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Ramón Cutanda

Bugs I have found in R1.1g, V1.20 and P3Dv5

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Posted (edited)

After a dozen full flights or so I have found the bugs described in this post. Maybe they are only present in my system, but they are consistent and I can reproduce them every time.


  • Prepar3D v5 Academic
  • PILOT'S Boeing B314 The Clipper P3Dv4v5 R1.1g, V1.20
  • Active Sky P3D  v7877
  • SPAD.neXt v0.9.11.1 (B314)

Flight Controls

  • Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant
  • Saitek Pro Flight Yoke
  • Thrustmaster T-Rudder
  • Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel
  • Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel


CPU:           AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (Vermeer, VMR-B0)
               3700 MHz (37.00x100.0) @ 4516 MHz (45.25x99.8)
Motherboard:   GIGABYTE B550 AORUS ELITE V2
BIOS:          F13, 07/08/2021
Chipset:       AMD B550 (Promontory PROM19 C)
Memory:        32768 MBytes @ 1796 MHz, 18-22-22-42
               - 16384 MB PC28700 DDR4 SDRAM - Team Group TEAMGROUP-UD4-3600
               - 16384 MB PC28700 DDR4 SDRAM - Team Group TEAMGROUP-UD4-3600
Graphics:      GIGABYTE RTX 3080 VISION OC 10G (GV-N3080VISION OC-10GD)
               NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, 10239 MB GDDR6X SDRAM
Drive:         Crucial_CT512MX100SSD1, 500.1 GB, Serial ATA 6Gb/s @ 6Gb/s
Drive:         ST8000DM004-2CX188, 7814.0 GB, Serial ATA 6Gb/s @ 6Gb/s
Drive:         Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB, 976.8 GB, NVMe
Sound:         NVIDIA GA102 - High Definition Audio Controller
Sound:         AMD Family 17h/19h - HD Audio Controller
Network:       Intel Wireless-AC 9260 160MHz
Network:       RealTek Semiconductor RTL8125 Gaming 2.5GbE Family Ethernet Controller
OS:            Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 19043.1165 (21H1)

1. The Flight Engineer overhead light can be seen from the outside in an unrealistic way, as if the light could pass through the fuselage:


At first I thought that maybe the light came out the window, then hit the engine and what I see (and highlighted in the previous picture) was the reflection of the light back from the engine nacelle. But as you can see in the following snapshot, that is not the case.


2. When the needles of any gauge of the cockpit point to the lower half of the gauge and the lights are on, they turn black




3. The virtual cockpit and the 2D panel show different numbers for the Outboard Hydrostab tank needles



4. Engines out when moving the flight engineer mixture levers

Once at cruise level, I move the mixture lever locking bar to the "lock" position, and then I pull the mixture levers one by one all the way down until they are stopped by the locking bar at 30%. The mixture levers are left at than position until the approach. As soon as I move a lever, that engine goes out, although it comes back immediately to life as soon as I continue pushing the lever. That happens with every engine, every time. This short video shows exactly what I am talking about:

5. And, finally, not a bug (I believe) but a thought. In all of my flights so far (near the equator with warm temperatures) I have noticed that the fuel flow is around 10 Gallons per engine lower when using Full Rich than when I lean. If that is an expected behaviour, then I see no sense in leaning, and that idea that is in fact, supported by the info from the manual:

"Because of the peculiarities of the Chandler-Groves carburettor, allocating mixture levers is not necessary but could be useful" (Introduction, page 5)

"As the Chandler-Groves carburettor automatically compensates for altitude, for most operations the mixture levers can be left set to Full Rich." (Mixture Levers, page 31)

As in my previous posts, thank you very much in advance for any tip of insight regarding the issues described here.


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Ramón Cutanda


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You're the first one to have noticed that the 2D and VC hydrostab needles are different 😄 Unfortunately that is not fixable in the VC because of the amount of time it would take to change the model - it isn't a simple 'point to a different texture' fix. I discussed this a number of months ago with the mdl team. I did consider changing the 2D needles when I first found that (which would be the easiest solution) and I'm still undecided whether to make the 2D look like the VC or just to accept it. We don't have any good pictures to tell us what is on the fuel level needles, unlike the forward view. I have until the -A release to decide.

Overhead lights... I think I can fix the forward view as this was a serious problem on all needles with any lighting in P3Dv4, so I'll apply the same solution and see what happens. The FE light problem is a rogue light on the forward edge of the wing in the mdl. I'll see what can be done about that.

Interesting problem on the mixture levers. I can think of two reasons for that but it should be debuggable and fixable.

The guy that did the aircraft.cfg optimised them to run with the levers at full rich. This had a knock-on effect with the sim in that it thinks we're using Holley carbs and the engines are not properly leaned, so you get the 'press X to lean the engines' popup appearing all the time if the help tooltips are active. It became a tail-chasing balancing act which, in the end, made the engines use the correct fuel flow in the normal flight regime (0 - 8000 feet) but the core sim engine really doesn't like us... 😄


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Posted (edited)

Ever since I am flying the B314 I am experiencing another two bugs which appear every now and then, but I have been unable to learn which specific steps are needed to reproduce. To me, they seem random. Having said that, there is probably very little you can do, but I share just in case it can be of your interest:

Only one wing tank is emptied

Sometimes, fuel is only consumed from one of the fuel tanks. The level of the other remains unchanged. Last time this happened to me it was tank 1 the one that did not consume fuel (I cannot remember other times). When it happens, the fuel flow and engine behaviour seems to be completely normal. What I know is that it is NOT just a visual glitch. When this situation happens the "fuel and payload" window within P3D clearly shows that only one of the tanks is consuming fuel. Of course, fuel valves position is the first thing I check and they are set exactly as in every other of my flights.

Partial resets in flight of switches and systems

For apparently no reason, sometimes I get some systems/switches reset to their "cold and dark" position in the middle of a flight (usually shortly after take-off or during initial climb) There may be others, but the ones I remember are:

  • RPM go back to 50%
  • Cowl flaps go to fully closed
  • Gyropilot rudder adjustment resets to 0º
  • All lights go down
  • Autosyn goes back to Dynamotor
  • The starboard battery charging selector (at the wall) goes down (aft battery)
  • "Plane heat" goes back to off

Kind regards,


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Ramón Cutanda


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Posted (edited)

Fuel... I have no idea, unless...

Partial reset - this was reported once before and some extensive debugging revealed that the culprit was most likely SODE. I say 'most likely' because the SODE developers refused to help in the debugging and would not answer any emails either from myself or from the user (IanFisher, IIRC) who reported it. A SODE reset showed up in the logging file right before the Clipper did a partial reset, which is why we suspected it might be the source of the trouble. The question we asked the SODE developers was 'what is this reset doing?'.

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Posted (edited)

If there is anything I can do to help with to debug these issues, just let me know. I have been reading your conversation in the forum with IahFisher and you said you sent him a logging dll via PM. Maybe I could use it as well.

Thank you for your dedication.

Kind regards,

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Ramón Cutanda


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these black needles issues, the lack of baro setting in altimeter, and other mentioned here tiny issues will be fixed in a future patch?

Exist any possibility to have the simicons panel opened by default or a hotspot on 3d panel to open it?

Also, exist any possibility to have the sextant on 2d panel?

Thank You!

Sorry all these questions, but i really love this aircraft and would like to have it even better :)

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