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Voice recognition, the words "Yes" and "Sure"

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Hi Bryan,

I am for some reason really trouble getting the software to recognize the words "Yes" and "sure". Recently, FS2Crew also had really trouble picking up the word "on", as it constantly confused it with "arm".

What I did was to close P3D v4.5, start Windows 10 native speech recognition program, and then open the speech dictionary. I specifically trained the software for "on", "arm" and "armed", in additin to running voice training 3-4 more times.

Afterwards, I rarely have any problems with "On" anymore.

Having issues with "Yes" and "Sure", I tried the exact same approach, using the native windows speech recognition. Surely enough, after adding "Yes" and "Sure" to the dictionary specifically Windows 10 picks them up easily when testing with Notepad and just saying the words over and over again. 

But in FS2Crew, there is absolutely nothing on the green speech bar with these two words. I have been running the voice training over and over again..and I am not too keen on having to start all over with creating a new voice profile here..

Using SOP3, UK1 voice set. My language settings are US English in Windows 10, as well as US English as speech recognition language. Does it matter what my keyboard setting is?

Kind regards

Kyrre Andersen



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Hi Kyrre,

SOP and voice set are irrelevant
Keyboard setting shouldn't matter.

I'm looking at the SOP 3 manual... I don't see anywhere you would ever say "sure".


Only instance of 'yes' is here:

+20 Minutes: FA asks if she can start the boarding. Respond: “YES/ GO FOR IT/ OKAY

Is that where you are trying to say 'yes'?


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