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Extreme High Altitude Wind Shifts

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Hey there!

I'm on P3D V4.5 and FSGRW and I've read on AVSIM forums, people were having this issue also in P3D V3 and still having it in P3D V5:
Everytime I'm flying at high altitude and having strong winds, wind is shifting within a fraction of a second from 85kt headwind to 40kt tailwind and so on.

The higher the wind speed, the more significant the wind direction changes and the difference in wind speed is for the True Airspeed and this leads to overspeed and stall conditions, making it impossible to fly at high altitude.
Funny thing is, I've discovered this issue just some months ago but I'm using P3D V4 since it was released and always wondered why half of my long range flights ended up on ground somewhere half way to the destination when I woke up in the morning to land my plane after leaving it flying alone during night.


Disabling high alt winds in FSGRW could be one solution, right?

Is there any workaround for this issue?

It is not only when using FSGRW but also with other weather programs, from what I've found out during my research...?
Could this issue be eliminated by not using FSGRWs live updating weather but using only static weather download?
Is this bug only present when weather gets updated or would it occur with a static weather download too?

This made me trying MSFS but MSFS is having a lot more and a lot more significant bugs, so I didn't stick to MSFS but rather made me wanting to solve this bug in P3D V4.5 and I need your help and ideas to get rid of it please 😊

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The last time erratic wind shifts was an issue was when FSX was first released in 2006.  That issue was fixed by Pete Dawson with FSUIPC.  Since Pete's fix I have not experienced that issue.

I am currently using Active Sky (ASP3D) with P3dv5.3 and have not experienced any problems with winds aloft.  In a normal month I will fly about 200 hours and almost all of it is high altitude.  

Almost everyone I know uses Active Sky which is an excellent weather program and constantly being updated.  

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I Earned My Spurs in Vietnam

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