. 


Flightsim Controls.jpg

Edited by birdguy

The tires are worn.  The shocks are shot.  The steering is wobbly.  But the engine still runs fine.

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Have done the same thing, since FS9.. This sheet has been continuously updated and hardly ever changed in regards to assignments.
After years and years at my side it is rarely referred to except maybe during gauge/lua coding sessions.
All the keyboard keys in the image refer to FSUIPC/Lua commands whereas the text keyboard commands are the only remaining sim commands with very few having the stock key assignments.
On the joystick image there are 2 solid black buttons, using these gives me 3 alternates for each of the remaining buttons although not all buttons have 3... Yet. 
Printed out & contained in a plastic protector to prevent stains from the occasional coffee spillage.  

20AUG21_Avsim_Sig.png?dl=1  FS RTWR   SHRS F-111   JoinFS   Little Navmap 


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