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Volumetric clouds cannot block the terrain in some view

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1 hour ago, B777ER said:

If this is the case, my plans to upgrade from 5.1 will be put on pause. I wanted to go 5.2 to be fully in on EA but this, even with @Damian Clark software, is just a no go. Can't believe LM did not fix this after months of work.

IMO it's still worth moving to 5.2 even if LM can't get their act together on EA a year after release. Better perf, VRAM management, and bug fixes like the bridge glitch. 

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18 hours ago, BiologicalNanobot said:

I would say that it is not the case for trueSKY. Volumetric clouds are inherently limited in terms of detail and shape accuracy - there is nothing LM can do in this regard. In fact, I would add that P3D v5.2's implementation of trueSKY already does almost everything a good trueSKY implementation does. While I agree that EA is still far from perfect, P3D v5.2 is a massive step forward and developers & beta testers did a great job. I am sure next versions of P3D will improve EA even further, it just needs a few more tweaks and it will be really solid, considering limitations of trueSKY, or any volumetric cloud implementation.

How much of what one can see in the trueSKY promo clips can be achieved with P3D? I'm asking because, while I've been flying with EA since 5.1, it's still a hundred miles away from what trueSKY appears to be capable of.

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21 hours ago, KL Oo said:

Thanks Bert - glad to hear it's not just me. The way the EA/Volumetric cloud thing is done in P3D really does seem half baked. Honestly, a year after release you'd think they'd have gotten it a little better....


Update: I have now updated both Client and Content, and moved the Volumetric Cloud setting to High.

That works nicely!  😀

The previous Low setting produced the unstable fringes..

Edited by Bert Pieke
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3 hours ago, cdv0007 said:

Is there any way to solve this problem~? Do you really have to wait for half a year for HF?

I dont think it will take half a year. I guess LM will sort the important bugs out and bring a HF in the next weeks.

Bernd Edlinger

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