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P3D V5 FS2Crew NGXu : Multiple issues

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Hi there,
I hope you are doing well.
I am experiencing multiple issues with my P3D V5 FS2Crew NGXu. Hopefully, someone could help me.

1. When I access P3D V5 FS2Crew NGXu Configuration Manager, the window starts to break as it is visually corrupted. I'm happy to upload an image to illustrate this issue, but it seems it is not possible to attach pictures to these forum posts.

2. I always use my headsets on Prepar3d, especially when using FS2Crew. For some reason, I am experiencing an audio issue now. I am listening as expected through my headsets (engines, ambient, etc..), but the Pilot Monitoring callouts are being heard on my speakers. 

3. Flaps Issues

a. When I call "Flaps 1", I visually see the call has been recognized at the top text box. However, no action is made but the PM. The same goes for "Flaps 5". As a result, I have to configure Flaps manually.

At the sound background, a continues 
"click" sound is heard. 

b. When I call "Gear Down", "Flaps 15," and ultimately "Flaps 30," the PM configures as expected.

But here is the problem: The PFD Speed tape simultaneously displays Flaps 1, Flaps 5, Flaps 15, Flaps 30, and Vref speed bugs!

So weird, and when I call for "Set Vref + 5," I hear the "Are you sure?" response.

Hopefully, someone can recognize what is going on.
Thank you so much!

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Please don't create multiple posts in different sub-forums because I only respond to one.

I responded to your ticket.

You've been using the product for a  year now.

Since this appears to have appeared out of the blue, I would start by:

1. Try running the .Net repair tool, but I've never seen that issue before, so it's hard to guess.

The Config Manager uses .net.


2. Try using a Generic Windows audio drivers.  Uninstall your current driver.  Restart windows.

Windows will install a generic windows audio driver on restart.

3. Cross check the manual to ensure you're doing things properly:


4. Delete your voice profile and retrain your voice.

But to me it really sounds like something as gone awry with your computer.
You should run diagnostics on your computer / Windows install.

The Config manager is pretty straight forward... not sure how it could visually break out of the blue.


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Hi Bryan,
Many thanks for responding to my ticket and replying to my post.

I have tried your suggestions with the following response.

1.  I installed and ran the .Net repair tool. 
No changes. The startup Fs2Crew buttons are still corrupted. Not sure what's going on. I reinstalled my Nvidia drivers just in case but no changes either. 
However, this issue does not worry me too much.

2. I did that, and I had a miss configuration on my audio panel that fixed the issue. Thanks for that!

3. This problem persists. I will run the diagnostics, and I'll let you know.

Thank you

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Glad you solved #2.

For #1, the config manager is only used for activating FS2Crew, so it's not a huge issue.

But it would be interesting to know why this happened to the config manager.

We've never that that reported before.

It's strange.


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