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P2A Starts, Loads Data, But Unable to Open App Window

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1 - Description of Problem

When P2A starts all looks good until the data is loaded. It then minimizes the app to windows task bar with no window showing.  When I click to reopen the app window, nothing opens. 

When I tile or cascade windows nothing appears.  P2A is in the Task Mager Process list showing at 0% CPU.

2- Information about what you were trying to do when you had the problem

Opening tha application

3- Screenshot of Pilot2ATC after the problem occurred.  If a CTD you can recreate, then a screenshot right before it occurred.

There is no window to screenshot.  Just the mimimized application in my task bar.

4-If an error message was displayed, a screenshot of the error message

No error messages displayed.

5- Flight Plan, if one in use

Unable to file one yet.

6- P2A Log file.  (see below for where these are located)

See attachment shortly.


Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version  03/23/2022 12:06:26
Trying to create DB_Dyno.
DB_Dyno created successfully.
Init 15% done.
Trying to create DB_Base.
DB_Base created successfully.
Application frmP2AMain starting 03/23/2022 12:06:52
Loading Joystick Devices - 5 devices loaded.
Loading Form
Main form opened: Pilot2ATC 2020 v.      Navigraph - AIRAC cycle: 1801
Loading Joystick Devices - 5 devices loaded.
Loading Joystick Devices - 5 devices loaded.
Loading Joystick Devices - 5 devices loaded.
Loading Joystick Devices - 5 devices loaded.
Joystick Device number 0 successfully activated.
Loading Map Control
LoadMapControl: panel 1
Creating ucMap1
Native library pre-loader is trying to load native SQLite library "C:\FsApps\P2A\Pilot2ATC_2021_x64\x64\SQLite.Interop.dll"...
ucMap1 Created
ucMap DockFill set.
Setting Map Mode
Done Loading Map Control
Loading FPL Control
FPL Control Loaded



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Attached log

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Sounds like the app is opening on a phantom screen.  Here's how to fix it:

1)    After starting Pilot2ATC, Hover over the icon on the Taskbar
2)    A larger thumbnail of the program should show
3)    Right-click that larger thumbnail
4)    Select Move
5)    Hold down the Right Arrow key on the keyboard until the program comes into view
6)    If that doesn’t work, hold down the left arrow
7)    Once the window is in view, use the mouse to move it to the desired location.
😎  Shut down Pilot2ATC so the location will be remembered.

There is an option in Config to allow Negative Screen Positions.  If this happens a lot, you should try changing this option to see if that helps.  Some Windows multiscreen setups have negative screen positions and these get recorded as positive when this option is not checked.


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