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I've updated MSFS with World Update 5 which implements AIRAC Cycle 2106.  Then I reloaded the Scenery Library in LNM.

If I select "Use Navigraph For Navaids And Procedures", I see the AIRAC Cycle in the Title Bar (1801). 

When I select "Do Not Use Navigraph Database", should the AIRAC Cycle that MSFS is using be displayed in the Title Bar?  In this case 2106.  Or in the Menu dropdown where the other 2 choices show the AIRAC Cycle (X-plane and Navigraph).

I didn't see the MSFS AIRAC Cycle shown on the "Load Scenery Library" dialog box either, but I may have missed it.

I have the latest rev installed for both LNM and MSFS.

Thank you in advance!





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Sorry, there is no AIRAC cycle stored in the FSX, P3D or MSFS scenery library.



The AIRAC cycle is shown as a four digit number after the simulator and Navigraph database indication if available and if a database is selected. The AIRAC cycle is only shown for X-Plane and the Navigraph database. Other simulators do not provide cycle information in their scenery libraries.


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Thank you!

Just to be sure I understand, LNM is using 2106 or whatever MSFS has, but they don't embed the cycle info for you to display.  Is that correct?

Thank you again,


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2 hours ago, albar965 said:

Absolutely correct.

Just do not forget to reload LNM scenery database too after MSFS updates.


Thank you so much Alex.  I appreciate your patience in answering my rookie questions... 

I realize that you are the Guru that developed and maintains my favorite piece of software in support of the only hobby I'm passionate about.  I try to find answers myself whenever possible so I don't have to burden you.

One day I fired-up the Sim and LNM to put a flight plan together and fly a bit.  After a couple hours in LNM alone, I realized that I liked planning and using LNM as much as flying😊  There is so much packed in there that I keep discovering more features and more cool stuff.   It really amazes me what you have accomplished and I'm grateful that you answer these support questions yourself.  

Thanks again!!!

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