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PM keeps repeating "ENGINE FIRE, Engine Severe Damage or Sep

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Hi Everyone

I'm running Prepar3D V5 - with PMDG B737NGXu and FS2Crew v1.9.

I have setup multiple failures and it generally works fine e.g ENG 1/2 V1-CUT or VR-CUT - however when I give myself a ENG 1 FIRE or ENG 1 SEVERE DAMAGE or ENG 1 FLAMEOUT, my FO/PM starts and doesn't stop saying "ENGINE FIRE, Engine Severe Damage or Separation memory items complete"!!!!!! Over and over again!!!

Also I don't even get a chance to ask for the memory items before he tells me that they're complete.  Also nothing actually gets actions - he's lying to me haha

I can stop him by saying "hold the Checklist" but then can't do any thing with him responding after that. During this time when "hold the checklist" is stopping him from repeating himself I can ask for things and see them getting done.

Can someone please HELP- its so annoying!



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I was using the ENG 1 VR CUT failure in PMDG options. That is a severe damage failure but no fire, and it happens right as the nose wheel lifts off the ground I believe.


no other audio loops.

Tim "Stretch" Morgan
DCS World (JTF-1), Falcon BMS (72nd VFW), Prepar3D v5


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5 hours ago, RISCfuture said:

@byork Any chance you had some time to look at this?

Please check the manual.




PMDG QRH. Section - 8.2 PMDG

Failure Name in FMC: ENGINE-> FIRE -> ENG 1/2 FIRE, SEVERE DAMAGE              <---------------------------


You must trigger that failure, and only that failure.



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I re-installed P3D v5 again to try to reproduce it.

It worked for me.

I think perhaps you're not triggering the correct failure from the FMC.

You need to trigger an ENGINE FIRE:

Failure Name in FMC: ENGINE-> FIRE -> ENG 1/2 FIRE

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