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Thank you very much for numerous replies.

I don't expect any FPS boost from my upgrade from RTX 2070 Super to 3080 or 6800/6900.

I realize that the CPU is often limited (5800x)

I'm more concerned with VRAM usage.

I'm slowly running out of 8GB.

Normally I get along well with "high" details, but in LKPR it quickly came to an end, so I had to switch to "middle details".

That's why I'm more interested in more VRAM.

16GB of 6800/6900XT sounds very interesting... But I often read that NVIDIA cards are better at Flightsim.

I had Vega 56/64 with XPlane 11 before, and had some problems... Then installed the RTX 2070 Super and had absolutely no more problems.

Currently I find the 6800XT with 16GB interesting, and it costs around 1000 euros.

Or just 3080 with 12GB for about 1300 euros

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If the stats being report on the upcoming GPU you will not need a top end GPU a 4080 with 68mb cache will outperform a 3090, and a 4090 would be a waste of money it will never get out of first gear and will only use 400+ watts under heavy load and flight sim will not do that. 


Raymond Fry.


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21 hours ago, andreh said:

So, running 4.5, no EA, no VR and no complex pmdg airliner (at least acc. to the screenshots). Our circumstances aren't comparable then. But I'm happy you got something out of your gpu upgrade. I didn't, much at least (in p3d). Good example of how milage may vary.

I guess expectations are part of it, for instance I already had a stable vsync'd fps, but couldn't ramp up the GPU settings further because the 1070 couldn't cut it, but now I can and my video work also makes great use.


And I do have the iFly series.



Ryzen 5800X clocked to 4.7 Ghz (SMT off), 32 GB ram, Samsung 1 x 1 TB NVMe 970, 2 x 1 TB SSD 850 Pro raided, Asus Tuf 3080Ti

P3D 4.5.14, Orbx Global, Vector and more, lotsa planes too.

Catch my vids on Oz Sim Pilot, catch my screen pics @ Screenshots and Prepar3D

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On 3/24/2022 at 3:00 AM, RAMMSTEIN1977 said:

Here I found something in the P3D forum.

Here the CEO of FSLabs writes that there are problems with AMD cards.




I have not had any issues with my 6800XT in XPX or MSFS2020.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, 6800XT, Ram - 32GB, 32" 4K Monitor, WIN 11, XP-12 !

Eric Escobar

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