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Alistair Logie

ATC simulator/game

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Does anyone have a recommendation for an ATC Simulator i.e. where you are the air traffic controller? There are a few out there but just wanted to see if there were some known good ones (or bad ones).



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Free demo available there.

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Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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I played Tower!3D Pro for a while, and while I had fun with it (despite some bugs), I don't know how I feel about recommending it at the current price. I bought it on sale when Green Man Gaming had it on clearance. I also bought 5 or 6 airports. All for maybe $50. At that price, it's great. If you don't mind the current price or can wait for a sale, I think it's a fun sim. The voice control works well as long as you take an hour or so to train Windows voice recognition. I'm pretty sure you can type in or click commands, but it's so much easier to use voice and after a few nights, you'll learn all the commands.

A couple things to consider is that this sim uses fantasy airlines, so in order to use real ones, you need to buy "Real Traffic". On top of that, if you want liveries for your real airlines, you need to buy "Real Color" or all the planes will appear white. Real Traffic is a one time deal, but Real Color is for each airport you buy. Luckily it's not that expensive. The good thing is that some "Real Color" liveries can be used in other airports so you may not need to buy several immediately. I would buy Tower!3D Pro, an airport (like KBOS), Real Traffic, Real Color for KBOS. If you want to buy another airport, just buy the airport and see if Real Color works there too, if not, you might want to buy Real Color for that airport too. Real Traffic/Color is not available on Steam, but you can buy it directly from the Feelthere website and install it in your Steam directory if that's where you want to buy it from. You can also buy the game and airports directly from Feelthere too.

You should look at some of the videos from ATControl and Jeff Favignano on YouTube. They have some great vids.

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When I visited the real London Control centre at Swannick the guys there used “London control “ to practice.

I have a copy on disk I bought somewhere, but the specs say windows XP, will it run on windows 10 anyone know?

787 captain.  

Previously 24 years on 747-400.Technical advisor on PMDG 747 legacy versions QOTS 1 , FS9 and Aerowinx PS1. 

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If you don't care 3D vision, then Simon Bergner's ATC is great.

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