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MobiFlight or Alternatives

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Hi Guys, 

I'm researching my own home built switch panel. Just to change dials, turn things on and off etc. Not a replica cockpit.

I've got a Arduino Leonardo board and also seen the MobiFlight scripts. Firstly these two are not compatible.  So keep that in mind..

My Leonardo board can accept input from a switch and read this as a keyboard /joystick command, so that'll work. It just means I need to write the code.

MobiFlight requires a new board but I believe I can get one locally (see link below) and is a lot more plug and play.

My question are

  1. Does either have a limit on how many buttons switches I can use?
  2. Does either or both allow for readouts? l.e showing my heading.
  3. What are these readout boards called?
  4. Are there any good retailers online who sell very close to switches and toggles? (PMDG 737 or A320)




Thanks in advance

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  1. I would definately go with Mobiflight, an Arduino Mega clone will cost you around 15 bugs and you can control around 50 (check the Mobiflight webpages or Discord for the exact number) buttons, switches and rotary encoders. The software is free and easy to use. 
  2. Yes, both inputs and outputs. Just have a look at this website, it will give you a lot of information to start: https://www.737diysim.com/geting-started
  3. 7 segment displays for example: https://www.737diysim.com/copy-of-wiring-led-s-to-arduino-1
  4. Depends on what you want, i get most of my stuff from Amazon or Aliexpress.com

i don't know where you are from but let me know if you need any further information. Mobiflight also has a great Discord community with lots of information and help for both beginners as more experienced builders.

Jaap Riemens / EHRD
B737-700 + 600 / VATSIM

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