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Seeing an interesting problem with Scenery Library updates following Sim Update 4.  Varying figures from different users.  I bet there is a simple explanation for it, but I've checked the FAQ and did a couple of searches but haven't seen anything that would explain it.    

Would you please check out this thread on the subject... would be better than me trying to replicate the issue here.  I'm sure those involved would really appreciate hearing from an expert on the matter 🙂

Here is The Thread In Question.

I hope this type of request isn't a violation of policy, if so, I apologize and will follow the appropriate process to help track down an answer.

Thank you in advance!

Michael Roberts

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I can't do the update either. Latest W10 update installed.

Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 | Intel i-7700k  4.5 Ghz | EVGA GTX 1080 | 32GB OCZ DDR3, 1330 | 35" Curved Samsung monitor. | Windows 10 Home Pro Editon Premium | Samsung 1TB SSD | Samsung 1TB SSD | FSXA | GEX, UTX/, UTLive/ P3DV4.5/ SF, EF. MSFS 2020.

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Answered here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/little-nav-map-users-dont-forget-to-update-your-scenery-library-content/405811/38?u=albar965


Didn’t read through the whole thread but …

Please do not compare the two dialogs as shown in the OP. The first one shows what is in the database after de-duplication as well as resolving of add-ons and the second one shows what was Found while reading the library.

From the manual, chapter 43. Load Scenery Library:

The final number of airports, navaids and other objects shown in the Load Scenery Library dialog are lower than the counts shown in the progress dialog. After the data has been loaded, a separate process removes duplicates and deletes stock airports that were replaced by add-ons.

The more add-ons (especially the Navigraph update) you have the more differences you’ll see.

I just ran my current development version with scenery library from 1.16.2 and an older scenery library and see no big differences. Left side is new (1.16.2) and right is an older scenery library. Navigraph update excluded.

What you definitely will see is missing approach procedures since the internal structures have changed. This will be fixed with the next LNM update which will also bring SID and STAR.

BTW: Latest is 2.6.11 which is also shown in the main window title bar.



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