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Lionheart Kodiak & Aeroproyecto C172N compatibility w/P3Dv5

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I am looking for a floatplane for my P3Dv5 HF3 and found 2 planes I liked, which vendors sell announcing them as a maximum P3Dv4 compatibility. Otherwise, I have read in this forum and others that simmers are using both aircraft in P3Dv5. I would like to hear about before purchasing in the dark.

Thanks and regards,

Heron Domingues, Jr

Intel Core I7 10700KF, 3.80GHz (5.10GHz Turbo), Gigabyte B460, RAM 32GB, Corsair 750W, GPU Palit RTX 3060, Windows 10 Pro 64., P3Dv5.4.


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I installed the Quest Kodiak in my P3D5 and it runs. The cockpit is fine, displays work as expected. But it is not the latest in aircraft design regarding the cockpit. 

Installation was easy, just selected P3D4 and then changed the path into Prepar3D v5. 

I don´t have the Aeroprojecto C172. I have Carenado Cessna 172II N floats and C185F with floats. They are compatible with v5 but older models too. 

OS=WIN11 Home, Sim=P3D5 5.4 (P3D4 and FSX for install reasons)
Addons=ORBX, ASCA, AS, TOGA and tons of sceneries, aircraft

MB=Gigabyte AORUS Z790 Elite AX, CPU=i13900K, Cooling=Be quiet! Pure Loop II FX
GPU=KFA2 RTX3090 24 GB, RAM=64 GB DDR5-5600, HOTAS=Logitech G Saitek X52 Pro

Visit my website for fixes and addons: https://sites.google.com/view/dans-p3d-mods

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I do recommend the Kodiak as it has become my go to aircraft for many months now. If you purchase it from the Aerosoft web site they offer a Version 5 installer. I also recommend that you consider install the Reality XP 750 for the GPS. It makes for a very nice look in the cockpit and is a great Nav tool. If you go that root look up Bert Pieke and ask for his GPS mod for the XP guage. It is very easy to do...just a couple of files I believe. Just private message him here at avsim with your email address and ask for the mod and he will hook you up.


Prepar3D V5.3/12700K@5.1/EVGA 3080 TI/1000W PSU/Windows 10/40" 4K Samsung@3840x2160/ASP3D/ASCA/ORBX/
ChasePlane/General Aviation/Honeycomb Alpha+Bravo/MFG Rudder Pedals/

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Both of these planes work fine for me in P3Dv5. As far as the Aeroproyecto C172N goes, it works fine in P3Dv5, except that I find it's way too bouncy in P3Dv5 waves. To correct for this add the following statement to the [contact_points] section of the aircraft.cfg file:

// Stabilizes aircraft or boat by reducing excessive skipping and bouncing in rough seas (water set to Ultra)

Version: P3Dv5.4, P3Dv6  CPU: Core i7-13700K @ 5.5 GHz with HT on,  GPU: RTX 3080 12GB,  RAM: 32GB DDR-5MONITOR: 32" 4K with G-Sync enabled, OS: Win10 22H2, Target Frame Rate: P3D 120, NCP Max Frame Rate 35.

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