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Mode to See Physical Yoke/Throttle Quadrant?

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I'm thinking about getting into some VR with FS2020, but my major reason for not doing it is that I really enjoy the tactile feedback of my control peripherals. Is there a way on a Quest 2 to set it so that if you look down enough it will show through to see the equipment? 

I also wonder how people deal with things like needing to read landing plates, STARS and even your own notes from VATSIM controllers, etc.


i7 8700K @4Ghz, EVGA RTX3080 Ultra, 32GB RAM, Two 2K displays. Alpha Yoke, Bravo Throttle Quadrant, CH Pedals.

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Back when I had a working rig and Xplane I imported a window with the data on it. I could use my work EFB and import the screen directly into Xplane. I think there are app s to do that in MS2020 as well, not sure. 

If it's an airliner you fly, then FS2Crew is the best thing you can have. Just ask the FO to do it. (Flap Operator). They'll read checklists and do all the sundry stuff for you. The more realistic you make it, the more boring it will be....which is why I never fly tubes in simulators, except for the big 6 axis one I have to go in every 6 months to keep my job!

Mark Harris.

Aged 52. 

P3D,  & DCS mostly. DofReality P6 platform partially customised and waiting for parts. Brunner CLS-E Yoke and Pedals. Winwing HOTAS and Cougar MFDS.

Scan 3XS Laptop i9-9900K 3.6ghz, 64GB DDR4, RTX2080.

B737NG Pilot. Ex Q400, BAe146, ATP and Flying Instructor in the dim and distant past! SEP renewed and back at the coal face flying folk on the much deserved holidays!

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