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Give Reshade a try if you have been reluctant!

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2 hours ago, paulwain said:

Thank you 🙂 

Basically, if you have a version through the store from a long time ago, it is protected.  Converting it through the Xbox app management features unlocks a lot of the protection on files and folders so you can use newer DLSS versions and ReShade etc.  Newer MS store installations use the newer system so they don't have this problem.

I will be in the process of doing this soon, as I want to do a new fresh install of W11 also, so please let me know how you get on. (My MSFS install is from August 2020).
I need to do this as I am having permissions issues with W11 also just lately, which ironically, seemed to start after a CTD with MSFS, although I have no definite proof that they are related, it may just be a coincidence.

Can someone please tell me, if I use ReShade and I record a video, do the changed graphics show in the video?  Or does it record the original image from MSFS.  
I will be using the built-in Video recorder from Nvidia Experience as I have found it to create less stuttering than some others on my PC.
My concern is that it intercepts the original image direct from the graphics card without the ReShade improvements.

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Intel 14900K in a Z790 motherboard with water cooling, RTX 4080, 32 GB 6000 CL30 DDR5 RAM, W11 and MSFS on Samsung 980 Pro NVME SSD's.  Core Isolation Off, Game Mode Off.

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Does anyone have a installation guide how to set up Reshade directly from the website. I've tried but doesn't seem to work 😕 for the store version this is.

Currently have reshade but using UWP  

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Paul Wain

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