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Knobster bridge stopped working and version mismatch

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The Knobster bridge avialable here:


is described as "knobstertolorbyaaobridge_v1_00_b07.zip".

However when the module is downloaded and ran, it displays V1.00 b06 (c)2021 LORBY - SI.

Is this just wrong description of the v.b07 or wrong module is posted on the page?


I was a happy user of AAO v. 2.24b03 and Knobster bridge 1.00 b06 (version  updated for forcing KeyUp event).

Yesterday I updated AAO to v. 2.26 b04. In the result my Knobster bridge no longer works 😞

The bridge regonizes the Knobster connected, but the "LED" doesn't turn green when the Knobster is rotated or pushed.



Unfortunately I don't have a copy of AAO v. 2.24b03 installer co I can't just reinstall this version.

However, I managed to restore my installation of AAO v. 2.24b03 from backup copy (C:\Program Files\LorbyAxisAndOhs_MSFS folder). And it works. Something is probably wrong between AAO v. 2.26 b04 and Knobster Bridge? Possibly AAO v. 2.26 b04 requires the bridge v. v1_00_b07 but this version is not updated on the donwload page.

Konbster is a vital component in my setup, so currently seems I'm locked at AAO v. 2.24b03,

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I'm sorry, but I don't even have a Knobster. The Bridge was programmed "in the blind" for a user who requested it. Haven't heard from him since. If you need support with this, you will have to write an email with your proof of purchase to the address on the last page of the AAO manual. There is no other way.

Also, please try to create a new button assignment for the Knobster with the current version. Maybe it just the event IDs that have changed.


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OK, this is actually a bug in the WebAPI in AAO. Curious, it must have been there for a while, at least since version 2.25 and the web server integration. 

I'm afraid that you will have to stick to the 2.24 for the time being, until the 2.27 is ready. Or send that email with your proof of purchase, then you can have the 2.27 right now.

I'll get the version number of the Bridge sorted right away.


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