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Just been reading some comments in a couple of other threads from some of the usual disaffected crowd, and wonder if I'm actually using the same sim. I've been buzzing around in the H135 for several weeks now, slowly getting to grips with my take-offs and landings (still a ways to go though), and I have never had so much fun in my (sim) life before this. There were some comments I'd read about people totally refusing to buy addon scenery (for all sorts of arcane reasons I couldn't quite fathom), and while I'm perfectly sympathetic to anyone not buying stuff for economic reasons, I can't understand why you wouldn't want to enhance the sim where it were possible with a decent addon. I've found some truly wonderful stuff, both free and payware, and the real beauty of this sim, for me, is that although you can enhance it with all sorts of goodies, you don't need to.

Here are a few more shots from my trips around the SF Bay area. Nothing in these shots involves any addons, apart from Bijan's Seasons pack and the fact that I use a flight recorder to capture my flights to allow replay for screenshots etc later. In this particular set of trips I've gone over to using FS Playground rather than the free Flight Recorder, simply because I've found it better at picking up the correct state of the H135 upon replay. The freebie, although excellent as a nice simple basic recorder, can sometimes get confused about the running state of the H135 and you end up flying around with all the panels off and the rotor working at maybe 10% speed. Not always, but it is annoying when you've recorded a 30 minute cruise in the copter and can't then play it back properly.

Anyway, here we go with some shots from a trip first to KHAF from KRHV, via the I280, and then on to SF and Sausalito. Photogrammetry is off as usual, but I plan to try a replay with it on just in case it has improved in the SF area since I initially looked at it. One of the annoyances about the PG cities is that the default modelled environment for those cities, if PG is turned off, is often not as good as it would possible otherwise be (reasonably enough, I suppose), but in the case of San Francisco no PG means a random tower building where the radio mast should be. I may have to consider getting the Taburet SF product for here, much as I think Taburet stuff is an overpriced rip-off most of the time. Haven't seen any freeware for SF anywhere.

First shot is well on the way to KHAF, over the I280

Really, if you like low'n'slow and you haven't tried this beast you need to give it a go. It is a wonderful beast. I had originally thought I could get by just using the drone cam instead of a helicopter, but now this is here it is definitely my prime choice.

Been to KHAF (default airport, not very exciting) and now heading off up the coast to SF itself

A little bit further up the coast from Half Moon Bay, not sure what this place is called (even though I've driven through it in RL)

Just past Golden Gate, non-PG SF below


Heading north from the bridge before turning back to Sausalito

Heading back now

Thought about playing silly b*ggers and flying inside the bridge over the roadway but didn't want to risk crashing and losing the recording. Another time <grin>


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Stellar set of shots Andy. 

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