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Gauges path in add-on.xml and missionpanels.cfg in ASP3D

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So I installed ASP3D as an update to my "Active Sky for P3Dv4" on the weekend and noticed my aircraft I had configured with the AS WX gauge to pop open on a key press, were no longer working.

And a read of the docs showed the AS crew had depreciated adding the gauge via the panel.cfg 😞

Instead the gauge was being made available for all aircraft as a menu item and the ASP3D add-on.xml includes a gauges path.

Pro: available for all aircraft.

Con: no longer just a button push away.


But turns out there is a way to add back to the panel config, as the menu item is added via the missionpanels.cfg located in the ActiveSkyP4 (or P5) folder.

I just needed the call to the gauge as used in the missionpanels.cfg and then drop it into my panel.cfgs

Then I thought... I wonder if there is anything else I can globally add as a menu item via the ASP3D missionpanels.cfg

"Groundhandling V6 addon" was a good addon candidate for having globally available as a menu item so I added the config to the ActiveSkyP4\missionpanels.cfg and yes !

All aircraft now have a menu item for "Groundhandling V6 addon", which is great 😁 because I wasn't looking forward to adding "Groundhandling V6" to each and every aircraft.

Now I can leisurely taxi around at whatever speed I set, plus have steerable pushback with ground crew voices.



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Catch my vids on Oz Sim Pilot, catch my screen pics @ Screenshots and Prepar3D

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