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Lufthansa (iFly) B737 - Frankfurt to Düsseldorf...

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One of the nice things (out of many) of partaking in the activities of others' (sim)aviation activities here, since one cannot do it all,...🙂..., are the occasional glimpses, it brings back, of one's own (long-gone) past experiences, related directly to aviation or even not directly related to aviation. I recall multiple such reminiscences (of mine and of others), here, especially, someone else commenting in my posts, and harking back e.g. to their younger or childhood days...always a great feeling....e.g. how about something this, "I recall working on that plane, with my father, when I was a child..."....etc.

As another example, this past week, a member posted an excellent set of (MSFS) pictures, of the Lake Erie Shores and Islands, off the northern edge of Ohio. And, I'd mentioned earlier, for the interest of the non-locals of the region, about Interstate I-90, being one of the major (and northernmost) East<->West routes in the U.S. For myself, I clearly recall many trips along that I-90, which (roughly - from Sandusky to Cleaveland) tracks the (flightplan) route taken by the Post, I've alluded to above. From memory, I also recall visits to the Put-in-Bay, destination of that post, and, today, I read, "...the village of Put-in-Bay has been described as a party island with scenic rocky cliffs with a year-round population in the hundreds that grows during summer..."...yes, indeed, I was, couple of times, among that growing seasonal (summer) population...(from Sandusky, one could catch a ferry to Put-in-Bay). Additionally, of course, all the five Great Lakes are fascinating (geographically and historically), Lake Erie being one of them, and, especially, on record, known for fierce waves, gale-like winds, thunderstorms and lightnings, with its (relatively shallow) bottom littered with thousands of shipwrecks from the ancient times...etc. (btw, please, excuse this bit of digression, here, but, I couldn't resist...🙂...after a re-examination of that post, today...)

Now, back to my post here: A short while ago, I'd seen, here, a member post about an LH Airbus A320 (including bits of comment exchanged, therein), and, since then, I've been trying to recall my "only" flight in a Lufthansa A320 (or was it a 737?), from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf, years ago, for an onward connection, to an LH 747. I clearly recall, it was a very short flight, and, being not exactly familiar with the region, I found, today, that the (RW) flight distance ranges between only 130 to 160 miles.

I, then, looked up, on FlightAware, the last three (RW) departures, this week, out of Frankfurt Main Airport, that have already arrived in Dusseldorf. Here they are:

  1. ID = DCS501; Operator = "Daimler Chrysler Aviation GMBH, Stuttgart 501"...(interesting operator...sounds like a old-fashioned passenger route train name...); Aircraft type = "Canadair Challenger (twin-jet) (CL60)"; (June 4, Friday) Depart 12.15pm, Arrive 12:46pm; Actual Distance = 132 miles
  2. ID = CLH74; Operator = "Lufthansa Cityline"; Aircraft type = "Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900 (twin-jet) (CRJ9)"...(please note CRJ); (June 4, Friday) Depart 09:37am, Arrive 10:13am; Actual Distance = 160 miles
  3. ID = TUI2373; Operator = "TuiFly"; Aircraft type = "Boeing 737-800 (twin-jet) (B738)"...(please note 737); (June 3, Thursday) Depart 08:11pm, Arrive 08:41; Actual Distance = 161 miles

More interestingly, I did also locate a short video clip (1m:31s), for a Lufthansa Boeing "737-500" taking off Frankfurt, headed for Düsseldorf (if you wish, please search for "Lufthansa Boeing 737-500 Take off at Frankfurt to Düsseldorf"). Nice bit of take-off roll and lift-off...(as pax, being part of such action, of the plane leaping into the air, and the runway receding behind, as viewed from a window-seat, though nothing special, always felt, to me, bit like a (superhuman...🙂..) sensation, that I never got tired of, and, always, looked forward to...)...Anyway, Lufthansa has, indeed, operated 737s, between this city-pair; though, now-a-days, they seem to be sticking to CRJ900s, for the short ~140 nm trip.

In the SIM, I've not flown, in years, the 737-(600/700) - either from PMDG or iFly. I've, however, flown their -(800/900) in recent months. The iFly 737NG pack includes variants, from -600 all the way to -900/-BBJ3. So, I've chosen, here, for this post, the iFly 737-700, as an aid to recall my (very short and long bygone) flight from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf. And, to make it a bit atypical, I've also decided to not just transport myself, but, instead, also, do a bit of (virtual) community service...🙂..., hence, the (fantasy) choice for transferring freight in the color of "Lufthansa Cargo"...BTW, I found this (likable) repaint just yesterday...(So, please do take note of the whitewashed windows on the fuselage)...

Hope you enjoy this sample of images, below, from a short flight (126 miles, as my FMS told me), of this (cargo) 737, lifting off westward from Rwy 25L (EDDF) Frankfurt, tracking, north/northwest, per an LNAV guided (RW) flightplan, and, then landing on ILS Rwy 23L (EDDL) Düsseldorf. [I've performed an (optional) Cold & Dark start-up at Frankfurt.]

Thanks for viewing...!! Good flying...!

[iFly (B737-700)]





















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Great set of shots - those kind of planes are still missing in MSFS..

cheers 😉

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Wonderful shots, and great prelim as usual. Excellent stuff!

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Love those "Short Haulers"....Great Series

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On 6/6/2021 at 7:42 AM, pmplayer said:

Great set of shots - those kind of planes are still missing in MSFS..


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Always safe landings 😉

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Folks: Thanks. Much appreciated the comments and reactions...!!

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