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Travel Sim - Xbox Wireless Controller or Elite Wireless 2 ?

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Hey guys,


I have installed Prepar3d 4.5HF3 on my Thinkpad P1 Gen 3 (it has Nvidia Quadro T2000 4GB VRam, i9, 32GB Ram) - surprisingly P3D4.5HF3 is working real well on it as VRam is managed well vs p3dV5.  I am getting very good FPS.  Much better than MSFS.  I dunno why? but regardless of the sim.

I am very confused which controllers to use with the sim.  I can't pack my joysticks/rudder pedals when I am travelling but I need a joystick which will help me with my wireless mouse when Simming in hotels etc.  These have to be bluetooth that way I can play with iOS if I need to.


How are these controllers?

Standard Xbox Wireless Controller




Elite Wireless Controller Series 2



Are those extra buttons at the bottom of the Elite controller? I am checking online but everyone mentions fps lock etc....will it help in flightsim?


Guidance is appreciated.



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As you may see in my signature, sometimes (when I'm mobile) I use an Xbox controller for FS. I've tried it in FS9 and P3D4, with no issue at all. For throttle, since now there are no gamepads with something that can be used as throttle, what I've done is to set one of the analog sticks and divide it into 5 zones: Increase throttle, Increase throttle small, decrease throttle, decrease throttle small, and a dead zone where nothing happens. For conventional throttled aircraft, it should be OK.

However, the only Airbus planes I've tried this approach are the old Wilco and the older PSS buses for FS9. I'm sure it won't work with the Aerosoft one, but I don't know if a gamepad will work with the FSL buses.

Best regards,
Luis Hernández 20px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png20px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png

Main rig: self built, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X @ 4.4 GHz 2x8 GB DDR4-3200 RAM, Nvidia GTX1650 4 GB, 256 GB M.2 SSD (OS+apps) + 1 TB SATA III SSD (sims) + 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD (storage), Viewsonic VX2458-MHD 1920x1080@23-144 Hz, Windows 10 Pro.  Runing P3D 4.5 and MSFS2020 there, rarely going below 30 FPS.

Mobile rig: ASUS TUF FX504GD (Intel i5 8300H @ 2.3-3.7 GHz; 2x8 GB DDR4-2666 RAM; Nvidia GTX 1050 2 GB; 256 GB M.2 SSD + 1 TB SATA III SSD as storage; Windows 10 Home). Running FSX-SE and FS9 there.

VKB Gladiator NXT Premium Left + GNX THQ as primary controllers. Xbox 360 and eDimensional G-Pad Pro wired controllers as standby/travel.

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I bought the Elite Wireless Controller 2 from Costco Online.  Wow - it is cheaper there than other places.  It seems the extra paddles at the bottom can be programmed.  I will use it for trim / flaps.  Will let you all know soon when I sim with my laptop next week.


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