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VC glass windows blue, can't see out, not clear when raining

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On to the next problem, I've tried tons of DX10Controller settings to no avail.

I've even converted all the textures to DXT5 to no avail.

I'm finding it very hard to tell what this plane uses for a texture for the cockpit windows.

Btw, I've installed the default rain40 file so the Rain button is no longer greyed out.



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Man, I searched heavily and this thread you shared never came up. All about the words used. Grrr.

Thank you kindly, I'll give this a go when I get home from work.

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The VCRainMoving and VCRainStopped  .bmp's format was indeed the issue, thanks again.

Note to others that all the windows on the RFP plane are in the model, not an external texture file. They are slightly tinted which annoyed me and I removed the tinting via this example help thread...


"As this is an FS9 model, there is 2 separate models compiled into the .mdl file, the VC and the exterior. Jim's MCX pictures are of the exterior model, not the VC. We need to change the VC not the exterior.

To see the VC in ModelConverterX go to Options, then click on Importer options. Set Use conditions to "UserSpecified".

Now when you load the model you will be presented with an options box, change gen_model to a value of 1. This will open the VC. Now you can use the Material Editor, with a check in "Highlight selected", to determine the window material is 7FCCCCCC. That is the hexadecimal equivalent of the values you see for the Diffuse color, which is 127,204,204,204. Those values are for Alpha, Red, Green, Blue. Alpha controls transparency and we want to lower that value to increase transparency.

When you open the .mdl in MDLMat.zip you will see 2 entries for CC CC CC 7E. The order is different (R,G,B,A) and for some reason the Alpha value is off by 1. Not sure why, it is a Beta program.

There are 2 entries because LOD 01 is the exterior model and LOD 02 is the VC, the entry we want to edit. The Diffuse is the property we want to change. Follow the instructions in the info box.


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