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Visiting the China Zun in the H135

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Still trying to get a copter to land anywhere near where I'm aiming. I obviously haven't got the right feel for it yet. I can get into a reasonable approach position maybe 30% of the time, and get in to a reasonable hover about the same ratio, but what usually happens next is that as I lower the collective/throttle I end up reversing away quite rapidly, even if I've got the nose pointing down a bit. Plenty more practice needed, but hopefully it'll come in time. I'm already beginning to be able to "feel" myself into the air for lift off a lot of the time (not always, by any means) and I guess eventually the same will be true for landings. Some of the Youtube videos make it obvious that that is how it gets done in the end, bit like riding a bicycle I guess. I eventually ended up able to ride a fully loaded 1100cc Kawasaki feet up and rock steady at less than walking pace and that didn't seem likely when I started so I'm not going to let a few pixels beat me!

Anyway, another one of the city packs I have is the AviaJam Beijing landmarks pack. Their stuff varies a bit in quality, but this one is a really nice pack. Smack in the middle of town is this monster of a building known as the China Zun. I'd noticed the helipad on the roof and thought I'd have a go. I made it in the end but I'll be honest, I spent probably fifteen minutes faffing around approaching, overshooting, lining up, hovering and then falling away backwards before I finally managed a not very tidy landing. Never actually lost control at least, and no crashes (no pixels were harmed in the production of these pictures), so I am definitely improving.

When I did finally land, I found that the "surface" of the pad in the sim is obviously at the topmost level of the building, which is the raised corners, so although it looks like I'm hovering in the end shot I have actually landed.

And just for complete disclosure, I'm running the H135 in advanced mode, and I have a CH Pro throttle/stick/pedal set for controls.

So here we go - actually flew in from ZBNY to the south of the city


Interesting cluster of buildings around here

with lots of other helipads to explore


Yes! Yes! I'm gonna make it!

Came to rest a bit sooner than I'd hoped due to the inaccurate "surface" level at the top of the building. I'm actually down at this point

I did the same thing again in the Bell 47 to see if that would be any easier, and I'll post a few shots from that attempt tomorrow.



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So, how many holes did you manage to punch in the roof in the process?  Practice makes perfect they say, but not in my case with a helo. 

Keep on cracking Andy. 

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