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MSFS: My 2 Year Review

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2 hours ago, rka said:

I don't get why some people are so negative towards MSFS VR. Coming from XP11 VR, I miss only one thing: That in XP11 you really didn't need a mouse to do stuff, in some planes at least.

Besides that the VR implementation is amazing for something that they don't call completed IMHO. Stable, smooth and reliably switchable on and off (looking not only at XP11, but at you, DCS!) XP11 has a very good VR implementation, MSFS as well, even though very slightly behind.

Folks are just angry they aren't fixing the VR issues at their own personal pace and expectations.

MSFS VR is the best full world populated civilian flight sim VR implementation to date.

Like you've said MSFS switches flawlessly from 2D to VR, smoothly with no glitches. 

MSFS VR performance is better than the Flyinside Injection FSX and native P3D VR implementations and is on a totally different level than XP11 graphics wise.

The touch controllers( I'm speaking from personal experience with Oculus only) work great when you put a little time into configuring them to do push and pull actions, which takes under 2 minutes to setup.

This is a very smooth stable VR flight sim experience with awesome looking visuals, that still can run on older hardware.


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4 hours ago, Fiorentoni said:

I've been very critical myself in the past, but at the end of the day I'll have to admit they learned a lot from their (many) mistakes.

For me that is another way of saying "I'll have to admit they learned a lot from us".

Lets just trust that will continue: more reliable connectivity, improved CPU:GPU:memory balance, weather, weather textures, ATC, additional improved avionics models, traffic, replacement of missing or flattened scenery airports, more resilient flight planning (world map).

Greatest plus: the incredible volume of freeware addons available.

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Frank Patton
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6 hours ago, him225 said:

Has there been any substantial improvement or addition to the core sim in 2 years?

You probably missed the 10 updates. See below...

4 hours ago, Virtual-Chris said:

Im still left wondering what substantial outcomes the Asobo core team has created over the last two years.

My theory is, that people forget quickly how it was two years ago. As a reminder refer to the list below...

1 hour ago, Virtual-Chris said:

Most of the issues I had 2 years ago have not been fixed.

Are you sure, that you have checked all their fixes? Let's have a look:

FS2020: Patch

Performance Improvement
•    Optimized cockpit screen display when screens are not displayed on screen.
•    New option available to control cockpit screen update frequency.
•    Tweaked CPU thread priorities to reduce interruption of frame critical threads.
•    Optimized loading system to reduce overall loading times.
•    Optimized heavy airport scenes impact on CPU.
•    Reduced the amount of GPU overdraw to improve GPU performance.
•    Memory optimizations to reduce software memory footprint and improve performance on memory limited computers.
•    Overall performance optimizations.

•    Incoming ATC Azure speech has now three different voices.
•    ATC voice gender is now based on the avatar of the pilot/copilot.
•    Fix for the incorrect voice pack being used if the game is not localized in English and if the Windows Offline Text-to-Speech option is used.
•    Filters and sorting have been improved in the marketplace.
•    Manual cache layout has been improved and the download estimated time should now be correct.
•    Improved support for gamepad navigation in many menus.
•    Case sensitive search is now working properly in control screen.
•    Search by axis in control screen has been fixed.
•    Active pause button has been added in the toolbar.
•    Pause button has been fixed in the Content manager.
•    Improved wind turbulence simulation to reduce horizontal turbulences.
•    Added simulation of low rpm piston engine vibrations on cockpit.
•    Added simulation of water particles (rain/clouds) density in aerodynamics => generates vibrations flying through clouds or rain.
•    Fixed wet surface friction and braking distances.
•    Fixed live weather wind offset in higher latitude areas (America, Asia…) that was causing the 3kts Wind bug.
Cockpit Visuals and Animations
•    Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: AP buttons animations have been fixed.
•    Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, Beechcraft Bonanza G36, and ICON A5: placards have been updated.
•    Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): compass texture have been improved.
•    Zlin Savage Cub: tail wheel blur effect is now correctly triggered.
•    Zlin Shock Ultra: arcs on airspeed indicator is correctly set.
•    Zlin Shock Ultra: turbo mode has been removed from dashboard.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: MCP buttons visual improvements.
General Aviation Systems
•    Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: propeller sound has been improved when RPM is changing.
•    Cessna Citation Longitude: AP altitude and speed management improvements.
•    Cessna Citation Longitude: auto throttle is now inhibited during take off and until 400 feet AGL.
•    Daher TBM 930: yaw damper is now automatically turned on when the AP is enabled.
•    Beechcraft King Air 350i: windshield deicing is now working.
•    ICON A5: incorrect heading indicator notification is now correctly triggered.
•    Zlin Shock Ultra: flaps now operate mechanically instead of electrically.
•    Zlin Shock Ultra: trim management improvements.
•    Cessna Citation CJ4: reverse thrust has been removed.
•    CubCrafters XCub: IAS AP mode is now working properly.
•    Daher TBM 930 and Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX : PT6 engines shutdown duration has been increased.
General Aviation Avionics
•    Cessna Citation Longitude: several knobs of the G5000 are now working.
•    Beechcraft Baron G58, Beechcraft Bonanza G36, Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000), Diamond DA40 NG: fixed missing ALT knob.
•    Beechcraft King Air 350i: menu key is now working properly.
•    Cessna 152 and Cessna 152 Aerobat: avionics state have been fixed using Honeycomb device battery switch.
•    GNS 530: flight plan display alignment has been fixed on the Garmin GNS 530.
•    G1000: automatically switches from NAV to LOC when needed.
•    G1000 : ETE and ETA fixed wrong values.
•    G1000/G3000/G3X: AP setup is no longer reset when enabling AP.
•    G1000/G3000/G3X: fixed missing flight plan when the selected departure is coordinates on the world map.
•    G3X: text size in « approach box » has been increased.
•    G3X: approaches can now be selected and loaded.
•    G3X: fixed bad information in nearest VOR page when unknown VOR is selected.
Airliner Systems
•    In general: AP behavior improvements.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: rear wheels steering has been fixed.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: pressing the battery button now always display the ON part.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: improved flaps deployment and retraction sequences.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: fixed auto–throttle not giving back control to the pilot when disabled.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: center tanks drain first when decreasing fuel quantity via fuel and payload menu.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: auto–throttle is now automatically disengaged when landing.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: auto–throttle now engages correctly during take off roll when conditions are met.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: alt intervention no longer needs to be pressed again when not needed.
•    Airbus A320neo: automatic speed management improvements.
•    Airbus A320neo: alpha floor condition is now correctly triggered.
Airliner Avionics
•    In general: weight is better taken into account for V speed calculations.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: FMC now allows to activate approach without going to route page.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: approach VREF speeds are fixed.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: empty rectangles no longer displayed on the FMA.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: runways are now displayed in correct order in the FMC.
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: cruise altitude no longer automatically filled in the FMC.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: LNAV and VNAV correctly displayed as armed in FMA when conditions are met.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: altitude target on MCP can no longer be set to negative values.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: auto–throttle mode no longer displayed on FMA when auto–throttle is disabled.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: fixed wrong flaps value displayed in the FMC take off page.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: target heading line on ND is no longer reset while in heading mode.
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: direct-to flight plans can now be entered in the FMC.
•    Airbus A320neo: target altitude can now be changed when AP is disabled.
•    Airbus A320neo: armed modes no longer appear in boxes on the FMA.
•    Airbus A320neo: flaps FULL indication instead of F on ECAM.
•    Airbus A320neo: FMGS message « INVALID ENTRY » replaced by NOT ALLOWED.
•    Airbus A320neo: FMGS now only displays arrival procedures corresponding to the selected runway.
•    Airbus A320neo: FMGS now correctly displays ETA for approach points.
•    Airbus A320neo: removed remaining waypoints on ND after selecting different approach procedures.
•    Airbus A320neo: fixed heading bug alignment offset issue.
•    Airbus A320neo: fixed missing runway in the perf page of FMGS when a departure runway is already selected.
•    Airbus A320neo: fixed constraints flickering on ND.
•    Airbus A320neo: FMGS block fuel indication now correctly initialized.
•    Fixed freezes caused by glass cockpits.
•    Travel to feature no longer disengages autopilot when used.
•    Fixed 225°/3kt issue with inconsistent wind in game.
•    Fixed issue with weather persistency on flight restart.
•    Upgraded multiplayer servers.
Main article: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)/Marketplace
•    Rating display on bundles has been improved.
•    Performance drop after downloading an item in marketplace has been removed.
•    An addon purchased outside of the marketplace no longer has an impact on the "Installed" filter in the marketplace as it is considered as a "community" content.
Content manager
Main article: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)/Content manager
•    Addons purchased outside of the marketplace now also visible in the Content manager when online, and offline if downloaded in the community folder.
•    3rd party content thumbnail display improved.
•    Pause download during installation is fixed.
•    Various typo fixes in multiple languages.
•    Subtitles are now enabled by default.
•    Subtitle option has been moved from Sound menu to Accessibility so users can set it during initial install.
•    Remove rotation clamp on "Instrument cameras"
•    Pilot camera position can now be saved or reset.
Bush Trips
•    Fix leg completion trigger.
•    Completionist achievement should now unlock when all activities have been completed.
•    Detected buildings that intersect roads are now excluded.
•    Longer bridges are less prone to having a gap.
•    UK city houses models should no longer appear in US suburbs.
•    In The Wild achievement can now be unlocked

FS2020: Update 4

•    The VFR Map should no longer crash the title during a flight
•    Avionic screens or buttons in the cockpit should no longer be turned off randomly (ghost cockpit)
•    Crashes related to the use of the Smart cam have been fixed

•    NAVBLUE navigation data has been updated
•    Version history is now properly displayed in the marketplace and content manager
•    The multiple simultaneous downloads in the content manager are better handled to prevent crashes or freezes
•    The packages downloaded through the content manager should now be correctly loaded without requiring a reboot of the title
•    The airport icons in the world map have been slightly modified
•    Auto Pilot pitch oscillation has been reduced on some planes
•    Multiplayer has been deactivated in the Japan Discovery Flight
•    Quality of life updates for the marketplace
•    Autogen buildings height has been reviewed
•    TIN luminance (Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Yokohama)

FS2020: Update 5
•    Improved sensitivity and twitchiness of control surfaces for the Daher TBM 930, Cessna 152, Cessna 152 Aerobat, Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)
•    Improved autopilot behavior for pitch management, altitude capture and stability for Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, Cessna Citation Longitude, Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, and Daher TBM 930
•    Fixed Zlin Shock Ultra caution amber light which was always on
•    Fixed Cirrus SR22 windshield deicing not working
•    Fixed Cessna 152 flood light always ON during tutorials
•    Fixed aircraft avionics screens going blank in certain conditions
•    Fixed Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner APU fault light behavior
•    Unlocking longitudinal position of elevator to allow for "Canard" airplanes
•    Press any key to start screen is now automatically skipped at launch
•    Option added to the Misc menu to switch between Metric and US standard units
•    Performances has been improved in plane selection menu and marketplace
•    TrackIR can be enabled/disabled in the camera panel during flight
•    Cockpit tooltips can now be deactivated in the Accessibility options menu
•    METAR data refresh issue has been fixed
Installation Manager
•    Solved several installation issues that were affecting edge cases
•    We now display the download speed and amount of packages that are being downloaded
•    Support for Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition
•    Ability to move the origin of the sensitivity curve and change the sensitivity value on both side of the origin
•    Fix input values when using deadzones
•    All Landing Challenge scores should now be properly tracked in the leaderboards
•    Quality of life updates for the marketplace
•    Motion blur has been added
•    New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) has been implemented
•    The temporal upsampling has been fixed (when TAA is active with the render scale below 100%)
•    Night lighting has been improved
•    Water night reflections have been added
•    Huge hole in Brazil has been fixed

FS2020: Update 6
•    NAVBLUE data has been updated
•    Navigation data date is now dynamically set in the avionics

•    ATC window should now list the entire name of approaches
•    ATC should respond to requests for changing an approach into an airport
•    User should now have the option to request an IFR clearance in the air even if they have a flight plan entered / loaded in their GPS
•    ATC should now respond to requests for changing runways while near / on approach to an airport
•    The Fly-by-wire bank oscillation has been fixed for the Airbus A320neo
•    The overpowered engine of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has been reduced
•    Fixed broken plane instruments when switching to metric via the options menu
•    Fixed cockpit interactions that were either getting mixed up or not working on 3rd party airplanes
•    All liveries should now be accessible in-game and properly loaded
•    Lightning should no longer be triggered in clear skies

FS2020: Sim Update II (SU2)
New Content
•    Virtual Reality is now available to all users as a free update for all OpenXR-compliant headsets! Visit the VR options menu in-game to enable the feature.
•    Two new training missions will help you take off and land with the Airbus A320neo.
•    Live Weather is enhanced with meteoblue data to include snow and ice coverage.
•    Spotlight Event now features an Airbus A320neo Landing Challenge. See how well you do after training!
•    Sam and Rufus liveries for the Aviat Pitts Special S2S
•    Aviators club livery for all 30 planes available in the marketplace for free!
•    Test pilot livery for all 30 planes will be granted to all Alpha and Beta testers!
Performance and Stability
•    Fixed an issue where standard animations on air traffic planes could crash the game.
•    ATC memory footprint has been optimized
•    Fix choosing closed runway on the World Map
•    Fix ATC pronouncing airport name letter by letter
•    Fix ATC giving wrong altitude if first approach waypoint has no altitude descriptor
•    New content manager menu
•    "Reactivity and "Extremity dead zone" parameters have been added to the device sensitivity screen
•    The co-pilot is no longer turned on through different play sessions
•    Visual help has been added to highlight instruments during tutorials
•    You can now map buttons / switches numbered higher than 30 using the Search option in the Input box
•    Scroll is now available for camera toolbar panel
•    In Controls Options, the profile description of a newly plugged peripheral is now displayed
•    Performance in the marketplace has been improved
•    Various accessibility issues have been fixed
•    Fixed VFR Map becoming transparent when resizing
•    Ground SFX improvements on Textron aircrafts
•    Kinematic sounds improvements on aerobatic planes
•    Added seatbelt & no smoking chimes in airliners
•    Bug fix and polish on instruments, buttons and flight control SFX
•    Fixed no audio heard when aircraft flies over Outer marker beacon
•    Fixed flickering clouds for some specific GPUs
•    Fixed sun flare flickering on certain occasions or in certain situations
•    Reduced density of lights on secondary roads in the countryside
•    Fixed taxi ribbon displayed inside the cockpit
Shared Changes
•    Plane models update and optimization
•    Fixing avionics / FMS validating next waypoint too early when flying
•    Fixed several aircraft going back to departure airport when approach is activated on G1000
•    Tweaked ground effect
•    Planes can land and roll on ice
•    Fixed warnings and alerts not resetting when instruments reboot
•    Fixed monitor a frequency in COM 2
•    Copilot behavior has been improved
General Aviation
•    Fixed various plane oscillation and overshoot AP related issues
•    Fixed station ID visible on Garmin displays despite being not received by aircraft
•    Fixed issue in Garmin avionics preventing to fly a “direct to” after deleting the current flight plan
•    Aviat Pitts Special S2S: fixed turn coordinator not working correctly
•    Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed issues with displays not updating or freezing in certain situations
•    Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed right engine ITT red line badly placed
•    Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed missing last leg of a flight plan when finishing at a point of interest
•    Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed aircraft not intercepting and tracking VOR when NAV mode is engaged
•    Cessna Citation CJ4: fixed impossibility to turn yaw damper on
•    Cessna Citation Longitude: fixed incorrect fuel tank capacity
•    Cessna Citation Longitude: tweaked thrust settings
•    Cessna Citation Longitude: fixed aircraft empty weight and center lift
•    Tweaked fuel flow and ITT for Cessna Citation CJ4 and Cessna Citation Longitude
•    Zlin Savage Cub: fixed too high oil pressure
•    Zlin Shock Ultra: fixed leading-edge slats incorrectly linked to flaps
•    Zlin Savage cub: fixed copilot not pulling the choke lever during starting engine procedure
•    Flight Design CTLS: fixed issue preventing validation of checklist step during starting engine procedure
•    Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: fixed issue making the plane bank to the right when enabling AP
•    Daher TBM 930: fixed inconsistency between overspeed stripe on PFD and backup display
•    Beechcraft Bonanza G36: tweaked performances
•    Beechcraft Bonanza G36: tweaked manifold efficiency
•    Fixed spoilers too low deflection for Cessna Citation CJ4 and Pipistrel Virus SW 121
•    Diamond DV20: drag and power adjustment
•    EXTRA 330LT: tweaked handling
•    Fixed radio frequencies not updating when changing them via the ATC window
•    Fixed old path not disappearing when changing flight plan in a direct-to situation
•    Improved radar altitude value refresh rate
•    Fixed waypoints sometimes appearing twice on PFD or navigation displays
•    Fixed duplicate waypoints in FMC / MCDU
•    Fixed various presentation and flow issues in FMC / MCDU
•    Fixed various graphic glitches in cockpit
•    Added various missing labels and stickers in cockpits
•    Fixed various cockpit model graphic details
•    Fixed various cockpit backlight issues
•    Fixed various issues related to the FMA
•    Fixed autopilot oscillations in certain conditions
•    Fixed multiple "direct to" issues
•    Fixed incorrect speed trend vector behavior
•    Fixed various tooltips issues
•    Fixed various issues with Mach management
All Boeing Airliners
•    Fixed various flow issues when navigating in FMC
•    Fixed yoke obstructing view depending on selected camera
•    Added FMC "PROG" page
•    Fixed seat belt sign switches not working (manual mode only)
•    Fixed radio / minimums / MDA selector not working
•    Fixed delta pressure on EICAS incorrectly displayed
•    Fixed missing altitude target markers on altitude tape when set above or below visible range
•    Fixed autobrake selector jumping to the most left or right positions when changing the setting quickly
•    Fixed LNAV ignoring arrival part of the flight plan in certain conditions
•    Fixed audio landing gear GPWS alert not being played when needed
•    Fixed discrepancies between World Map flight plan and FMC/MCDU flight plan
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
•    Fixed limit markers on N1 gauges
•    Fixed missing ILS frequency set when starting a flight on arrival
•    Removed dashes displayed in the N2 value field when engines are not started
•    Fixed OAT indication in FMC perf INIT page
•    Fixed missing trim numeric value displayed on EICAS
•    Fixed wrong knob controlling FMC brightness
•    Fixed current Mach and target Mach values on speed tape not matching
•    Fixed IAS/MACH speed window on MCP remaining displayed when VNAV mode is engaged
•    Fixed various issues with landing gear model
•    Fixed missing EGT red start limit on EICAS
•    Fixed N2 green bar missing on EICAS during start sequence
•    Fixed incorrect start mode indications on EICAS during start sequence
•    Fixed incorrect stabilizer trim green band placement on EICAS
•    Fixed incorrect spoilers deploying during turns
•    Fixing issues with the plane flying above the glideslope in certain conditions
•    Fixed incorrect climb rate after take-off with VNAV enabled
•    Fixed too high fuel consumption
•    Fixed AP incorrectly tracking knots instead of Mach after Mach switch
•    Fixed missing command N1 indicator bar on EICAS
•    Fixed backup baro knob not switching to standard altitude when pressed
•    Fixed missing heater switch on copilot side
•    Fixed N1 slight oscillations
•    Fixed max rudder values to 10 instead of 35
•    Fixed compass model not matching reality
•    Fixed EEC switches incorrect default state
•    Fixed plane leveling off too early before reaching target altitude
•    Fixed flaps and slats deployment and retraction logics
•    Fixed switching to descent phase too early and corresponding managed speeds
•    Fixed Gross Weight field in FMC PERF INIT page
•    Fixed impossibility to set Zero Fuel Weight and reserve values in FMC PERF INIT page
•    Tweaked fuel flow when throttle is adjusted
•    Increased suspensions viscosity
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
•    Removed info incorrectly displayed when engines are not started
•    Fixed HUD horizon line not aligning with real horizon
•    Fixed APU fault light behavior issues
•    Fixed center tank fuel not going to lateral tanks when conditions are met
•    Fixed spoiler lever incorrect default state
•    Fixed AT button incorrectly lit by default
•    Fixed transition speed after take-off
•    Fixed TOGA mode engaging issue
•    Fixed altitude target possibility to be set to negative values
•    Fixed color and lighting issues on the HUD
•    Fixed various autothrottle issues
•    Fixed missing dividing lines on displays
•    Fixed missing magenta highlight on previous and next page FMC buttons
•    Fixed EXEC button not lighting up when needed
•    Fixed master warning and master caution buttons labeling
•    Fixed wind speed arrow color on ND
•    Fixed vertical speed color not changing according to current value
•    Fixed local time displayed in FMC instead of UTC time
•    Fixed missing wind arrow on PFD
•    Removed red chevrons on the FMC pitch ladder
•    Fixed wind wrongly reported on displays while on ground
•    Fixed airspeed box not highlighted in amber according to current airspeed
•    Fixed AP incorrectly switching to LOC/FAC mode after capturing glideslope
•    Fixed display format issues when pressing L / R switches
•    Fixed VSD button not marked as INOP
•    Fixed issues with cursor selection on navigation display
•    Fixed flaps that can be incorrectly extended above FL200
•    Fixed autobrake possibility to be set on RTO while airborne
•    Fixed MCP windows going dark in certain conditions during flight
•    Fixed incorrect fuel tank quantities
•    Fixed heading target line on ND frozen when heading hold mode is active
•    Fixed crossfeed valve open by default
•    Fixed issue preventing to change Zero Fuel Weight value in FMC
•    Fixed flickering shadows in certain conditions
•    Fixed aircraft overshooting speed target with VNAV enabled
•    Fixed climb rate too high after take-off with VNAV enabled
•    Fixed auto brake remaining active despite manual braking applied
•    Fixed impossibility to move throttle levers when engines are not running
•    Fixed missing or badly placed screws on various panels
•    Fixed fire panel switches bad default state
•    Fixing bulk switch bad default state
•    Fixed discrepancies between overhead panel switches states and lights
•    Fixed missing VS/FPA not displayed in MCP corresponding window
•    Fixed flaps speed marker issues
•    Fixed compass slightly not aligned with current heading
•    Fixed missing MIC field on PFD
•    Missing mismatch between PFD and MFD wind indications
•    Fixed arrows displayed instead of diamonds on localizer and glideslope scales
•    Fixed descent phase activation issue and corresponding managed speeds
•    Fixed incorrect target speeds during initial climb
•    Fixed too small font size on MCP displays
•    Fixed active VHF frequency on PFD
Airbus A320neo
•    Holding MCDU clear button now deletes entire scratchpad line
•    Fixed predicted time in MCDU
•    Seat belt and no smoking sign selectors now working in manual mode
•    Improved MCDU display logic for cost index page in INIT page
•    Approach altitude transition field is now automatically filled up regarding the destination airport
•    Fixed THR RED / ACC indications in MCDU Init section
•    Fixed “NO TRANS”, “NO STAR”, “NO VIAS” not displayed correctly
•    Fixed constraint on navigation display blinking in certain conditions
•    Fixed waypoints marking incorrect colors on navigation display
•    Fixed wrong transponder code set by default when starting a flight
•    Fixed issues with Alpha and stall speeds
•    Tweaked FLX power settings
•    Improved flight director behavior
•    Fixed missing heading target value on navigation display and PFD
•    Fixed aircraft not flying green dot speed, F speed or S speed when conditions are met
•    Fixed spoilers too low max deflection
•    Fixed FMA AP mode colors
•    Fixed heading bug remaining displayed despite FCU heading window being empty
•    Fixed autobrake LOW decel lights always activated whatever the selected autobrake level
•    Fixed MCDU frozen after multiple flight plan changes
•    Fixed slats indication not aligned with dot on ECAM
•    Fixed issues with spoilers incorrectly deploying / retracting after landing
•    Fixed climb incorrectly resuming on its own instead of remaining to current flight level after leveling off
•    Fixed unrealistic parking brake selector animation
•    Fixed incorrect N1 value in cruise
•    Fixed rudder trim “R” font issue on pedestal display
•    Fixed spoiler surfaces not correctly aligned
•    Fixed engine starters default incorrect positions when spawning on the runway
•    Fixed MCDU not switching to DES phase when it should
•    Fixed managed target speed issues with flaps out
•    FIXED ETA not being updated in MCDU
•    Fixed SRS mode incorrect target speed
•    Fixed intermediate altitude constraints not showing on PFD
•    Fixed incorrect course shown in MCDU RAD/NAV page for LOC/ILS
•    Fixed constraints decimal issues on navigation display
•    Fixed issue with unlimited fuel assistance preventing aircraft shutdown
•    Fixed fuel crossfeed valve switch default states
•    Fixed radio screens going black when camera is close from pedestal
•    Fixed approach speeds
•    Fixed fly by wire error causing insufficient pitching during turns
•    Tweaked thrust performance and fuel consumption
•    Fixed ECAM too small font size
•    Fixed V1 marker on speed tape
•    Fixed various autothrottle issues

FS2020: Sim Update III (SU3)

New Content
•    FSX legacy liveries available on appropriate planes: Kenmore, Emerald Gold, Global Freightways, Orbit, Pacifica and World Travel
•    Contrails are now displayed on the player's aircraft (MP and AI are not supported yet)
•    New customization menu in the World map to further adjust the aircraft to perfectly match specific real world aircraft. The changes only affects the next flight and they are not persistent.
•    Empty CG position: We can now have a different empty CG position, just like real world aircraft that all may have slightly different empty balance.
•    Wear: We can now increase the wear of the fuselage to get a slightly higher parasitic drag and simulate older aircraft.
•    Control surface limits: We can now adjust the maximum angle limits for elevator, rudder and aileron control surfaces to simulate the slight difference that may exist between different real aircraft. Check Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) Information for real world aircraft control surface angle limit variation tolerance.
Performance and Stability
•    Fixed various crashes across the title
•    Fixed a specific crash while using the manual cache
•    Latest AIRAC cycle has been integrated and is now available
•    Corrected an issue which prevented the VS Wheel from working in FLC mode on the Cessna Citation Longitude
•    Disabled the autopilot which was incorrectly set as available on the JMB VL-3
•    Corrected an issue preventing the use of the VS Wheel to control the pitch on some planes
•    Corrected an issue with the VS Knob not properly responding to commands on the Airbus A320neo
•    Prevented the autopilot from being polluted by incorrect data when exiting slew mode
•    VOR/ADF Feature implemented
•    VOR/ADF – Airbus A320neo FMA Adaptability
•    Fixed General Aviation planes displaying FMS instead of GPS
•    G3000 – Fixed FlightPhase & NavSource display not showing
•    properly
•    Fix roll hold mode behaving like wing leveler
•    Removing auto alignment of localizers with the runway when the heading given by the localizer and the heading of the runway are too different
•    Add TRK/FPA features to Airbus A320neo
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: LNAV and VNAV does no longer engage automatically when activating the Autopilot.
•    Use ZULU time instead of LOCAL time for predicted ETA on the Airbus A320neo
•    Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: TO/GA is no longer always engaged on start
•    Possibility to engage VS mode without having an altitude entered on the Airbus A320neo
•    Autopilot expects an altitude Intervention before it begins changing altitude on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
•    Fixed FMS never entering descent phase on the Airbus A320neo
•    PFD FMA during roll now displays MAN MCT on the Airbus A320neo
•    SRS mode guides speed during takeoff by changing pitch on the Airbus A320neo
•    Fixed a bug where Managed speed was too high on the Airbus A320neo
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: Enhanced HUD Projection
•    Airliners – Speed Trend arrow is now more reactive and accurate
•    Fixed some bearings indicated outside of the 0-360 range in Garmin instruments
•    Fixed a bug in GNS430 and GNS530 where the cursor did no automatically jump to "Activate" in Direct-to page on validation of the entered ident when there is no ident duplicate
•    Added airport ident and ILS runway name in GNS530 when tuning nav radio to a localizer
•    Fixed flight director roll not working when autopilot is not activated
•    Added wind display in G3X Touch in PFD or Splitted mode
•    Added possibility to adjust brightness level in G3X Touch
•    Added possibility to adjust brightness level in G3000
•    Fixed issue in FLT files that lead to flight plan not being loaded in instruments
•    Fixing the display of LDA approaches which were wrongly aligned to the runway at the end of their path
•    Added option to display the fuel range in the G1000 MFD map
•    Fixed issues when adding a destination when more than one waypoint was already added to the flightplan
•    Fixed a bug where the approach could be kept loaded after deleting the destination airport from the flightplan
•    Fixed a crash when modifying origin or destination airport in flightplan of Garmin instruments
•    Added display for Nav and Com volume in G1000 when changing them with the appropriate knob
•    Fixed a bug where the DME distance was displayed for stations for which the plane wasn't receiving the signal
•    Added Mach display for airspeed target and autopilot when in Mach mode in Cessna Longitude
•    Added the possibility to switch off the Synthetic vision in AS3X, AS3X Touch, G1000 and G3000
•    Fixed a typo in G1000 PFD Departure selection page saying Arrival instead of Departure
•    Fixed Flight Director not activated when enabling the autopilot
•    Fixed some elements not hiding when changing the current page in Garmin instruments
•    Fixed inverted and out of the 0-360 range indicated VOR radial in GNS530
•    Changed COM frequencies names according to their type in Garmin Instruments pages
•    Fixed Glide Slope annunciations in KAP 140
•    Fixed autopilot defaulting on wrong modes in Beechcraft King Air 350i, Diamond DA40 NG and Beechcraft Bonanza G36
•    Added Track Up and Heading Up orientation options for the MFD map in G3000
•    Added Track Up, Desired Track Up and Heading Up orientation options for the MFD map in G1000
•    Fixed a bug in Garmin equipped planes where activating a leg in an active approach may activate the wrong leg
•    Added "No Wind Data" instead of the fast rotating arrow when wind speed is near 0 in G1000
•    Fixed max Mach speed using the wrong simvar in Garmin instruments
•    Added possibility to add Destination, Enroute and Origin waypoints in whatever order without the first entered becoming the origin in G3000, G5000 and G3X Touch
•    Removed parasite inputs on tactile screens coming from middle and right mouse clicks
•    Added OBS mode in G1000
•    Fixed a bug where the station ID of tuned NAV radio was displayed even if no signal was received by the plane
•    G1000: Direct-To page is now prefilled with Waypoint info when pressing Direct-To softkey with a highlighted waypoint
•    Fixed HSI color on the Airbus A320neo
•    Minor MCDU color fixes on the Airbus A320neo
•    MCDU PERF page minor fixes on the Airbus A320neo
•    USR waypoint no longer flickers on map on the Airbus A320neo
•    Fixed Beechcraft Baron G58 incorrectly having automixture enabled
•    Corrected an issue causing the AutoStart sequence of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental to activate the batteries later than expected
•    Re-enabled the STARTERX SET keys which used to throw an error and toggle the starter. They now correctly set the starter to ON or OFF
•    Corrected an issue causing the starter to affect the plane's rpm excessively when the piston_power_scalar of the plane is >1
•    Corrected an issue which would prevent the engine from ever shutting down while in unlimited fuel mode.
•    Beechcraft Baron G58 engines adjustment
•    Beechcraft Bonanza G36 engine idle RPM adjustment
•    Fixed missing instrumentation colored arcs on the Zlin Shock Ultra
Cockpit Interaction
•    Corrected a number of minor XML errors
•    Improved the behavior of knobs that repeatedly send an action to prevent it from sending multiple events at once
•    Corrected the fact that the Avionics switch of the Pipistrel Virus SW 121 was off when starting in cruise
•    Enabled the THRT Knob on the ATC Panel of the Airbus A320neo
•    Enabled the option to push the backup baro knob of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental to set it in Standard Altitude mode
•    Made the copilot's HUD interactable on the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
•    Enabled the clock's buttons on the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
•    JMB VL-3 Propeller Instrument Fix
•    Fixed Mouse Events not handled correctly on Tactile Screens
•    AS3X Touch – Removed com active ident display
•    Cessna Citation CJ4 – Fixed default VT Speed
•    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner – Fixed ND interaction Model
•    Fixed the "COM RECEIVE ALL" simvar always returning false on planes without a configured COM 3, leading to problems with some third party content
•    Beechcraft King Air 350i – Baro knobs have been added
Control Surface
•    Corrected Flaperon animation on Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner which was incorrect in the air.
•    Corrected an issue preventing the autobrakes of the Airbus A320neo from enabling on the Funchal Landing Challenge.
•    Fixed Beechcraft Baron G58 inoperative rudder trim
Flight Model
•    Fixed Flight Design CTSL CG position
•    Diamond DV20 Flight model adjustment
•    Flight model adjustments on flaps and stall speed on the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
•    Corrected some emissive elements staying active when they should be off on the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner.
•    Corrected some emissive elements staying active when they should be off on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.
•    Corrected some emissive elements staying active when they should be off on the Airbus A320neo.
•    "Mixture: Lean for Altitude" checkpoint can now be auto completed without issues
•    Added a Brake Release checkpoint to the Aviat Pitts Special S2S checklist
•    The Checklist entry "Mixture: Rich below 3000 feet" is now correctly displayed as such instead of "300 feet"
•    Engine should now start without struggle and auto completion of the "Starting procedure" on the Aviat Aviat Pitts Special S2S should now work
•    Corrected issue on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk checklist which prevented the copilot from correctly executing the "Set Transponder to Alt" step
•    Corrected Issue on piston planes checklists which prevent the steps relating to setting the right mixture from correctly executing
•    Corrected issue on the Beechcraft Baron G58 which caused the copilot to not keep the starter active long enough to reach a combustion when auto-completing the checklist
•    Corrected issue on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental checklist which caused the step to activate all fuel pumps to not properly validate on some airports
•    External HUD – Fixed AP Ref speed/altitude not always displayed
•    3rd View HUD – Fixed HSI not showing approach course if approach is armed
•    3rd View HUD – Fixed Trim & Flaps display
•    Fixed crash when using a plane with an incorrectly setup FuelSystem.
•    Fuel pressure gauges should now display correct pressure level indications
•    Fix crash when teleporting to approach
•    Fixed external HUD not updating at correct framerate
Virtual Reality
•    A 'No binding' icon is displayed when no control is assigned to a VR action
•    If there are no controls assigned to the camera re-center, then the player cannot switch to VR and they are asked to assign a command to this action
•    Players can now access to the controls menu directly from the VR Mode page
•    HOTAS are now specified in the VR bindings (VR mode page)
•    VR is now functional when HDR is enabled
•    The panel reset feature is now functional in VR
•    A dark background is displayed when opening a menu in the cockpit
•    When a toolbar menu is opaque, it will now hide properly menus that are positioned behind it
•    Labels are now properly displayed in the VFR map
•    Various fixes on the toolbar and the panels display
•    The mouse cursor is now properly positioned in VR on the CubCrafters XCub instrument panel
•    Cockpit handles should not teleport anymore when clicked and dragged
•    It is now possible to switch the throttle to CutOff position in the Daher TBM 930
•    The Flap control in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000) doesn't return to fully retracted position when interacting with it with the mouse
•    In case there is an ASOS/ATIS and Center/Departure/Approach agent on the same frequency in the same area, the ATIS/ASOS will not air its message if the player has been handed off to the Center/Departure/Approach agent to prevent the ATC flow from being stuck
•    Add leading zero for runway numbers in ATC communications when necessary
•    Fix ATC agent pronouncing letter by letter airports names during communication with the player
•    Fix ATC agent attributing cruise altitude instead of proper approach altitude when the first waypoint of the approach do not hold altitude information
•    Wind panel UI update for wind and gusts settings
World Map
•    Properly set runway when setting approach in the World Map
•    Changing behavior of Precision Marking field in Scenery Editor to allow for the marking to be displayed in case of short runways
•    Displaying all waypoints from data on the World Map and changing zoom scores to compensate for the amount of new points
•    Fixing behavior of World Map which was attributing closed runway over opened runway under certain conditions
•    Fix outline against clouds and object in game introduced in the previous update
•    Lights should no longer be too dark under mountain shadow with low quality setting
•    Taxi sign lights size has been tweaked
•    Revamped documentation website now live on https://docs.flightsimulator.com
•    Added Sample for AirtportServices
•    The left gauge in the MouseAircraft sample has been reworked to provide clearer information.
Scenery Editor
•    Trimmed leading spaces in package title
•    Fixed a bug that would not update the Scene list when adding an object while having no object selected
•    Fixed an issue to avoid unwanted airport modification
•    Fixed a crash when hiding all TaxiwayPoints of an Airport
•    Fixed GDI+ StringFormat conversion to NanoVG alignment
•    Fixed potential vulnerabilities in the WASI layer
•    Tweaked our system to avoid hampering module debugging with recurring exceptions.
•    Load and Save Flight using the FlowFlightManager.

FS2020: Sim Update IV (SU4)
•    New AIRAC cycle 2105 has been implemented
•    FAA data has been implemented to our navdata solution
•    Departure gates are now saved in flight plan (.PLN) files
•    Fixed a crash and other issues when selecting a parking space as arrival and no set departure
•    Fixed some Live Air Traffic aircraft using the wrong model
•    Fixed an issue where some Live Air Traffic aircraft had broken callsigns
•    Increased the density of Live Air Traffic
•    Aircraft that are not on the ground but that have an altitude of zero will now appear at a default altitude of 5000m
•    Live traffic stability has been improved
•    ATC phraseology improvements to FAA standards (wording only)
•    Reduced weather data bandwith
•    Improved precision of live snow coverage
•    "Visual Effect Only" in assistance now does properly desactivate other weather effects
•    "Visual Icing" has been renamed "Icing" in the devmode because it impacts the whole icing system
•    "Icing" in DevMode only changes visual effects if "Visual Effect Only" is activated
•    Ice constant decay is no longer ignored outside of frost conditions
•    Accelerated pitot icing model while making it slower to defrost
•    Fixed pitot icing not scaling with the number of instruments
•    Fixed overspeed controller vibrations not affected by pitot icing
•    Decrease structural icing rate by a factor of 15 for severe icing (6 for moderate)
All planes
•    Added altitude interception for PITCH HOLD mode
•    Increased native induced drag amount and improved induced drag precision
•    Autopilot no longer flies toward a Waypoint removed from the FlightPlan
•    SimConnect injected traffic (VATSIM, IVAO) should now be displayed in HTML/JS instruments that have traffic displays as well as on the VFR Map
•    Fixed simvar acceleration not taking impacts into account and returning wrong values on ground
•    Writing back corrected acceleration values after impact resolutions so that they are exact when pulled as a simvar
•    Flaps, stall, wing and fuselage updates of flight model
•    More cleanup of the flaps system. Support multi systems with different number of levels and max angles
•    Increased threshold to avoid trim fight against elevator to 50% (corresponds to disconnect threshold)
•    Changed elevator AP with trim to avoid fighting against user input when user input is >50% on elevator
•    Allow setting the empty CG position out of limits
•    Fixed morse audio not playing on large aircraft
•    Fixed Autothrottle sometimes disabled by AI
•    Improved tools to tune prop drag on constant speed & turbo propellers
•    Removed fake and completely wrong ITT simulation when prop is feathered or reverse
•    Fixed reverse thrust problem with propeller (no support of negative beta & induced wind)
•    Added prop lever debug on engines debug page
•    Fixed torque increasing with altitude because of N1 / Corrected N1 confusion in FSX turboprop code
•    Fixed crash bug when scrolling Daher TBM 930 Flight Plan page
•    Torque fine adjustment per POH for the Daher TBM 930
•    Updated stability and inertia for the Daher TBM 930
•    Ajusted sea level max torque on the Daher TBM 930
•    Turbine fine tuning: ITT, Torque, Performance, and Fuel Flow on the Daher TBM 930
•    Flight model update for handling on the Daher TBM 930
•    Ground level max torque and torque limiter setting updated. 100% max with inertial separator; 112% max, limited to 109% without inertial separator on the Daher TBM 930
•    Reduced effect of inertial separator from 25% TQ to 12% TQ for the Daher TBM 930
•    Tuned stability and inertia on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
•    Tweaked Idle RPM from 1030 to 1060RPM for the Beechcraft King Air 350i
•    Adjusted max sea level torque on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
•    Tuned Beechcraft King Air 350i turboprop engine: ITT, Torque, Fuel Flow and other minor changes
•    Added ITT debug to engine debug and added density on fuel flow table for turboprop engines on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
•    Fine tuned fuel consumption per the POH at IDLE, 12000 ft cruise and 18000 ft cruise on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
•    Fixed ITT, Throttle to Torque Ratio, and Garmin color bands for ITT and TRQ on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
•    Pass on stability and inertia on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
•    Fine tuned Fuel Flow per altitude and adjusted sea level max torque on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
•    Turbine Torque fine tuned per POH on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
•    Control surfaces & handling improvements on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
•    Prop lever of the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX can now be set in feathering range
•    Weather radar now displays precipitation instead of cloud coverage
•    Fixed contrail behavior on player's aircraft during windy conditions
•    Contrails are now displayed for applicable AI traffic planes
•    Reduced rudder authority based on the Cessna 152
•    Stability and inertia pass on Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Cessna 152
•    Flight model handling update for the Cessna 152
•    Fixed Cessna 152's rear wheels not touching ground
•    Pass on engine power & propeller drag. Fine tuned max speed, cruise speed, climb speeds, glide speeds and other minor tweaks on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk
•    Flight model tuning of Cessna 172 Skyhawk (handling, induced yaw, roll and stall)
•    Fixed water on windows and tail color on LOD5 for the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
•    EICAS now displays "CLB" instead of "CL" when the thrust levers are set to CL in the Airbus A320neo
•    Fixed an issue which prevented copilot from autocompleting the Securing Aircraft page on the Diamond DA40 TDI
•    Improved propeller drag and engine drag tuning for the Diamond DA62
•    Flight model handling update on the Diamond DA62. Made engine effect more important by adjusting rudder surfaces
•    Increased rudder stability slightly and fixed engine stall in air at low speeds on the EXTRA 330LT
•    Added a notch more dihedral to increase induced roll a little on the EXTRA 330LT
•    Fuel pressure gauges now display correct levels of pressure on the EXTRA 330LT
•    Fine tune on the 103Solo Engine and implementation of engine clutch below 2100 RPM
•    Fixed FS Livery on Cessna Citation Longitude disappearing too early on LOD6
•    Corrected Pipistrel Virus SW 121 flaps animation which would not properly play for negative flaps values
•    G3000: Map zoom level is now kept constant between Regular and Weather map
•    G1000: Airspaces are redrawn upon change in map orientation
•    G3000 : Fix PFD display error when a DirectTo is requested
•    Fixed aircraft spawning with glass cockpits turned off randomly
•    Fixed FlightPlan displaying passed waypoints when canceling a DirectTo
•    Fixed FlightPlan guidance not re-engaging properly when DirectTo is canceled or reached
•    Fixed G3000 and G3X MFD TopBar displaying True Bearing instead of Magnetic
•    Fixed overspeed strip being too low on airspeed tape
•    Fixed bug where the flightplan was not displayed properly if the flight was started directly on approach
•    Fixed VFRMap not updating approach according to FlightPlan
•    Tactile glass cockpits scrollbars are bigger and can be interacted with more easily
•    Fixed FlightPlan guidance not re-engaging properly when DirectTo is canceled or reached
•    Fixed resetting position peripheral input position when user exits the pause menu
•    Fixed the unresponsive specific axis on Honeycomb Bravo Throttle
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Eclipse Yoke
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Fighter Stick
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Flight Sim Yoke
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Fighter Stick Pro
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Pro Pedals
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Pro Throttle
•    Fixed default mapping for the CH Throttle Quadrant
•    Community Folder Addons will now show up as Installed in the Content manager
•    Coherent GT's debugger is now included in the SDK
•    Speed restrictions and RF center fix information is now available on airport facility procedure data via the JS facility listener
•    JS facility listener LOAD_* calls now return bool to indicate whether or not an ICAO can be loaded
•    Facilities.getMagVar added when JS facility listener is loaded which allows one to get the mag var for a given LatLongAlt
•    Maximum number of JS BingMap views increased from 5 to 9
•    Ability to intercept and mask key events has been added to the JS key event listene
•    Preventing the game from crashing if too many virtual netbing maps were created
•    Fixed the installation of 3DS Max tools
•    Fixed the font displayed in the release notes window
•    Creation of an Xbox X|S dedicated page in the documentation, which gathers the latest info & best practices to port content on Xbox.
•    Visual Effects documentation has been added along with a sample. A video tutorial will be added soon.
•    Major updates were made to The Project Editor section:
•    Updated main page with more information
•    New section for Project Asset Types (WIP)
•    New section for the various project editor menus: Project, Edit, View
•    Updated Marketplace Data page
•    Updated Export Window page
•    Content Configuration now has a section dedicated to Flights And Missions:
•    Initial documentation for Flight Plan Definitions
•    Initial documentation for Flight Definitions
•    Initial documentation for Event Trigger Definitions
•    Initial documentation for Weather Definitions
•    A page has been added documenting the new SimObject Stats window.
•    A page with samples to illustrate model optimisation has been added specifically for the Xbox, although the samples shown are relevant to everyone creating add-ons.
•    A page has been added for Submodel Merging in the 3D Models section.
•    The Airport Tutorial has been updated to show the Airport Wizard for Creating Or Replacing An Airport
•    Page on Aircraft Texture Mapping now has a section describing how to set up Ice
•    Page on the Package Tool XML Definitions has been updated with more information.
•    Page on the DA62 sample added to the Samples And Tutorials section
•    New engines.cfg and flight_model.cfg setting documented
Project Editor
•    Renamed package inspector "+" button into "Add asset group"
•    In the Marketplace Data Editor, fixed a crash when loading empty thumbnail
•    Fixed simvar index being lost when loading a file
•    Disabled a false positive error message box that appeared randomly when building aircraft packages
Scenery Editor
•    Fixed a crash when editing runway terraforming profile
•    Fixed '`' char being filtered in taxiway sign content text entry.
•    Fixed the "add custom asset group" window which wouldn't close when creating a new non-templated asset group
•    Fixed a crash when editing runway terraforming profile
•    Fixed the windsocks with wrong orientation
•    Fixed infinite loading for light presets with no mesh
•    Fixed issues with water polygons
Aircraft Editor
•    Fixed a potential crash when converting old .air file.
Visual Effects Editor
•    The Visual Effects Editor is now available! You can now create your own effects. We prepared a video tutorial and complete documentation that can be found at http://docs.flightsimulator.com
Flight Model
•    Added elevator_lift_coef, rudder_lift_coef and fuselage_lateral_cx to give aircraft creators better control over plane stability
•    Added new SimVar “GEAR SKIDDING FACTOR”
•    On Wwise Sample Project: Fixed shared IR convolution medias not loaded in remote
•    On Wwise Sample Project: Added Built-in Emitter & Listener cone game-parameters

FS2020: Sim Update V (SU5)
This update includes significant performance improvements to make the experience more seamless.
•    Improved multi core support for CPU
•    Better memory and GPU usage
•    Faster loading times
•    Stutters have been significantly reduced
Discovery Flights
Discovery Flights were originally inspired by those who wanted to fly in one of our trailers! Discovery Flights place you in the most scenic locations on the planet, including awesome locations like the Great Pyramids or Mount Everest, or vibrant cities like Naples or Rio de Janeiro, in optimal weather conditions for you to fly and sightsee at your leisure. You can quickly switch between locations using the Activity tab available from the pause menu. Two additional Discovery Flights are featured with all World Updates available for free within the in-game marketplace.
Activities Updates
Landing Challenges are now graded. Remember to download World Updates in the marketplace, which contain additional landing challenges and bush trips.
Training Flights
We overhauled our training flights to make them more digestible. Each of the 22 flights focuses on a specific notion, starting with basic handling, to landing & take off, VFR navigation, all the way to learning how to fly an airliner like the Airbus 320neo. Training flights feature contextual voiceovers, a score, and a grade to provide feedback and advice to progress through your learning journey.
Flight Assistant / New Assistances
The Flight Assistant is a new UI panel available via the toolbar in Free Flight and Discovery Flights. It allows you to quickly get AI help during flight:
•    You can select nearby POIs or airports and set them as your destination to get direction
•    You can also give control to the AI to fly you to your chosen destination.
•    If using an Xbox controller, you can choose to temporarily enable AI flight control whenever you toggle the on-screen "cursor mode" (see below) to interact with menus or cockpit instruments
•    You can delegate radio communications to the AI to let them interact with Air Traffic Control
•    You can quickly activate auto-trimming and anti-stall assists
Gamepad Navigation / Cursor
If using an Xbox controller, you can use the left stick to control an on-screen cursor to navigate menus, world map and cockpits. To access the cursor controls during flight, click the left stick button on the controller to switch from flight controls to "Cursor Mode". An extended zone around the cursor is used to select interactive element closest to the cursor center dot, making it more permissive and easier to use. Right stick is used to scroll pages and quickly change options. Cursor parameters are available in the Options / General Options / Accessibility menu.
Cockpit Interactions
Added the new "Lock" interaction system:
•    Set active by default but can be reverted to "Legacy" in Options / General Options / Accessibility.
•    Tooltips are now displaying the instrument name, instrument values, and controls (dynamic depending of the device in use)
•    Using the cursor or the camera center pointer, you can highlight any interactive cockpit instrument.
•    Once highlighted, you can interact with the instrument:
•    If the instrument is simple (buttons, 2 positions switches), tapping Xbox Controller A or Mouse left button will interact with it. If the instrument is complex (knobs, levers…), tapping Xbox Controller A or holding Mouse left button will lock on it.
•    Once locked on an instrument, you can:
•    Use primary (Xbox Controller A/ Mouse left button), secondary (Xbox Controller X/ Mouse right button) or tertiary (Xbox Controller Y/ Mouse middle button) interactions.
•    Increase/ decrease the instrument (Xbox Controller LT/ RT or Mouse wheel)
•    Use gestures (Xbox Controller left stick or Mouse movements)
•    Unlock the instrument (Xbox Controller B or release Mouse left button)
Land Anywhere / VFX
The following planes are now provided with skis and floats variants:
•    Cessna 172 Skyhawk (steam gauges)
•    Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)
•    CubCrafters XCub
•    Zlin Shock Ultra
These aircraft's checklists have been adapted accordingly. Appropriated VFX are displayed depending on the surface type you are landing on.
Accessibility / Screen Reader
We have added a text-to-speech narration feature to the Flight Simulator menus (English language only at first). This can be accessed during Onboarding for new users or enabled via Options / General Options / Accessibility for existing users. This feature is work-in-progress and does not yet cover every screen or option but should allow users to navigate to the most vital menu screens needed to begin a flight. We are actively working on making the narrator more comprehensive and aim to add more functionality in future updates. Learn more about our Accessibility efforts here.
Two new livery sets are available Aviator Club Xbox and Livery 1.
Known Issues
•    Leaving the title while downloading content for 10+ minutes causes the download to restart in Content Manager.
•    Workaround: Restart downloads if title is suspended during content download
•    Unable to navigate through some of the menus due to freezing or the cursor jumps around and does not interact with menu elements.
•    Workaround: Stop or pause any downloading content, restarting the game, connecting a USB mouse, and even opening the Xbox Guide and closing it again
•    Downloading ~25 GB of content and entering a flight durations of 2+ hours may cause a crash or service disconnection issue
•    Workaround: On Xbox: press the Xbox (jewel) button on the console face once, which places the console into connected standby mode. Then, press it again to wake it back up.
•    Sim may crash after connecting / disconnecting peripheral
•    No known workaround at this time
•    Sim may crash when flying with AI traffic
•    Workaround: Set AI Traffic settings off by going to General > Traffic > Aircraft Traffic Type > OFF
•    Sim crashes when returning to default profile for Mouse from a custom one
•    Workaround: Users who are unable to manipulate the aircraft instrument panels due to using a custom profile for the Mouse and are unable to switch to the default profile for this bug can work around this by switching to the Legacy interaction model.
Multiplayer / Online Services
•    Xbox Live Friends will not appear on in-game leaderboards unless a friend request has also been sent and accepted within the sim
•    Workaround: If users do not see leaderboards propagating as expected, ensure that friends are added within the sim
•    Marketplace is greyed out
•    Workaround: You have have run into an authentication issue and have been switched to offline unintentionally. You can manually change it by going to Options > General > Data > Online Functionality to ON
Peripherals / Controls
•    Syncing customized controller mappings from a PC build to console may cause the controller to become unresponsive other than the B button.
•    Workaround: Select the Default controller profile in your PC settings and sync the updated settings to the Console. Go to Manage Game > Saved Date > Delete Your Profile. Use an external mouse attached directly to the console to update to the Default controller profile and then customize as needed.
•    User can get stuck in the Freelook view and be unable to bring the cursor back up
•    Workaround 1: Restart the flight, this will set the Cockpit Camera Type back to Fixed Look.
•    Workaround 2: Use a mouse and press the scroll wheel in, this will change Camera Type back to Fixed Look.
•    Workaround 3: Go to Options > General > Camera > Cockpit Camera > Toggle Home cockpit mode "OFF".
•    Xbox players using the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One: Mappings on the Controls screen does not match the labeling of the buttons and axes on the peripheral.
•    Workaround: Though what you see on the screen is incorrect, if you make an assignment through scanning it will be accurate. Do not use the drop-down to create your mapping.
•    Textures in Free Flight do not properly render nearing both the North and South Poles
•    Workaround: Select another location for Free Flight
•    Groups in Free-Flight causes TIN Data to fail to continually load in during Multiplayer
•    Workaround: Leave the group. Re-enter gameplay with open MP Settings
Aircraft / Avionics
•    Plane altitude is different than expected
•    No known workaround
•    COM radio unexpectedly goes off frequency shortly after departure on IFR flight plan
•    Workaround: To recover, the user can tune back to the previous frequency.
•    Pilot informs ATC they are descending to their assigned altitude even though they're still below it
•    No known workaround
•    Fuel information not saving in flight (FLT) files so user starts off with no fuel
•    Workaround: Refuel after flight loads
Flight Planning
•    User will not be able to launch a saved flight plan using a deleted aircraft. The FLY button in the loading screen will be disabled with no messaging.
•    Workaround: Re-install missing aircraft used in saved flight plan. Create new flight plan with valid aircraft installed.
•    User may see incorrect duplicate waypoints in their flight plan
•    Workaround: Click on the destination and press "insert before" to enter your waypoints in the correct order
•    On VFR flight plan aircraft automatically under Flight Following without having request it
•    Workarounds: Depending on whether the flight departed a controlled or uncontrolled airport the steps to cancel Flight Following will differ:
•    Uncontrolled Airport:
•    After taking off and when the option becomes available, tune to Departure.
•    Cancel Flight Following.
•    Controlled Airport:
•    Take-off and exit the airport's airspace.
•    Tune to the tower of a nearby controlled airport (may be the one that you just took off from).
•    Request permission to land.
•    After given your landing clearance, cancel your landing intentions.
•    Tune to Departure.
•    Cancel Flight Following.

FS2020: Sim Update VI (SU6)
•    Several crashes have been fixed across the title
•    More optimization work has been performed including performance issue with Real-time Air Traffic after a long period of time
•    Improvements of the installation logic for outdated / missing packages
•    New AIRAC cycle 2110 is now available
•    Improvements on offset localizer/LDA approaches for the Navdata
•    Updated the in-sim magnetic variation model
•    Fixed ATC announcing a DME arc approach with 10 times the radius
•    Separated different airways with the same name in the Navdata
•    Fixed cases of corruption in Title and Descr fields in flight plans
•    Activated gust tweaking in custom weather settings
•    Ambient pressure is now smoothly calculated across the entire air column
•    Improved ATIS Cloud layer reporting
•    Fixed aliased menus and ingame panels
•    Fixed some lighting issues in VR
•    Fixed wrong camera initial rotation in some cockpits
•    Fixed "dot" cursor when using the mouse
•    Fixed mouse cursor depth when hovering the toolbar
•    Improved general stability in VR mode
•    Fixed friends status as offline friends were still marked as online
•    Better handling of edge cases when loading save files
•    Fixed Balkans bush trip which could not be completed due to a missing airport
•    Fixed conversion error in POH takeoff speeds in the flight assistant panel
•    Fixed issue where the altitude displayed on the nameplates was incorrect
•    Fixed VFR map icons disappearing during bush trips
•    Fixed bug causing the female voice to be heard instead of the male voice in the Deadstick Landing tutorial
•    Fixed ICAOs on main path disappearing from the VFR map after resizing it
•    Fixed a bug that prevented live/AI aircrafts lights from showing
•    Reduced the effect of cloud water density on air density (source of drag when flying through clouds) by a factor of 10x
•    Altimeter reading should now properly coincide mathematically with atmosphere ambient pressure
•    Fixed physical altimeters so they can now display different values
•    Fixed UseTemplateValue put inside an Action for custom checklists
•    Corrected issue that would cause trim keys to start repeating instantly when held down
•    Fixed shared large cameras for hangar sequences so they no longer display the ground only
•    Analogic external HUD now supports negative altitude values as the interior instruments
•    Reworked gear advisory audio warning system for floating planes
•    Improved water rudder and water handling at low speeds. Planes now turn into the wind.
•    Increased aerobatic max rotation speed and acceleration which improves aerobatic handling
•    Improved auto rudder assistance crosswind cancellation to make it smooth from 0 to 500 ft instead of brutal on/off on takeoff
•    Improved pfactor for tail dragger airplanes
•    Improved free full castering for tail dragger airplanes
•    Removed backward limitation for flap lift centre displacement. (Effect on lift centre and Cm)
•    Added system to precisely define lift centre motion across ranges of AOA
•    Fixed a bug with the spoiler/speedbrake lever animation not being in the correct position when using an external device to control it
•    Fixed a bug with external devices AP keys not doing exactly what they should on some aircraft
•    Fixed some camera issues with aerobatics: Inverted flight camera now transitions between normal & inverted flight and fast rolls behavior in 3rd person view
•    Fixed issue where waypoints generated on the world map were not flown along by the autopilot
•    Fixed existing flyback issues on the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (
) to Burlington International Airport (
) flight
•    Reference QNH can now be changed during flight
•    Autopilot will no longer automatically transition to altitude capture when in avionics-managed mode
•    Fixed corrupted VFR & PFD 2D terrain in some cases
•    Corrected an issue that would cause the trim keys to behave incorrectly when used on a plane which has a trim switch but no trim wheel
•    Fixed the altimeter not displaying the correct altitude at the start of a flight (especially in some missions)
•    Made reverse flight transition smoother so that one can take 90° turns or a bit more than 90° without weird roll transitions
•    Connected all the transponders from the base sim to the new transponder IDENT simvar
•    Added a link, an IDENT, and a type to the radio frequency.
•    Ident is the ICAO code
•    Type is one of the following: ATIS, UNI, CTAF, GND, TWR, CLR, APPR, DEP, FSS, AWS, or blank
•    Fixed custom airports are displayed twice on navigation instruments
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Main article: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
•    Minor fix in the way ILS frequencies are displayed in the Boeing FMC
•    Minor fix in the way flaps are displayed in the Boeing FMC
•    Fix Boeing flaps behaviour at handle 9
•    Fixed a bug with the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Boeing Edition failing to toggle "hold" AP modes
•    Fixed an icing art issue
•    Fixed rain on both interior and exterior
•    Added geometry when reverse thrust is on
•    Fixed cockpit camera collision
•    Limited max steering angle to 70 degrees as per POH to make ground taxiing easier and more realistic
•    Fixed an issue that could introduce an inverted elevator control causing the plane to crash into the ground
•    Altitude reference on HUD is now synced with other instruments
•    Partial improvement of fly-by-wire (does not use trim anymore)
•    Minor display fix on FMC approach page
•    Fixed incorrect flaps positions
•    Fixed missing registration number under wing
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Main article: Boeing 747-8
•    Minor fix in the way ILS frequencies are displayed in the Boeing FMC
•    Minor fix in the way flaps are displayed in the Boeing FMC
•    Fixed Boeing flaps behaviour at handle 9
•    Fixed a bug with the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Boeing Edition failing to toggle "hold" AP modes
•    Fixed an icing art issue
•    Fixed rain on both interior and exterior
•    Added geometry when reverse thrust is on
•    Fixed cockpit camera collision
•    Fixed occurrence of autopilot failing to capture GS
•    Fixed external HUD airspeed with cockpit airspeed
•    External HUD airspeed tapes now have speed ranges similar to cockpit tapes
•    Fixed minor display issue on FMC legs page
•    PFD airspeed now displays speed for current and next flap setting in approach
Airbus A320neo
Main article: Airbus A320neo
•    Fixed an issue that could introduce an inverted elevator control causing the plane to crash into the ground
•    ND altitude restrictions are now more accurate
Diamond DA40 NG & DA40 TDI
Main article: Diamond DA40 Diamond Star
•    Corrected an issue which prevented the fuel transfer pump from working
•    Fixed LOW FUEL warning not showing for the correct amount of fuel remaining
•    Fixed master knobs not reflecting actual simulated state in some cases
Cessna 152 & 152 Aerobat
Main articles: Cessna 152 and Cessna 152 Aerobat
•    Fixed the inversion with flaps interaction using a gamepad
•    Fixed left strobe light not turning on
•    Fixed checklist autocompletion failing to start engine
•    Fixed missing registration number on the Aerobat base version
Cessna Citation Longitude
Main article: Cessna Citation Longitude
•    Removed some outdated glass cockpit alerts
•    Added missing tooltips for speed mode and speed units knobs
•    Corrected an issue that would cause the aircraft to incorrectly indicate the yaw damper is active
•    Fixed the display of messages when reverse thrust is engaged (moved to EICAS instead of COM/NAV frequencies)
•    Glideslope improvement
•    Corrected an issue which would prevent light controlling push buttons from properly updating when toggling all lights
•    Fixed the Up and Down buttons which were no longer working on the Flight Plan page of the TSC
•    Updated cabin pressure warnings and aircraft configuration with real values
•    Adjusted H NAV PID to reduce nav horizontal oscillation
•    MAIN GEN warning now checks the simvar GENERAL ENG GENERATOR ACTIVE
Zlin Savage Cub
Main article: Zlin Savage Cub
•    Fixed master knobs not reflecting actual simulated state in some cases
•    Disabled some unused electrical circuits improving overall battery lifetime when idle
•    Flight plan no longer missing from the VFR map
•    Fixed VFR transponder key
Cub Crafter X Cub
Main article: CubCrafters XCub
•    Minor improvements for the checklist
•    Fixed tail wheel steering
Main article: ICON A5
•    Added access to the new Aera interface
•    Fixed steering animation issue
Flight Design CTLS
Main article: Flight Design CTSL
•    Added access to the new Aera interface
•    Fixed desync between external HUD tachometer and cockpit tachometer
•    Fixed VFR transponder key
•    Fixed a steering animation issue
Main article: JMB VL-3
•    Fixed a steering animation issue
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
Main article: Cessna 208 Caravan
•    Lowered the minimum N1
•    Added dynamic red line engine torque gauge
•    Add blue engine torque gauge to indicate the maximum cruise torque
•    Added turboprop condition lever implementation
•    Reduced rudder stability for more realistic yaw simulation
•    Checklist was modified to work with the new condition levers
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Main article: Beechcraft Super King Air
•    Added turboprop condition lever implementation
•    Reduced rudder stability for more realistic yaw simulation
•    Significant reduction of flap and gear drag to increase ROC at LDG. Now closer to 2000 ft/min (used to struggle to maintain 700 ft/min)
•    Fixed prop drag idling and adjusted flap drag
•    The checklist was updated to work with the new condition levers
Zlin Shock Ultra
Main article: Zlin Shock Ultra
•    Engine temperatures and pressures were adjusted to have a better behaviour
•    Adjusted gear advisory alarm trigger speed to better match the different float planes
Beechcraft Baron G58
Main article: Beechcraft Baron
•    Fixed cockpit camera for hangar sequence
Diamond DA62
Main article: Diamond DA62
•    Fixed an animation issue in the cockpit
•    Update all airframes animations
•    Fixed a rain issue in the cockpit
•    Reduced a light popping effect in the cockpit
Cirrus SR22
Main article: Cirrus SR22
•    Fixed airframe for the nosewheel
Pipistrel Virus SW121
Main article: Pipistrel Virus
•    Fixed QNH setting bug
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Main article: Cessna 172 Skyhawk
•    Fixed an animation issue for skis
•    Glass cockpit: now arms the standby battery on custom departures
•    Reduced rudder lift coefficient changed from 2.0 to 1.5. Will reduce rudder twitchiness and increase adverse yaw
•    Adjusted elevator twitchiness and authority
Daher TBM 930
Main article: SOCATA TBM
•    Specific effects files moved to SimObject folder
•    Fixed the autostart/autostop procedure
•    Reduced rudder stability for more realistic yaw simulation
•    Reduced excessive flap drag
•    Tuned in-flight IDLE state torque, RPM and ITT
•    Fixed overspeed (barber pole) strip incorrect on standby airspeed indicator
Main article: EXTRA EA-300
•    Improved aerobatics behavior
•    Fixed idle RPM causing an engine stall at some altitudes and temperatures
•    Fixed wind vector not accounting for magnetic variation on Garmin screens
•    Fixed an issue where FLC behavior using the NOSE UP/NOSE DN buttons was reversed on the G1000
•    AS3X, GNS430 & GNS530 now have automatic backlighting depending on the hour of the day
•    Runway icon rotates depending on the orientation of the map
•    Fixed duplicate waypoints with the same distance & bearing
•    Aera Flight Plan has been completely remodeled to better match the real Aera
•    The external view of the Aera in portrait mode is now in the right orientation
•    Corrected an issue that could cause the avionics switch simvar not to match the physical switch state
•    Engine monitor instrument with small form factor updated on Vigilus
•    Vigilus now can display turbine engine data and units set are saved between flights
•    New fuel flow monitor instrument template added for the Miniflo/Digiflo
•    Added automatic backlight depending on the time of day on the Vigilus
•    Adjusted engine monitor color ranges for equipped planes on the Vigilus
•    ISA temperature reading is now more realistic on the G3000
•    Minor frequency color fix on the G1000
•    G3X no longer shows NaN bearing when flying a Direct To route toward an airport
•    Fixed occurrence of Garmin-featured plane not catching LOC/ILS
•    Fixed the G3000 scrollbar being stuck at the bottom after selecting a Direct To
•    Fixed the GNS530 flickering when nearest waypoint, NDB, or VOR selected
•    Fixed corrupted VFR & PFD 2D terrain in some cases
•    Fixed incorrect values for bearing (BRG) and distance (DIST) data fields on G3X
•    Fixed issue where G1000 outer COM knob would only increment the frequency no matter which direction it was turned
VFR map
•    Fixed corrupted VFR & PFD 2D terrain in some cases
•    VFRMap now capped at >80° in latitude instead of 75°
•    Fix rare occurrence of VFR map flickering
•    VFRMap no longer fails around Longitude 180°
•    Minor enhancement of VFR map flight plan display
•    We now prevent some cases of VFR map waypoint loading stalling
•    Terrain level of detail can now be increased up to 400 (insteads of 200) in the graphics options on PC
•    Fixed jetways not spawning in some cases
•    Fixed an animation bug when the pilot calls the jetway at an airport
•    Fixed scenery not being reloaded when adding or removing a package from the content manager or marketplace
•    Fixed blurry lights on ultrawide and 4K resolutions
•    Optimized photogrammetry erase function by adding a quadratic approximation of the Earth's curvature
•    Improved clipping issue with trees close to poles by dynamically extending the LOD by 14 draw distance
•    Optimized conversions for world processing using quadratic lat/long conversion approximations
•    Fixed gaps between some ground surfaces
•    Improved LOD display in game at Charles de Gaulle Airport (ICAO: LFPG)
•    Reflection cubemap resolution and reflected clouds details have been increased
•    Fixed a bug provoking SSR to ghost when rotating camera
•    Fixed autogen buildings that were sometimes absent or of low quality in the United Kingdom
•    Fixed missing light at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ICAO: KECP)
•    Fixed approach light too long at Bergen Airport (ICAO: ENBR)
•    Fixed windsocks with bad orientation on some bespoke airports
•    Fixed control tower archetype to match with real life at Frankfurt–Hahn Airport (ICAO: EDFH)
•    Panama City–Bay County International Airport (ICAO: KPFN) is now closed as real life
•    Berlin Tempelhof Airport (ICAO: EDDI) is now closed as real life
•    Berlin Tegel Airport (ICAO: EDDT) is now closed as real life
•    Fixed floating night lights in some locations in England
•    Fixed tower building near Stuttgart Airport (ICAO: EDDS)
•    Fixed trees in front of the runway at Liverpool John Lennon Airport (ICAO: EGGP)
•    Fixed trees in front of the runway at Manchester Airport (ICAO: EGCC)
•    Fixed terraforming at Sobernheim Domberg Airport (ICAO: EDRS)
•    Fixed jetways issue at Hualien Airport (ICAO: RCYU)
•    Fixed that the taxi ribbon could go underground when taxiing to runway 35 at Entebbe International Airport (ICAO: HUEN)
•    Fixed despawn of the world map when changing the rolling cache amount
•    Fixed wind turbine night light fade out when getting close
•    Fixed camera pan in the manual cache menu
•    Minor quality of life improvements on the marketplace
•    Fixed ATC options being cleared when the user attempted to enter another in the customization menu
•    Gust speed input slider uses a logarithmic range for better precision
•    Fixed that previously loaded airports weren't displayed in the history of the airports list
•    Fixed that the top menu arrow graphic did not fade during flight
•    Fixed photogrammetry low resolution in manual cache
•    Fixed missing Y-axis from the Select An Input list when mapping actions to the mouse or searching for an input
•    Fixed cursor snapping to top left corner whenever you change in cockpit camera with keyboard controls
•    Fixed that the sliders on in-flight menu didn't appear to have any effect (now increments accordingly)
•    User should no longer get stuck in the freelook view and be unable to bring the cursor back up on Xbox
•    Fixed endless result screen with no prompts to leave when user cancels touchdown and after completion of a landing challenge
•    Fixed all profiles blanked when clearing a custom profile for the Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One
•    Fixed resetting of mouse sensitivity to default values on a custom profile
•    Fixed inability to select the last ICAO LID searched in the search result
•    Fixed disconnection pop up failing to appear when unplugging the ethernet cable before or after the Press Any Button loading screen
•    Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System: added support
•    Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Boeing Edition: added support
•    Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition: added support
•    Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One:
•    Fixed mappings shown in controls screen not aligning with the actual buttons / axes on Xbox
•    Fixed inability to exit the pause menu
•    Fixed a wrong binding prior to World Update VI: Germany/Austria/Switzerland (WU6)
•    Virtual Fly Yoko+: fixed a wrong freelook assignment
•    CH Fighterstick: fixed non-working default mapping for ailerons axis
•    CH Flight Sim Yoke:
•    Fixed incorrect default mapping of propeller and throttle axes
•    Fixed incorrect default mapping for elevator, ailerons, and mixture axes
•    CH Pro Throttle:
•    Fixed reversed mapping of cockpit view yaw axis
•    Fixed default mapping for view yaw, view pitch, and throttle axes
•    CH Throttle Quadrant:
•    Fixed incorrect default mapping of axes
•    Fixed unresponsive Joystick L-Axis Y
•    CH Pro Pedals: fixed default mapping for left brake and right brake axes
•    Reduced the increments of the mouse wheel on the elevator trim
•    Fixed joystick events on SimConnect
•    Fixed warning appears when user tries to map an axis to the Elevator Trim Axis (0 to 100%) command
•    RNAV approach type (LPV, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV) data now available from the JS airport facility approach information
•    Added raw approach type, approach suffix, runway number, and runway designation to JS airport facility approach information
•    Added "SEARCH_BY_IDENT" (ident, facilityType, maxFacilities) call to JS facility listener, which will search for facilities of the specified type that start with the provided partial ident string
•    Added "GET_METAR_BY_IDENT" (ident) call to JS facility listener to get a METAR by airport ident
•    Added "GET_METAR_BY_LATLON" (lat, lon) call to JS facility listener to get the closest METAR by latitude and longitude
•    Circling approaches should no longer include incorrect runway 0 in the provided approach name
•    Center runways should no longer be missing "C" designator in runway name
•    Added threshold length and runway end elevation data to airport facility runway information
•    Fixed bug where primaryILSFrequency and secondaryILSFrequency were almost always blank even when the runway had a valid ILS ICAO specified in the data
•    ILS frequencies in JS airport facility API frequency list now include the station ICAO
Aircraft editor
•    Added rotation acceleration to aircraft tracking debug screen
•    Improved aircraft tracking and sim curves debug pages for more clarity on drag & lift calculations and values
•    Allow negative wing camber values in the flight_model.cfg file
•    Clarification of debug aircraft speed, legacy and simtuning pages
•    New aircraft drag debug screen
•    Added Cd breakdown per surface set to drag debug page
•    Added ground effect debug page
•    Added elevator_trim_up_limit et elevator_trim_down_limit optional variable to CFG
•    Improved wheel debugging window: Added steering angle and mode information about friction
•    Updated FLT loading for Engine parameters preventing accidental override of some parameters when loading a mission flt
•    Fixed a bug with ADF frequency DEC keys that could cause the frequency to underflow rendering the ADF system unusable
•    Fixed a crash when saving an airplane with no pneumatic system
•    Added an option in cfg files to exclude an aircraft from AI Traffic
•    Fixed the "light types" dropdown list in the Lighting section of the Aircraft Editor
•    Implemented a new version of a supercharger for piston engine with multi speed support and an affine boost curve
•    Implemented a manifold pressure regulator for piston engines
•    Electrical System - More realistic battery discharge for batteries with a different capacity but a similar voltage
•    New primer electrical push button template and covered magneto switch template
•    Added new table for jet engines fuel flow vs altitude tuning
•    Fixed potential corruption in some CFG files when saving your project
•    Fixed crashes caused by the Resync function in the Aircraft Editor -Added a close button to the "Debug position" window
•    Added a new devmode option to switch between GDI and NanoVG at runtime for XML Gauges rendering. The option is found under 'Options->Use NanoVG for XML Gauges'
•    Added close button to SDK updates window
•    Added collisions debug draw to devmode's options
•    Added dev mode communication prompt at launch
•    Added dev mode communication prompt display in SDK updates window
•    Fixed SDK versions buttons sublabel display
•    Fixed the download button that was not starting any download
•    Added devmode windows' background behaviour setting, "opaque when docked" as default
•    Along with the new Model LOD Limits feature, 4 new columns in the Statistics profiler allowing you to better understand which LODs should be better optimized
•    Fixed an issue where encrypted packages could freeze the game
•    Fixed some occurrences of textures not being found
•    Fixed documents with some saved and some unsaved modifications no longer prevent closing an edition tool
•    Renamed "Model behavior" to "Behavior"
•    Behaviors window now allows you to modify L-Vars, I-Vars and O-Vars by clicking on them and inputting a new value
•    Pressing Ctrl+G while hovering an interactable component as the Behaviors window is open will now set it to that component
•    The Behaviors window now has an Error tab which lists the issues recorded while loading the current XML file (only if the behavior window was open during the loading)
•    Restored the DevMode font that had disappeared from the latest version
•    SDK release notes are now downloaded individually to reduce downloading times
•    Windows are now opaque when docked to the game's window and transparent when floating inside
•    Added debug tools to identify memory-consuming LODs
•    Added option to freeze LOD selection
•    Fixed gamma correction issues with the NanoVG for XML gauges
Project editor
•    Fixed Package Editor filter not checking all package groups
•    Added "Save as" action, binded to Ctrl+Shift+S
•    Improved project creation window: now requires projects parent folder and generates the new project folder, new project name field is correctly emptied after the window's closure
•    Recent projects which fail to load or have a non normalized path are now deleted on selection
•    Made default creator name not mandatory when creating a project from the -menu
•    Added auto save on project, package and asset group creation
•    Added package thumbnail validation after build
•    Fixed asset group asset and output directories modification: absolute paths were set
•    Fixed crash when cleaning a package that has been already cleaned
•    Fixed Ctrl+Y on asset group creation not setting back asset and output directories values
•    Fixed custom asset group template instantiation path
•    Fixed custom wizard generated asset groups paths: now correct for build
•    Added a clean package operation when a package or an asset group is removed
•    Fixed editor's popups not showing when editor's main window is hidden
•    Post build and post export prompts are only displayed if user did not agree to them
•    Fixed non-normalized path saved to recent projects list
•    Fixed the removed package that were still appearing in export window package list
•    Fixed asset group type combo list empty in wizards if the project editor window was never shown before
•    Fixed package's name and company name not updated in Inspector if it is not shown when selection changed
•    Replaced automatic package name modification by an "Update package name" button
•    Improved Inspector summary tab with titles and sections
•    Fixed SimObject template
•    Improved clean package: now checks for locked files before trying to delete them all
Scenery editor
•    Fixed a crash when closing the scenery editor
•    Gizmo window can't be edited if no object is selected OR all selected objects are locked
•    "Has 3D Mesh" checkbox in FUEL TaxiwayParking properties to allow removing the 3D object attached to it by default
•    Added flipUV & offsetUV for aprons
•    Added tiling, rotation, coloration, falloff and opacity for material applied to polygons
•    Automatically reload biomes when mounting/building a package containing biome or species definitions
•    Color Extractor window is no longer available as it was causing some crashes
•    Fixed a crash in the Scenery Editor when deleting a package with pending modifications
•    Fixed pink airport when moving far away
•    Fixed rectangular apron rotation
•    Fixed Scenery Editor soft lock when closing and trying to save
•    Fixed sim object bounding boxes
•    Fixed update object list after building a package with models
•    Generate Taxiway Signs no longer crashes when the package is not built
•    Hiding and Lock system rework. New icons to make buttons more intuitive to use. More info check the official documentation on the Scenery Editor
•    Improved Text rendering on NanoVG, in particular stretched text
•    Moving a group that contains standalone towers no longer crashes the game
•    Clicking the ""Create Hierarchy by Type"" button no longer crashes the game
•    Optimized projected meshes
•    Projected Meshes can now be selected by clicking on it in the viewport
•    Projected Meshes no longer randomly disappear in Edition
•    Removed all the sub-edition options (add/remove points, subdivide edge, etc) from the squared apron right-click menu
•    Removed irrelevant options (tire mark, end cap, tire gum, etc) for material type of Taxiway Path
•    Removed the 'Scripts' section of TaxiwayParking properties
•    No longer see a 'ghost' of the object when unchecking 'One-click placing' checkbox
•    Templates.xml: Fixed a bug that caused some interactions hints to show incorrect bindings
•    Added missing content info thumbnail on simple aircraft sample
•    Updated sample jetway model and animation
Material editor
•    Fixed valid bitmap label displayed in red in Bitmap Manager. Fixed bitmap size display in Inspector
•    Improved material deletion warning prompt clarity
•    Added a new simvar: COM_RECEIVE_EX1 (with the target com receiver as index) returning the state of the com receiver without checking the transmitter state
•    Added a new [settable] simvar: INTERACTIVE_POINT_GOAL (with the target interactive point as index) which let developers set an in between position to an interactive point instead of the default open/closed
•    Fixed a bug with the COM_RECEIVER simvar initialisation which would badly initialize COM and NAV circuits switch state within the electrical system
•    Fixed several simvar Getter and Setter. Lots of Getter were false and referenced the same simvar. Lots of setter were missing. Now, every simvar about "BREAKER" should be gettable/settable
•    Fixed FLAPS_HANDLE_INDEX simvar behavior on increment/decrement events
•    Added simvar "GPS OVERRIDDEN", which disables the sim GPS engine update and allows the user to write to the GPS simvars
•    Made simvar "GPS DRIVES NAV1" writable
•    AUTOPILOT NAV SELECTED can now be written to select a different nav radio index
•    Several UX/UI improvements to the console: multiple messages selection, "Log to file" feature, more visibility to the Details section, new "Copy" button
Script editor
•    Fixed editor not closing if a modification has not been saved before
•    Removed some math optimizations in wasm which created inaccuracies
VFX editor
•    Coordinate systems have been standardized for positions and velocities. They now use the same system, ECEF world or local, depending on a single parameter
•    Position and rotation offsets are now always expressed in the space local to the attachment (node or contact point)
•    Clamping of manual inputs in the node graph is now handled properly
•    Added "Graph Parameters", which allows to specify an RPN code in a model behaviour, to execute it in a VFX graph using the new "Graph Parameter" node
•    Added an "EmitInLocalSpace" parameter on the Emitter block to control the spaces where your VFX lives
•    Added a "LocalDirection" node to initialize position & velocities relative to your local space for effects that live in world space
•    Added an "Age" attribute for the GetInstanceAttribute node
•    Added a "Color" node with a color picker
•    General stability improvements. Duplication, Deletion, Copy & Paste shortcuts now available in the node graph editor
•    Copy and Paste are now supported across documents
•    New Document, Undo and Redo shortcuts now work properly
•    It is no longer possible to connect the output of a node to the input of an upstream node
•    New Visual Effects now have a working material by default
•    Fixed a crash when a multiplayer plane spawns an effect setup on a contact point
•    Fixed occasional wrong triggering of water landing effect
•    Fixed offset display in VisualEffects spawner tab, feet converted to meters
•    Removed "visible" and "enabled" properties from node edition data
•    Removed the confusing "Add…" drag and drop button to create new Object References in node graph inspector
•    Removed the edition data tab in node graph inspector, it does not display any relevant information
•    Removed the edition data related to deleted nodes
•    Removed the redundant "Items Tree" window
•    Removed unnecessary nodes from VFX template
•    Removed "AttachToEmitterTranslation/Rotation" parameters in the Emitter block (replaced by EmitInLocalSpace)

FS2020: Sim Update VII (SU7)
New aircraft
We are adding 5 brand new aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator:
•    Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet: Our first military jet and a highly requested feature from the community. The Top Gun: Maverick expansion will release with the movie next spring, but we wanted simmers to have the opportunity to be able to test their need for speed this holiday.
•    [Undocumented] Includes 3 free liveries
•    Volocopter VoloCity: We partnered with well-known German company Volocopter, which is working on an eVTOL called “VoloCity”, a vision for an urban air taxi. We worked closely with the Volocopter engineering team to develop an authentic version of the aircraft for the simulator. This is our first aircraft that can perform pinpoint landings and is a teaser of what you can look forward to in 2022 when we intend to launch helicopters in the sim.
•    [Undocumented] Includes 3 free liveries
•    Pilatus PC-6 Porter: This legendary short takeoff and landing (STOL) utility aircraft is a highly versatile plane from Switzerland, and our close collaboration with the manufacturer and the development efforts by famed developers Hans Hartmann and Alexander Metzger resulted in a great and fun new aircraft with exception capabilities in the simulator.
•    [Undocumented] Includes 4 variants:
•    Wheels with steam gauges in 3 liveries
•    Wheels with G950s in 4 liveries
•    Skis with steam gauges in 1 livery
•    Floats with G950s in 1 livery
•    CubCrafters NXCub: Yakima-based CubCrafters recently introduced a nosewheel option for their flagship CC-19 XCub Aircraft, popularly called the NX Cub, which we are pleased to introduce to the flight sim audience to further enhance our bush flying and off airport options.
•    [Undocumented] Includes 3 free liveries
•    Aviat Pitts Special S1S: One of our most popular planes gets a single-seat option with the release of this aircraft.
•    [Undocumented] Includes 10 free liveries
New airports
We are adding 8 hand-crafted airports in Central Europe and the United States:
•    Leipzig/Halle Airport (ICAO: EDDP). Modeled by FlightSim Studio[1].
•    Memmingen Airport (ICAO: EDJA). Modeled by FlightSim Studio[1].
•    Kassel Airport (ICAO: EDVK). Modeled by FlightSim Studio[1].
•    Lugano Airport (ICAO: LSZA). Modeled by GAYA Simulations[1].
•    Zurich Airport (ICAO: LSZH). Modeled by GAYA Simulations[1].
•    Luzern-Beromunster Airport (ICAO: LSZO)}. Modeled by FlightSim Studio[1].
•    Patrick Space Force Base (ICAO: KCOF). Modeled by Asobo Studio[1].
•    Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (ICAO: KNKX). Modeled by Asobo Studio[1].
This release added information about 545 previously missing airports in the United States.
New missions
Based on the popularity of the recently introduced Discovery Flights, we are adding an additional 6 locations to this popular series:
•    Helsinki
•    Freiburg im Breisgau
•    Mecca
•    Monument Valley
•    Singapore
•    Mount Cook
New tutorials
To further expand the onboarding experience, we are adding 14 new tutorials, introducing simmers to bush flying (in an ICON A5) and IFR (in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk). They are produced in partnership with FS Academy.
New features
We are also pleased to introduce several highly requested features by the community: an updated weather system, early access to DX12, and a dev mode replay system (more info below).
New photogrammetry cities
As part of our ongoing collaboration with Bing Maps, we are pleased to add a number of new photogrammetry cities:
•    Helsinki (Finland)
•    Freiburg in Germany (Germany)
•    Brighton (England)
•    Derby (England)
•    Eastbourne (England)
•    Newcastle (England)
•    Nottingham (England)
•    Vers-Pont-Du-Gard (France)
•    Chambord (France)
•    Port-Vendres (France)
•    Utrecht (Netherlands)
•    Several crashes have been fixed across the title
•    Fixed sim being stuck while loading the world data in rare cases
•    Improved online multiplayer plane trajectory accuracy and stability
•    A first implementation of DX12 can now be activated via the Option menu (requires a reboot of the title)
•    New Arinc424 cycle 2111 is now available
•    Flight plans that were externally loaded or manually edited on the world map will no longer be recomputed from scratch when changing the instrument procedures or the parking spots
•    AI controls ATC will no longer automatically send the updated flight plan from the aircraft’s instrument whenever a change is made
•    Improved METAR ingestion into live weather
•    You can now consult real airport METARs during flight from the Weather panel (only when Live Weather is active)
•    Updated .WPR file versioning for weather preset edition. Now handles both coverage and density for cloud layers (Formerly density became coverage). Backward compatibility has been handled
•    It is now possible to put clouds below sea level (-400m) for regions such the Dead Sea
•    Fixed AGL / MSL UI display in weather panel
•    Setting wind with weather panel is more coherent with in-game wind near ground
•    Fixed unit conversions in weather panel
•    Minor UI improvements in weather panel
Microsoft Flight Simulator is now compatible with VR controllers on PC!
•    Main menu: Use the raycast mode to navigate and interact with the menus
•    Cockpit instruments: Switch between the proximity mode (you interact with the instruments by grabbing them) and the raycast mode (you use a raycast to pinpoint the instrument you want to interact with). Beware of the autopilot as it overrides your inputs.
•    Yoke/stick: In the VR options, you can choose between ‘Hold’ mode (hold the interaction button to grab the yoke) and ‘Toggle’ mode (press the interaction button once to grab the yoke and press the button again to release it) to interact with the yoke at your convenience.
•    Toolbar: Use the raycast mode to interact with the toolbar and the in-game panels.
•    Implementing support for VR controllers has required a few updates in each plane. If a plane has not been updated, a pop-up message informs you that it is not fully compatible with VR controllers, in which case:
•    You cannot grab the yoke with the VR controllers and control it with hand gesture.
•    You can control the yoke with the stick of the left VR controllers.
•    You can interact properly with the instruments using the VR controllers.
•    Lighting issues are fixed.
•    VR is compatible with DX12. You might encounter a few issues as the implementation of Dx12 is still WIP.
•    Audio customization: Option to convert to mono for people deaf in a single ear
•    Option to adjust background contrast in HUD has been added
•    A new Spotlight Event landing challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the F/A-18E Super Hornet landing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar MCAS Miramar (
). 4 hours of existing flight time in a non-Discovery flight (free flight, Landing Challenges, Bush Trips, etc.) are required to display the event on the homepage. It replaces the Discovery Flight shortcut.
•    G-Effect and G-Suit preference assistances have been added in the option menu
•    New assistance has been added to disable the automatic logbook at the end of a flight
•    Fixed Bush Trip progression not saved when completing a bushtrip leg
•    Fixed Germany Journey Bush Trip which could not be completed
•    Fixed A320 Takeoff Flight Training which could not be completed with only the keyboard
•    Completing a Landing Challenge will no longer change Assistance settings
•    Fixed a bug with water rudders at high speeds and with water rudders incorrectly affecting aerodynamics in air
•    Made ITT simulation engine specific on multi engine turboprop aircraft
•    Modular fuel system now supports CG-based triggers
•    The primed level of the piston engine does not reset anymore when no combustion happens
•    Added a new parameter to use in the flt files for turbine engines: CorrectedFF
•    Added TACAN related inputs
•    Added a SimVar that shows the effective flaps handle position when some logic makes it different than the physical position
•    Checklist highlights will now properly use the HIGHLIGHT_NODE_ID rather than the NODE_ID if specified
•    Previously only affected the hover highlight
•    Added a parameter to specify whether or not a plane’s autothrottle attempts to maintain vertical speed when controlling the airspeed
•    Title no longer crashes when trying to invert a one-waypoint flight plan
•    Added SIMVARs for TACAN Navigation
•    Improved accuracy of FLC speed hold system on aircraft with a calibration difference between IAS and CAS
•    Corrected an issue which would cause the fuel capacity of planes using the modular fuel system to be displayed as 0 gal
•    Audio: Added flaps drag sound effects
•    Audio: Added passenger ambiences cabin in airliners
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Main article: Boeing 747-8
•    MCDU now supports waypoint insertion on Leg page
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Main article: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
•    MCDU now support waypoint insertion in Leg Page
•    Fixed HUD projection
•    MCDU has all its buttons highlighted on hover
•    ND flightplan display now has correct color
•    REV indication on EICAS is now display when in reverse mode
Airbus A320neo
Main article: Airbus A320neo
•    Fixed a problem that prevented auto start Ctrl + E without external power unit
•    Autopilot now updates its target vertical speed while in VS mode
•    Autopilot now updates its target altitude while in VS or Managed mode
•    Corrected an issue which allowed setting the Autobrakes to the MAX position in flight when it should be disabled
Cessna Citation Longitude
Main article: Cessna Citation Longitude
•    Corrected an issue which caused push buttons for lights not to change state when toggled using a key
•    Fixed ITT alarm is ringing and caution message is displayed on PFD while ITT graph and numbers are green on PFD
•    Fixed aural warning related to parking brake cannot be silenced without disengaging the brake
Main article: JMB VL-3
•    Corrected airframe lights
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
Main article: Cessna 208 Caravan
•    Corrected some textures for airframe
•    Condition lever has new keys to bind
•    Pre-existing bindings to mixture keys can also be used to move the lever without any change in settings
•    Fuel flow controller PID was tuned to avoid fuel flow spikes when using the condition lever
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Main article: Beechcraft Super King Air
•    Condition lever has new keys to bind. Preexisting bindings to mixture keys can also be used to move the lever without any change in settings
•    Throttle levers animation gives incorrect lever position
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Main article: Cessna 172 Skyhawk
•    Pushback service was removed from the floats version
Daher TBM 930
Main article: SOCATA TBM
•    Fixed aural warning related to parking braking could not be silenced without disengaging the brake
Main article: EXTRA EA-300
•    Removed some electrical circuits that were not used in the plane but could be enabled using the TOGGLE_ALL_LIGHTS key
•    Fixed a crash that could occur when flying near cities with a lot of autogen buildings
•    Various watermasks have been added around the world
•    Improved night lighting by reducing the intensity of the distant sepia layer
•    Fixed an issue with wind turbines lights sometimes no display at the right altitude
•    Fixed missing terminal at Orlando Sanford International Airport (ICAO: KSFB)
•    Shahjalal International Airport (ICAO: VGHS) has been renamed
•    Collision pass has been performed on most of the hand-crafted airports
•    Vegetation has been tweaked around Christ the Redeemer
•    Improved LODs on Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (ICAO: CYTZ)
•    Fixed mouse click sometimes not working on external windows
•    Added a minimized HUD assistance option
•    Moved in-game news and release notes to the bottom of the main menu
•    The Marketplace is now accessible directly from a dedicated widget in the main menu
•    Allowed inputs to be mapped on key/button release
•    Community-made activities now have their own dedicated page
•    They are grouped by their mission type, which can now have any custom value
•    Added support for Tobii Eye Tracker
•    More settings/configuration will come in a later update
•    Added a new gamepad preset to complement the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet release: Gamepad (Fighter Jet)
•    Added afterburner controls to the commands list
•    Added G Limiter controls to the commands list
•    The Replay system can be activated via the devmode on PC only / Options / Experimental / Enable replay panel. More info here
•    ArtProj asset groups are now automatically converted to ModelLib upon loading a project
•    Fixed various UI issues in Project Editor
•    Expose the electrical system debug window (Windows > Behaviors > Systems > Electrical system)
•    Remove arbitrary limits for electrical component definitions
•    Added draw debug helipads
•    Extra parameters linked to the selected material code can now be edited through the Material Editor
•    Fixed corrupted node positions in graph when cloning an FX
•    Improved teleport window
•    The Output node of the Visual Effects Editor now exposes extra material parameters
•    Added debug OSM point features
•    Added top down camera
•    Added the Aircraft Thumbnail Capture tool. Allows to customise and capture aircraft thumbnails (see SDK doc)
•    “Advance Capture” button in Package Inspector has been replaced to a button which opens the Aircraft Thumbnail Capture tool
•    Fixed random crash in Material Editor when building a package
•    Fixed export to community folder
•    Fixed “Remove Package” and “Remove Asset Group” buttons in Package Editor / Inspector
•    Fixed random textures flickering in Material Editor
•    Old material files are now properly deleted upon renaming a material through the Material Editor
•    Added the selection of the default VR API used (Fake or OpenXR) in option menu
•    Fixed conflict between drone camera and developer camera. Now the two options are incompatible
•    Xbox LOD Selection Mode will be replaced by the new model LOD limits system
•    Since they are exclusive, the UI now reflects this by disabling the LOD Selection Mode box when the new model LOD limits are activated
•    Improved the export window interface in the Project editor
•    Add more data validation for invalid and out-of-bounds Color and UV data, to help avoid rendering issues such as black screen flickering during the Package tool
•    Fixed that a flight could be started even if a wasm module and/or wasm gauge weren’t loaded (more visible if a flight is restarted)
•    Fixed fspackagetool.exe not displaying console FlightSimulator’s console output
•    Added two commands:
•    -outputtoseparateconsole: allow users to have FlightSimulator output to a separate console
•    -nopause: Prevent FlightSimulator to pause at the end of the proccess
Visual Effects Editor
•    Added a constraint on the name when creating or renaming a visual effect
•    New GroundDirection node, return directions relative to the plane orientation projected on the ground. See documentation here.
•    Fixed node graph display issues after creating a new effect
•    Fixed new effect creation when there are unsaved modifications on the currently opened document. Will now display the usual confirmation popup
•    Fixed particle emission flow to get a more stable emission and particle count with high rates and velocities
•    In the Bezier Curve Editor, use ⇧ Shift + left click to add a point
•    Node graph inspector shows more user friendly names when possible for properties that can be added and removed in blocks
•    Fixed bugs & made major UX/UI improvements to the Bezier Curve
•    Allow spawning Visual Effects with no node and no contact point setup. The effect will spawn attached to the root node of the object.
•    Fixed obsolete properties shown in node graph inspector
•    New primitive type GroundRibbon will create a fixed orientation ribbon that follows the orientation of the ground
•    Added a StaticMesh node
•    Fixed the deformation shader
•    Fixed a crash when closing the editor for an effect after moving a node then deleting it
Scenery Editor
•    Added road, street light and power lines exclusion to polygons.
•    Added power line debug
•    Disable gizmo while editing heightmap
•    Fixed apron resume edition when there is a spline
•    Fixed light update when moving taxipoint
•    Fixed floating object that take too much time to be snapped
•    Fix DEM update when updating terraforming
•    Added airport checks
•    Added taxiways connectivity checks. Show hold-short orientation
•    More color for taxiparkings and taxipaths
•    Making the hide and lock by type window a subwindow instead of a popup to be able to dock it
•    Fixed floating taxipoint
•    Fixed and improved color extractor
•    Fixed gltf textures not updated automatically
Aircraft editor
•    Cylinder displacement now correctly converted to cubic inches in the AircraftEditor
3ds Max Exporter
•    Fixed typo in UI of 3ds Max material
•    Pearl parameters are now restricted to only Standard Material
•    Added SONIC_BOOM Trigger Event in MiscellaneousSounds
•    Added mach cone zone & degree RTPC in the WwiseSampleProject
Model behaviors
Improvements to the usability of the Behaviors Window
•    Addition of ParametersFn feature to model behaviors
•    Addition of Process="String" to process a parameter as a string using RPN

FS2020: Sim Update VIII (SU8)
New content
•    New marketplace interface, including a map displaying available airports with improved discoverability and a better navigation experience
•    New Private Match game mode to Reno Air Races is available via the Content Manager and allows customization of aircraft performance, number of laps, in-race assists, and time of day
•    New optional propeller simulation system with hundreds of moving surfaces covering the propeller realistically simulated has been implemented on 3 planes
•    The Cessna 152, Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, and Beechcraft King Air 350i now use the new propeller simulation system. This improves propeller effects such as p-factor as well as feathering, prop drag, etc…
•    A new spotlight event Landing Challenge is available for you to fly featuring the Citation CJ4 landing at Reno Stead Airport
General bug fixes
•    Fixed a crash on Xbox when connecting a yoke
•    Fixed a crash when signing out of the Xbox Live account while loading a flight
•    Fixed a crash in the World Map
•    Fixed a crash when using a filter combination in the marketplace
•    Fixed a rare crash for waypoints that could not be found
•    Fixed a performance drop when the default audio device was used
•    Fixed missing textures for the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and the Cessna Citation Longitude on Xbox only
•    Fixed planes with new prop system crawling backwards with brakes and full throttle
•    Minor bug fix and text updates in the Marketplace
•    The default binding for rudders with VR controllers has been changed to avoid input interferences with other devices such as HOTAS and prevent control freeze when hovering cockpit panels, menus, and glass cockpits
•    Fixed position / location of in-flight menus resetting themselves when returning to cockpit view from external view in VR
•    Fixed animation of Prop Beta on Prop with ID value under 1
•    Higher stall speed have been tweaked for the Pilatus PC-6 Porter
•    Fixed cloud save operations for FLT files
•    Several crashes have been fixed across the title
•    Ongoing performance optimization work
•    Lower GPU consumption when installing packages while the sim is booting
•    Lower GPU consumption when the main window is minimized
•    Fixed framerate drops on DirectX 11 when the player have multiple external windows
•    VOR-DME and DME are now differentiated on the world map
•    TACAN channels are now shown on the world map
•    Improved Multi-Metar visibility ingestion
•    Fix issues where live weather could take up to 5 minutes to download
•    A newly created preset on the worldmap now properly
•    loads in-game when clicking Ready To Fly
•    Fixed an issue where gusts could actually decrease wind intensity
•    Improved thickness of clouds on overcast
•    Fixed QNH altimeter in live weather
•    Fixed an issue that prevented live weather from being available at 00h00 Zulu
•    Several bug fixes and improvements on cockpit and panels interactions with VR controllers
•    Multiple throttles are controlled simultaneously with VR controllers
•    The yoke is not frozen anymore when a panel is hovered
•    Input from other peripherals are recognized while an in-flight menu is open
•    The toolbar is easier to reach with VR controllers
•    VR controllers are not detected as new device every game session
•    Default pilot camera position updated in several planes
•    Volumetric lighting effects are fixed
•    HUD is not in the middle of the field of view anymore in Reno Air Races
•    Various fixes in the game flow in Reno Air Races
•    On PC, main device output and communication device output can now be managed from the options menu
•    Added Convert from Stereo to Mono option on Xbox
•    Fixed some issues related to assistances that prevented unlocking some Achievements (including My Way)
•    Weather and flight plan save data are now part of the cloud save
•    Always save user data when closing the game on PC, including closing the window or using Alt+F4 (local profile, logbook and data usage)
•    Fixed the improper failure in the Take-off Flight Training tutorial
•    Fixed the aircraft jolting on the runway of the First Solo Navigation Flight Training tutorial
Reno Air Races
Main article: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)/Reno Air Races
•    Pilot avatar legs can be seen outside the aircraft
•    Fixed crowd sounds not playing in some situations
•    Fixed missing Crew Leader localized voiceover
•    Various art fixes on the aircraft models
•    Fixed weather radar not updating in flight
•    Better ground ice formula for ice shelves on water
•    Added ground ice debug display in wheel debug screen
•    Baro Minimums are now settable through a key
•    Radio Minimums are now settable through a key
•    When selecting half bank mode on the autopilot, a green arc displays the max bank on the atttitude indicator
•    Corrected an issue preventing the animation of joysticks in default planes
•    Corrected an issue that would cause Reference Altitude Increment/Decrement commands sent by peripherals to bypass the plane-specific logic.
•    On the Airbus A320neo this means that the plane will not immediately climb/descend to the new reference altitude
•    Made the ON & OFF Keys of the Nav & Taxi lights callable from Reverse Polish code
•    Fix scrolling mismatch between pitch scale and horizon on all Airliners' PFD
•    Fix all airliners Flight Path Vector behavior
•    Display backup on G1000 is now functional
•    Fix "Don't Sink" aural warning on GPWS equipped aircraft triggered after a touch-and-go
•    Add a Reset Tag in the panel.xml parsing
•    Fixed G1000 approach selection list not opening when one of the approaches available have no runway number in its name
•    Duplicate waypoints list is now sorted by distance on G3000
•    Fix G3X procedures popup not closed when Flight Plan window is closed
•    Active pause now effectively stopping heading indicator
•    New FLT parameters "tailwheel_lock" and "nosewheel_lock" implementation
•    Master Caution/Warning are now handled with SimVars and keys and can be exposed in SimConnect
•    Afterburner FX wasn't displayed on multiplayer aircraft
•    Afterburner can now be enabled when using a peripheral which send increment keys by releasing that key at max and then pressing it again
•    Corrected an issue that would cause the sonic boom sound to trigger in unwanted situations
•    Fixed muted AI aircraft sounds in cockpit view by using legacy or WaveData pipeline -Corrected an issue which caused external camera angles to be missing from the camera menu
•    Corrected an issue that would cause the cockpit camera to go outside the plane when using custom cameras
•    Corrected an animation issue on the inner altitude Knob of the AS1000
•    Adding cfg parameters to allow plane to reset the state of the autobrake on full stop for either RTO or autobrakes landing
•    Fix AP annunciation that was not going away on G1000 PFD after manual disengagement
•    Corrected an issue that caused the airliners to switch to a new selected altitude directly when using keybinds rather than interacting with the knob
•    Reduce delay when inserting waypoint into flight plan from instruments
•    New FLT section [Hydraulic Parameters.x.0] and parameter HydraulicPressure (value in psf) added
•    Transponder behavior fix for the AS21 instrument
•    Reverse thrust animation fixed for all affected aircraft
•    Corrected an issue which caused the camera to move incorrectly in the hangar
•    Fixed procedures page on G1000 & G3X that could not be interacted with when an approach had been selected and automatically switches to next item in the procedure page
•    Added HOLD HUD VIEW & TOGGLE HUD VIEW shortcuts to the controls list, allowing to quickly access the dedicated HUD views in relevant aircraft
•    Garmin GPS: Prevent airport icons from flickering
•    Fixed payload slider sometimes couldn't validate the change
•    Fixed passengers sounds being heard in cockpit view
•    Fixed AP warning sounds playing in unwanted situations
•    Fixed missing cockpit interaction foley sounds
•    Live traffic AI planes should now take off when applicable
•    New "wing_engine_wash" parameter allows to scale the effect of engine wash on wings
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Main article: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
•    The user can set the minimums (barometric or radio) and the audio cue "minimums" will be triggered when reaching the corresponding altitude
•    Ground speed displays only when switching speed mode to MACH
•    Corrected flaperon dropping on takeoff
•    Track line on ND is now displayed in expanded view
•    Speedbrake lever behavior correction
•    Fix RNAV approaches not displayed after a flight restart & fix autotune of ILS approach when selecting an airport as arrival without selecting any approach
•    BFMC NavRad minor label fix
•    Waypoints can be inserted into FlightPlan in LEGS page
•    The user can set the Minimums (Baro or Radio) and the audio cue "minimums" will be triggered when reaching the corresponding altitude
•    Ground speed displays only when switching speed mode to MACH
•    Corrected flaperon dropping on takeoff
•    Track line on ND is now displayed in expanded view
•    Speedbrake lever behavior correction
•    Fix RNAV approaches not displayed after a flight restart & fix autotune of ILS approach when selecting an airport as arrival without selecting any approach
•    BFMC NavRad minor label fix
•    Waypoints can be inserted into FlightPlan in LEGS page
•    AT/DISC button can now be interacted with
•    Various liveries issues fixed
•    Some holes in cockpit fixed
•    Improved wingflex on LOD 5
•    Rain effect and icing on cabin windows improved
•    Various cockpit decals/holes/buttons issues fixed
•    "Airspeed Low" warning is now amber instead of red
•    Corrected an issue which caused the emissiveness of the Master Buttons for cautions to be detected as warnings and warnings as cautions
•    Add the Flight Path Vector
•    Activate the FPV push button
•    Add Vertical Speed indicator
•    Fix horizon line HUD visible too far left/right and up/down
•    Horizon line on PFD no longer overlaps with altitude and airspeed tapes
•    MFD L/R button behavior correction
•    Added a dedicated HUD view
•    Fixed HUD layout being off screen
•    Minor typo fix CDU Arrival page
•    Minor typo fix Navigation Display
•    FMA should properly display V/S mode when AP is off
•    Autopilot now uses current airspeed when switching to FL CH
•    Autopilot HDG HOLD no longer behaves like a toggle
•    SPD mode is now activable while AP is off
•    Corrected an issue which would cause the external power switch to display the wrong emissive values
•    PFD speedbug is no longer smoothed
•    PFD chronograph can now be reset
•    Fixed displaying V1, V2 and VR when spawning in air
•    Fixed autopilot engaging speed mode when engaging vertical speed mode
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Main article: Boeing 747-8
•    The user can set the minimums (barometric or radio) and the audio cue "minimums" will be triggered when reaching the corresponding altitude
•    Ground speed displays only when switching speed mode to MACH
•    Corrected flaperon dropping on takeoff
•    Track line on ND is now displayed in expanded view
•    Speedbrake lever behavior correction
•    Fix RNAV approaches not displayed after a flight restart & fix autotune of ILS approach when selecting an airport as arrival without selecting any approach
•    BFMC NavRad minor label fix
•    Waypoints can be inserted into FlightPlan in LEGS page
•    Cabin windows icing improved
•    Some knob animation issues fixed
•    Spoilers animations fixed
•    Fixed some issues on textures/decals
•    Airframe LODs 2 and 3 improved
•    Exterior lights on LOD 5 added
•    SYS FAULT stays illuminated even if overhead lighting is set to off
•    Fixed various lights behavior
•    Fix ILS indicators on PFD to match the display of the Boeing 787-10
•    Corrected an issue that would cause some lights to light up the top of the aircraft when the landing gear was retracted
Airbus A320neo
Main article: Airbus A320neo
•    Cockpit camera collisions fixes
•    Various liveries issues fixed
•    Various minor art issues on the airframe and cockpit
•    Fixed art issue on the lateral captain panel
•    Disappearing landing light at distance fixed
•    Split the flaps-inhibit cfg parameters in an AND and an OR version, and set the aircraft to use the AND version as it should rather than the OR it is using currently
•    Add heading target bug on PFD
•    Fixed MCDU F-PLN page unable to select arrival procedure when departure and arrival airports are the same
•    FMA goes back to initial status after aborted TakeOff
•    Active waypoint should be displayed in white on ND and MCU
•    Fixed combustion sound level in idle
•    Fixed landing lights retraction
•    ND weather brightness setting knob added
•    Update the low fuel annunciations to have realistic values
•    Heading/Track knob no longer de-syncs when rotating quickly
•    Fixed panel backlight too bright
Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Main article: Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet
•    Glass HUD draw order fix and color update
•    Some holes in cockpit fixed
•    Cockpit shadows improved
•    EWR instrument aliasing with distance fixed
•    Landing lights not bright enough fixed
•    Icing added
•    HUD now display autothrottle status
•    Heading selected in HSEL mode of autopilot is now updated when moving the switch
•    Trim reset behavior corrected
•    Fuel system rework to use all tanks
•    Multiple fixes: ATC approach mode behavior, aileron trim button, auto shutdown, exterior lights and AP disconnect
Pilatus PC-6 Porter
Main article: Pilatus PC-6 Porter
•    Fixed G950 Compass
•    Fixed covered switches not moving when cover is closed
•    Fuel system valve fixed
•    Ski lever is no longer inverted
•    Attitude indicator bars separated
•    INOP markings to G950 autotrim and yawtrim added
•    G950 fuel quantity indicator fixed
•    Idle control lever set to high when flight starts on runway or airborne
•    Windshield heating added to defrost knob
•    Invisible gust lock removed from classic versions
•    Prop contact point added
•    Other changes to flight_model and minor bug fixes
•    Attempt to fix battery, generator and avionics power on when loading cold & dark
•    Classic mode:
•    Fixed Avionics switch going back to ON all the time
•    Fixed Ignition switch on when loading cold&dark
•    Fixed front wheels clipping into ground on float version
•    Improved trim instrument with 3 gauges instead of a simple version
•    Fixed thermometer on the copilot slider
•    Fixed environment occluder on the G950
•    Fixed shadow propeller-fixed camera collision
•    Additional minor art and texture fixes
Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Main article: Cessna 172 Skyhawk
•    Cockpit camera collision fixes
•    Icing windows transition with distance improved
•    Transition between LOD 4 and LOD 6 improved
•    Corrected an issue that caused the VOR2 needle not to animate properly
Pitts S-1S
Main article: Aviat Pitts Special
•    Fixed various gauges issues
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
Main article: Cessna 208 Caravan
•    Various liveries fixes
•    LOD transition in the cockpit improved
•    Airspeed indicator fixes
•    Corrected the behavior of the Deice switches
•    Yaw damper behavior added
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Main article: Beechcraft Super King Air
•    Added cabin light
•    Optimized LODs
•    Corrected an issue with the elevator trim animation
•    Correct direction of elevator trim tab
Cessna 152
Main article: Cessna 152
•    Fixed interior lights setting
•    Fixed aliasing issue in the cockpit
Cessna 152 Aerobat
Main article: Cessna 152 Aerobat
•    NAV 2 disconnected (INOP)
•    Outline on cockpit decals fixed
•    Decals moving with the ailerons fixed
•    Icing windows transition with distance improved
•    Light disappear with distance fixed
•    Correction icing for the right window
Main article: ICON A5
•    Placards and airframe model fixes
•    Livery issues fixed
•    Cockpit camera collision fixes
•    Water effect added
Cessna Citation CJ4
Main article: Cessna CitationJet
•    Airframe texture fixes
•    Optimized LODs
•    Fixed pulse lights behavior
Daher TBM 930
Main article: SOCATA TBM
•    Cockpit camera collisions improved
•    Registration number issues on some liveries fixed
•    Corrected issue which affected the usability of the flaps lever in VR
CubCrafters XCub
Main article: CubCrafters XCub
•    Cockpit camera collision fixes
•    Fix baro knob on attitude backup display
Diamond DA62
Main article: Diamond DA62
•    LOD transition of backseats improved
•    Gravity Gear Extension handle added
•    Alternate Air handle added
•    Steady white navigation lights added
•    Added navigation lights and updated strobe lights
•    Fixed avionics switch not shutting off screens
Beechcraft Bonanza G36
Main article: Beechcraft Bonanza
•    Landing light disappearing in the distance fixed
•    Registration number missing fixed
•    Fixed windmills red lights intensity
•    Fixed sun light glowing above horizon at midnight
•    Fixed hangar flickering in some occasions
•    Fixed trees wind animation
•    Various minor UI fixes
•    Better handling of non unicode gamertag in Reno and free flight. Previously, the gamertag was usually left blank in multiplayer
•    A new Tobii setting menu has been added
•    Fixed unable to save custom sensitivity settings for axes of Thrustmaster HOTAS One on Xbox
•    Fixed second hatswtich name for the Velocity one yokes
•    Fixed the Quickview assignments for the Honeycomb Alpha yoke default profile
•    Removed useless console messages about files being modified in the PackagesMetadata folder
•    Ctrl + left-click now behaves as expected in the Scenery Editor
•    Packages should not fail to build anymore if Marketplace data is not specified
•    The camera is not reset to top-down view anymore when adding new objects in the Scenery Editor
•    Fixed "leftLighted" and "centerLighted" parsing for taxipaths in scenery editor
•    Creator preview now gets back one level if needed when DevMode project changes
The size-on-screen computation for LOD selection has been made more accurate for close-up models. In practice, this means higher-resolution LODs will be switched to sooner, and LOD0 will always be displayed when the camera is inside the bounding sphere of the model
•    For glTF model texture lookups, only use the filename part of the image URI instead of the full relative path. This makes it so exporters can conform to the glTF specification without breaking texture lookups and vice-versa
•    Added new column "Total Vertex Count" which shows the sum of Static Vertex count and Skinned Vertex count in the Stat profiler. The Vertex/Max Vertex ratio column now uses this total vertex to compute the ratio
•    Added a new Hiding option in the Hiding menu, to hide objects with no active occurrence in Stat profiler
•    Fixed crash when opening a project that contains non-built packages while their installed counterpart is currently used in game
•    Removed Xbox LOD selection mode as it currently behaves identical to the PC version
Visual Effects Editor
•    Added the Rename action to the File menu
•    Automatically selecting new nodes after duplicating or copy-pasting nodes in the graph
•    BETA mode removed for the Visual Effects Editor!
•    Cloning an effect no longer replaces non-default material GUIDs in Output blocks
•    Fixed crashes when triggering an FX through the Spawner while the user's aircraft is still being loaded
•    Fixed the crash when deleting one of several Emitter blocks connected to a VisualEffect block when the effect is spawned
•    Fixed the issues on VFX that could happen after ablock has been unlinked, then linked again
•    Fixed the large & blurry FX name's display in the Spawn tab of the Template Instances/Debugger window
•    Removed trailing dashes in node/block creation list
•    Selection highlight feedback no longer mismatches the node selection after certain manipulations
•    SimObjects listed in the Spawn tab of the Template Instances/Debugger window now show a name instead of a number
•    The unit drop down menu in the SimVar node now lists all units and their various names
•    Fixed: Node deletion no longer deletes links outside of the selection
•    Node GetGroundAttribute no longer has Position child properties
Scenery Editor
•    Added a way to add projected mesh without airport
•    Added missing warning "Projected Mesh exported with scaling", same as translation and rotation
•    Added support to COM frequency
•    Improved jetway display
•    Apron: UV manipulation with gizmo
•    Control towers now keep correct hierarchy level and name upon saving and loading a Scenery file
•    Fixed a crash when deleting several taxipoints
•    Fixed a freeze when selecting the sim object list
•    Fixed color artifacts on ground for greenish grey (compress with more precision in grey)
•    Fixed light heading in light rows. Various fix for light presets
•    Fixed light rows not working on airports without runways
•    Fixed polygon based objects (Painted lines/Area, Aprons, Light row) having incorrect altitude upon loading a Scenery file
•    Fixed rectangle apron not updating properly after rotating them and undo
•    Fixed snow and cast shadow flag not applied when lods are streamed
•    Fixed undo/redo in the color extractor
•    Fixed use of control point when using Bezier Curves in the Scenery Editor
•    Fixed User Lights display
•    Improved Vasi edition
•    Locked child of control tower for more consistency and coherence
•    Made a new terraforming system available in the DevMode menu
•    Made rotation of squared apron cumulative with rotation of its texture to avoid weird jumps of rotation when changing both rotation of the apron and rotation of the texture
•    More precise rotations for runways
•    Polygons: Added exclude feature points. Fixed landuses lights not excluded
•    Quicker edition for taxiways
•    The right click popup doesn't open anymore if you have no object selected, to avoid conflict with camera mouse controls
•    Removed obsolete options (HOLD_SHORT_XXX, XXX_ORTHO, etc) from the Painted Hatched Area 'Type' property
Aircraft Editor
•    Fixed Infinite loading when using Save&Resync in the Aircraft Editor
•    Fixed transparency of debug window of aicraft editor
•    Added "Drag" and "Ground Effect" entries in the Debug menu which give access to the corresponding debug windows
3ds Max exporter
•    Restored babylon property windows in 3ds Max plugin
•    Added property to the Asobo_material_UV_options schema
•    Improved performance of MultiExporter opening, fixed UI that stay in fron of the screen
•    Added possibility to disable the motion blur on a specif object in the 3dsmax renderparam material section
•    Added ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur in the gltf schemas
•    Fixed Scattering/MipFog not applied on Glass material
•    Updated gizmocollision GLTF schema
Material Editor
•    Fixed purple textures when loading a MaterialLib asset group in the DevMode
•    Various improvements of the Material Editor UX
Project Editor
•    Fixed crash airport wizard. Fixed airport created with null altitude
•    Main & Secondary Thumbnail in Marketplace are now facultatives
•    Removed Name attribute from AssetPackage tags in Package Definition XMLs written by the Project Editor
•    Enabled AILERON and ELEVATOR event through simconnect
SimVar Watcher
Updated the simvar watcher to add the following features:
•    Add a search bar for Simvar names
•    Select default unit when a simvar is selected
•    Support string value request
•    Display only compatible units
•    Add Top Menu
•    Add a copy Value / Name / Unit when right click on a SimVar request
•    Add Icon
•    Add Remove all option in contextual menu

FS2020: Sim Update IX (SU9)
New content
•    A new Spotlight Event Landing Challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000) landing at Kingston Airport in Nevada.
•    CFD simulation is now available on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000) and can be enabled by aircraft creators.
•    New effects added to the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet.
•    Experimenting G force now triggers wingtips & wing vortex.
•    You can also discover the vapor cone as you break the sound barrier.
•    High speed and low altitude will also interact with the environment over snow, dust, and water.
General bugfixes
•    Fixed a silent crash when launching the title directly from the shortcut without having the Steam client open
•    Fixed missing legs in the Bush Trip briefing screen when the user had a save from a previous update
•    Fixed missing text for "Delete from Xbox Cloud storage"
•    Accessing the EXIT POS X/Y/Z simvars should no longer crash the title
•    Fixed Short Stuff achievement unlocking
•    Improved compilation time for WASM modules at first boot
•    Fixed font issues in the in game panels
•    Fixed mouse cursor that remained in resize mode in specific states (pausing the game for example)
•    Fixed extremity Dead Zone and Reactivity Settings not saving on Xbox
•    Fixed cursor issues in cockpit and in devmode
•    Fixed VR controllers not working when using Legacy interaction system
•    Fixed the RTC for the Robin DR400 and the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
•    Fixed the Autopilot behavior
•    Fixed Heading select
•    Several crashes have been fixed across the title
•    Ongoing performance optimization work
•    Fixed parsing of XML gauges on Xbox that prevented the correct loading of some files
•    AI aircraft will no longer get expedite requests
•    ILS can now be received when the aircraft is slightly below the antenna
•    Changed the way we handle several ILS on the same frequency (better handling of opposite runways having the same ILS frequency)
•    Fixed popcorn clouds are present over a clear sky in Live Weather
•    Reduction of clouds banding that appear at close range
•    Properly save and load cloud density from WPR files
•    Corrected error in ISA pressure formula application to weather atmosphere that was causing errors in the QNH to pressure altitude relationship, especially at high field elevations
•    Fixed issue where altitudes below sea level could report incorrect ambient pressures
•    Switched to Azure Neural Text-To-Speech technology
•    Fixed attenuation distance in cockpit for AI SimObjects using legacy wavedata pipeline
•    It's now possible to delete flight files from the cloud storage
•    Fixed extra flight saved after landing at an airport after 'continue'
•    Fixed "Look Ma, No Hands!" achievement
•    DoubleHorizontalGauge and DoubFixed values shown in the Fuel in-sim panel when setting one of the sliders to 0%
•    leVerticalGauge can now receive valuePrecision tag from panel.xml
•    Fixed ice continues to accumulate on aircraft's windshield after Icing Effect is set to Off
•    Fixed an issue that caused text to render incorrectly with certain fonts
•    Added an optional settings to camera.cfg files allowing to change the distance between the external camera and the plane
•    Added capability to send multiple arguments to JS views (with H events) from the xml
•    Added Subtract keyword support (typo) in panel.xml parsing
•    Rename cameras NodeToHide parameter with better naming : VarToggle
•    On a turbine engine, you can now adjust the maximum rate at which N2 progress (below low_idle_n2)
•    Fixed empty CG Position does not reset to default when reset button is pressed in the weight and balance menu
•    Corrected an issue that prevented a tooltip from showing on the light controls of floaters plane
•    Corrected an issue that caused the windshield icing to be unaffected by the icing options
•    Changed FuelSystem Tank level SimVars to be settable
•    Corrected an issue which would sometimes cause the fuel & payload page to incorrectly calculate the fuel load of some tanks
•    Added missing inputs for NAV3 & NAV4 to match their NAV1 & NAV2 counterparts
•    Added new parameters for better control of the new propeller simulation
•    Improved the debug information for the new propeller simulation
•    New debug feature for easier debug & adjustment of aircraft stall behaviors
•    Improved debug information for debug & adjustment of aircraft moment of inertia
•    Fixed problem with FLCH and planes that are using the new propeller system
•    Improved aircraft force debug visualization to visualize soft body fuselage rigidity simulation
•    Added new simulation of fuselage rigidity impact on aerodynamics (soft body simulation)
•    Improved information on Debug Aircraft Engines debug window and fixed an issue with some data on fixed beta aircraft
•    Change overspeed limit based on the reference speed above Mach 2.5: max speed is considered as EAS and not IAS (only above Mach 2.5)
•    Corrected QNH formula application to align with atmosphere ISA fixes
Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Main article: McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
•    Course steering arrow has now the correct shape
•    Connect Auto Sequential Steering to Autopilot
•    Added Auto Sequential Steering feature
•    Added display Tacan information and bearing on external HUD
•    Changed external HUD Angle Of Attack Indicator to support Navy Indicator
•    CRS and HDG/TRK switch will accelerate when hold
•    Fixed clicks triggered when right click on mouse with pad plugged
•    Fixed Waypoints and sequences management system
•    Added Course Selection
•    Display Nose Wheel Steering modes on HUD
•    Lower max HUD brightness to avoid blurred fonts
•    Improved the Aural Warnings
•    Improved to allow you to insert a waypoint in a sequence without entering its LatLong
•    Improved external HUD by displaying the airspeed in Mach
•    Improved by ensuring that it does not have access to the Radio Altitude at high bank angles
•    Adjusted Mach and drag coefficient to match real max speed at sea level
•    Corrected an issue with the afterburner not properly getting disabled when the throttle is set below it's range through its InputEvent
•    Corrected the behavior of the flaps while on the ground
•    Corrected an AP conflict when attempting to hold an altitude with the autothrottle active on some plane
•    Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause the plane to spawn with invalid throttle position
•    Added an Axis key to control the Nosewheel steering
•    Added the NAV3/NAV4 version of the keys that were missing them
•    Corrected an issue that would cause the Magneto's Tooltip to always show the values of Engine 1
•    Corrected an issue that inverted the bank of the F18's Standby Attitude Indicator
•    Corrected an issue that caused the AOA Indicator of the F18 to stay enabled with gears raised
•    Prevented a fixed view to clip through the plane
•    Fixed folded wings aerodynamics
•    Afterburner power ratio improved to match acceleration time at all altitudes
•    Corrected an issue that would cause the F18's Autothrottle to disable when pressing the flaps up key while already at the up position
•    Fixed issue with HUD pitch ladder moving when rudder is applied
•    Fixed the wheels contact points
•    Fixed decals on the left and right panel who had bad naming
•    Fixed the HMD color glass
•    Update seatbelt texture
•    Fixed a fuel system issue
•    Tweaked wingtip vortices
•    Vapor cone effect should now trigger when reaching mach 1, below 30°C and below 15000 ft
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Main article: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
•    Corrected an issue with the STD button which has a behavior inconsistent with the mins button
•    Fixed minor display issue with CDU Approach REF page highlight
•    Fixed error in CDU FlightPlanning flow which prevented user from choosing a STAR
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Main article: Boeing 747-8
•    Corrected an issue that caused the aircraft to spawn with the AP disabled when spawning in flight
•    Corrected an issue that prevented the steering wheel from being moveable while the plane is not moving
•    Fixed FMA initial state
•    Fixed TO/GA button effect on A/T
•    Fixed wrong flaps position animation
Airbus A320neo
Main article: Airbus A320neo
•    Corrected an issue that caused the Alpha Protection to be unable to trigger the TOGA
•    Corrected an issue that caused the AP maximum altitude to be too high
Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)
Main article: Cessna 172 Skyhawk
•    Ported to new propeller system
•    CFD simulation now used for this aircraft
•    Adjusted engine wash on roll to have the left turn tendancy experienced in real flight
•    Corrected flaps section on the ski version
•    Added assymetric trim tab values to match real aircraft trim deflection
•    Updated flight model to match real recorded data behavior
•    Added fuselage rigidity soft body simulation
•    Propeller windmilling stop and start airspeed adjusted
•    Max throttle propeller rpm on ground adjusted
•    Max climb speed vertical speed adjusted
•    Reduced propeller MOI to adjust propeller rpm change speed
•    Adjusted aircraft MOI to adjust engine and propeller effects
•    Adjusted take off elevator trim to adjust auto rotation speed
•    Adjusted soft body simulation body rigidity to adjust aircraft responsiveness
•    Adjusted aircraft drag to adjust for engine and propeller changes and match POH speeds
•    Adjusted engine orientation to adjust engine effects
•    Adjusted neutral rudder angle for compensation of P-Factor at cruise speed which increases the effects of P-Factor at climb
•    New CFD parameters added to cfg file for CFD tweaking and finetuning
•    New wing_virtualdihedral parameter allows to adjust the virtual dihedral
•    Reduced virtual dihedral from 5° to 1° to improve stall symmetry and reduce the dihedral countering the p-factor
•    Adjusted roll PID of the autopilot to better deal with turbulences
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
Main article: Cessna 208 Caravan
•    Corrected the behavior of the 208B's DeIce system
Beechcraft King Air 350i
Main article: Beechcraft Super King Air
•    Corrected an issue that prevented the YD/AP button from properly disconnecting the Yaw Damper
Cessna Citation CJ4
Main article: Cessna CitationJet
•    Plugged in Standby Attitude Display Switch
•    Corrected a number of small bugs on the behavior of the switches
•    Zoom button below the left MFD rotates on the right axis upon interaction
Daher TBM 930
Main article: SOCATA TBM
•    Improvement on TBM throttle feather animation
Main article: Volocopter VoloCity
•    Corrected an issue with the behavior of the VoloCity's Attitude Hold button
Diamond DA40 NG
Main article: Diamond DA40
•    Navigation lights added
•    Camera no longer crosses the seats in cockpit view
•    No more textures or flickering when Frost is activated (inside and outside)
•    Holes in the cockpit around the doors and windows have been fixed
Cirrus SR22
Main article: Cirrus SR22
•    Navigation lights has been added on the wings
•    Flickering on the screens of instruments when camera is far from the plane has been fixed
•    New vegetation debug tool for trees & vegetation with drawing distances
•    Added new Asobo office in Bordeaux, France
•    Improved some tiling / cut issues in existing manually edited water masks
•    Fixed the transition for the water on the coastlines on specific edge cases
•    Fixed various elevation data issues across the world
•    Various minor UI fixes
•    Ingame Panels will no longer be distorted when changing screen ratio
•    Wishlist items are now sorted based on the date they were added in the Marketplace
•    The marketplace wasn't showing generic purchase and download pipelines error anymore
•    See all rating filter added to the rating filters
•    On the marketplace, an item's required space is now displayed before downloading it
•    Tobii Head Tracking Sensitivity: Pitch/Yaw, Head Tracking Sensitivity: Roll, Head Tracking Sensitivity: Position not saved properly
•    Eye tracking reset is remappable
•    Extremity Dead zone and reactivity settings are now properly saved
•    Corrected an issue which prevented the "Toggle Freelook" button from working while in freelook
•    Cursor inputs can now be remapped
•    Inverted Flaps & Spoiler axis for the Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Throttle Quadrant default profile
•    Added a new axis type input for nose wheel steering
•    Xbox Live invitations for private reno lobby are now working
•    Fixed a rare bug when player could be stuck in a group without the possibility to leave it
•    Making all devmode windows resizable from all edges with mouse
•    Devmode: add more console information for the screenshot tool
•    SDK: enable model merging and model attaching feature
•    Deactivate all lights on Resync to avoid inconsistent light behaviour
•    Teleport window: add the ability to look for an airport name
•    Aircraft Capture Tool: Fix aircraft moving when using "SimState" option
•    SDK: Added a new aircraft sample to show how to create and use custom RTC animations
•    Aircraft Capture Tool & SDK Screenshot buttons: Added console logs when screenshots fail
•    Aircraft Capture Tool: Fix wrong size & extension for aircraft thumbnail when using Marketplace editor "Capture aircraft thumbnail" button
•    Fixed output path for SimObjects when creating a new package
•    The Error/Warning/Message buttons in the console now remain functional even when the console is spammed
•    The Aircraft Selector now shows invalid aircraft as greyed out
•    Fixed the Delete button in the Material Inspector
•    Fixed ClientID/SendID issues in SimConnect server (clients won't receive exceptions triggered for other clients anymore)
•    The FX Templates/Instances Debugger now shows more meaningful information
•    The Aircraft Editor now includes the "Debug CFD" and "Debug Stall" options
•    Renamed some Visual Effects for easier debugging (GUIDs unchanged)
•    Added colors to error messages in CMD console output
•    Fixed console message search clear making the message disappear, now will auto scroll to the selected message after search clear
•    Fixed messages not appearing in console if they were the same but at different timestamps
Visual Effects Editor
•    Fixed GravityVectorNode not taking input scale into account
•    Fixed node creation menu accessible with no document opened
•    Node creation menu is divided into categories, has a search filter and alphabetical ordering
•    New SetScale node
•    New ParticleVelocityRotationAxis & ParticleVelocityRotationRate attributes
•    Moved color1 and color2 of static mesh to set/ childproperty
•    Exposed colors used with the material code "Afterburner" into the static mesh block of the VFX graph
•    Fixed calculation of effects bounding box to avoid incorrect culling
•    Fixed scenery cache refresh when building a package from the DevMode
•    Fixed misleading warnings upon building MarketplaceData for a package
•    Fixed crash upon closing the game while a WASM module is being compiled
•    Fixed potential crashes when a package contains illegal files in its AirportServices folder
•    Added GPS GSI SCALING and GPS CDI SCALING writable vars to control the full- scale deflection of HSI CDI NEEDLE and HSI GSI NEEDLE when in GPS mode
•    Added write ability for GPS VERTICAL ANGLE, GPS VERTICAL ANGLE ERROR, and GPS VERTICAL ERROR, which can be used while in GPS OVERRIDDEN to control HSI GSI NEEDLE
•    Added GPS HAS GLIDEPATH writable var which can be used while in GPS OVERRIDDEN to control HSI GSI NEEDLE VALID when in GPS mode
•    Fixed issue where writing GPS WP PREV ID and GPS WP NEXT ID would truncate last character
•    AUTOPILOT VERTICAL HOLD VAR will no longer automatically change signs when the selected altitude moves from above the plane to below while in AUTOPILOT AVIONICS MANAGED
•    Set FUEL TANK QUANTITY now converts unit to gallons
•    RequestFacilitiesList now returns the entire list of facilities
•    Added RNAV_ENABLED option to CDI template, which allows the CDI template to instead source from HSI CDI NEEDLE, HSI CDI NEEDLE VALID, HSI GSI NEEDLE, and HSI GSI NEEDLE VALID
•    Added second parameter (bool) to SET_NEAREST_INTERSECTION_FILTER which controls whether or not terminal intersections should be returned by the nearest search session
Scenery editor
•    The "Object type" selection box from the Object window is now sorted alphabetically
•    Fixed camera resetting its position when adding a new object to the scene
•    Fixed one- click placing preview for projected meshes and control towers
•    Removed profile editor in Light support properties. Replaced it by two drag float values for start and end points altitudes
•    Fix Polygons not saving their hierarchy information properly
•    Fixed incorrect hierarchy when loading a project with the "load this QMID scenery" button
•    New keyboard shortcuts for the scenery editor
•    Fixed runway n°36 having wrong display name "Runway 0"
•    Now the buttons under the Scenery list ("duplicate", "delete", etc) are always visible and only greyed out when not usable
•    Added "Target group" as an option of the "Move to" submenu of the right- click menu
•    Fixed crash when trying to import an airport using the importer from APX
•    Fixed Hide/Unhide not working for projected meshes
•    Fixed light support not working when there is no runway
•    Better display for runway marking option. Display invalid field in red in airport properties
•    Fixed orientation of the debug arrow for hold shorts
•    Fixed freeze when setting a big length for runways
•    Fixed "apply flatten" that doesn't update the ground geometry
•    Fixed jetways linking
•    Fixed crash when placing an ortho painted line
•    Fixed crash when removing point during polygon creation
•    Fixed bug when clearing material field
•    Added "use low resolution altitude"
•    Added VectorPlacement: allow to generate line of objects
•    Fixed crash when one click placing parking gate
Aircraft editor
•    Fixed min/max_design_mp expressed in the wrong unit
•    Fixed typo and removed Pos Apex Long as it is not used in the Sim
Project editor
•    Fixed empty package name when failing to clean a project while it's being used
•    Simulation now stays on pause after loading a project
•    Fixed cpu hang when building aircraft package
•    Create Wasm Debug Window which displays information about wasm module, gauges
•    Custom Key Events are now well received by event_handler function

Sim Update X (SU10) Beta
•    Various improvements have been worked on for DX12 around stability, performance and memory usage while we keep working on the feature. KNOWN ISSUE: graphic artifacts prevent you from enjoying the game in VR with DX12 enabled at the moment. We’re investigating this issue. (Forum Thread) 419  
•    You can now add secondary windows on the left and right sides of your main window, to enlarge your field of view, especially when you use several monitors. This option can be triggered via the Experimental option menu in game. (Forum Thread) 683  
•    Nvidia DLSS is now available as an anti-aliasing and upscaling option on PC. (Forum Thread 1 927 and 2 269)  
•    We implemented a new cloud layer system that will provide more vertical precision at low altitudes to better reflect the various cloud altitudes and thickness close to the ground.  
•    We fixed several systems related to the bush trip activities including save system improvements (cross platform/cloud save + autosave from last waypoint/poi), overall progression system improvements and making sure we refuel after each leg completion. (Forum Thread 1 35, 2 21, 3 25)  
•    The VFR map has been updated to include a number of new quality-of-life features thanks to Working Title, as well as add compatibility for the G1000 NXi external flight plan system.  
•    The G1000 NXi is now the default G1000 in the simulator! This brings a number of features to the G1000, taking it close to the real NXi unit, including: VNAV, procedure turns, holds, arc legs, visual approaches, accurate autopilot/modes, full RNAV, and much, much more. (Forum Thread) 276  
•    New key mapping options are now available for the taxi and navigation ribbon visual assistances and the display of multiplayer nameplates. (Forum Thread 1 76, 2 44)  
•    All in game moving boats now have a wake effect on PC. Note that not all boats are moving in the world. (Forum Thread) 54  
•    Low power mode is now available for PC users via the Experimental option menu in game. While in the menu, this option now displays a blurred image instead of the hangar in the background. Other options and behaviors are available to reduce the sim’s power consumption: you can enable VSync, framerate is limited to 20FPS when you minimize the window, and it’s divided by 2 when you launch a download. (Forum Thread) 59  
•    The encryption of cfg files for premium and deluxe planes as been removed so the behaviour of those aircraft can be modded. (Forum Thread) 172  
•    A new Spotlight Event landing challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the Cessna Citation CJ4 landing at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. Due to the low cloud cover, this challenge requires the use of ILS in order to successfully land.
•    A new package ordering system is also available on PC via the Experimental option menu in game.
•    We now have an in-game survey link on PC that will help us collect feedback.
Important G1000 NXi Beta Notes: A new update is available in the Marketplace for Sim Update 10 Beta testers for the G1000 NXi.
It is no longer necessary to uninstall the Marketplace package in order to test the Sim Update 10 G1000 NXi. The Marketplace G1000 NXi version (0.14.0) will now allow you to use the SU10 G1000 NXi in third party planes that have not yet modified their planes to point to the SU10 NXi. Please install this update if you wish to use the SU10 NXi in third party planes prior to updates to those planes from third party developers.
WASM support on Xbox is not available in this build.
•    Several crashes have been fixed across the title (Ex. Thread 203)  
•    Ongoing performance optimization work including fixes for several memory leaks
•    Fixed a performance drop when more than 4 World update photogrammetry packages are installed  
•    Faster loading sequence after the Press any button screen
•    Fixed a bug where Javascript WebSockets were not closed and released properly when connection failed
•    New essential package update flow introduced on Xbox: to reduce risks of crashes, update will now occur during the boot process
•    Fixed potential performance issue over time caused by lights on some 3rd party planes
•    Fixed intense write operation that occurs during initial flight on Steam as the cloud save system was making too many requests (Forum Thread) 25  
•    Fixed ATIS reporting wind speeds in Feet per Seconds instead of Knots (Forum Thread) 27  
•    Simvar ON ANY RUNWAY will now work even without following ATC procedures
•    Flight Planner will now try to keep the procedures transitions when loading an external flight plan (Forum Thread) 86  
•    Added interpolation out of METAR data when getting away from the METAR data (distance, altitude or time) (Forum Thread) 116  
•    Added gusts to live weather: Added data pipeline between live weather (meteo blue & metar) and sim for gust data so that the sim features real world gusts in live weather (Forum Thread) 87  
•    Added additional dynamic pressure and air density debug data
•    Increased density calculation extreme temperature limits by 10% to allow extreme temperatures at altitude to generate correct densitie values
•    Per feedback, turbulences & drafts have been reduced by 90% at 0kts wind speed and 50% at 1kts wind speed (no change above 3kts wind speed). Turbulences and drafts have also been reduced by 50% at high altitudes
•    Various fixes and improvements on the weather panel (Forum Thread) 111  
•    Fixed potential issues during replay (glitches)
•    Fixed loading FLT files from the cloud storage (Forum Link) 26  
•    Fixed countdown remaining on screen when animations are disabled in low altitude activities (Maverick) (Forum Thread) 5  
•    Fixed some statistics not updating
•    Added a navaid ident search bar to pull up navaid and airport data
•    Added ability to click on navaids and airports to pull up navaid and airport data
•    Accessing navaid and airport data will now open a pane with the following details:
o    Intersection: Ident and location
o    NDB: Ident, location, name, and frequency
o    VOR: Ident, location, name, frequency, and magnetic variation
o    Airport: Ident, name, region, location, runways with surface type and length, available COM frequencies, available ILS frequencies, METAR
•    Camera auto exposure now adapt to a reduced area in the center of the screen in VR. This avoids too dark cockpit instruments when looking at them, or over brighten exterior when looking through the window  
•    AI Antistall no longer cuts the engine
•    Planes will now only save in the FLT LocalVars that have been modified since loading the plane. The Behaviors debug window can also now toggle between showing all LocalVars or only those that have been modified since loading the plane
•    Added Simvars the following simvars to read cfg parameters : SIMVAR_MAX_EGT, SIMVAR_RECIP_MAX_CHT,SIMVAR_MAX_OIL_TEMPERATURESIMVAR_TURB_MAX_ITT
•    Corrected an issue that would sometime cause the FBW to be enabled by mistake at the start of some missions
•    Fixed contrails no longer visible on multiplayer planes
•    Fix ANTI_ICE_GRADUAL_SET key event to set value on all controlled engines
•    Animation Position can now be used in the sound.xml file to trigger sounds and for RTPCs
•    Corrected an issue that could cause a crash when a Fuel System was designed with a pump not having a correct line
•    Added the PropellerPct parameter to the SimVarForSpawningInTheAir FLT parameters
•    Corrected an issue that could cause the Yoke to still be interactive when hidden in VR (Forum Thread) 4  
•    Adding the missing FLT Parameters to set the value of Nav 3 & 4
•    Corrected an issue that cause fuel pressure to be incorrectly reduced by junction. Also added a versioning system to the fuel system which should ensure the behavior of planes does not change unless their Version number is changed in their cfg.
•    Changde airliners Weather Radar beam angle to be 180°
•    Fixed OBS leg not displayed when direct to an airport
•    Added VR support for Vcockpit rendered on screen
•    Fixed missing cockpit interaction foleys
•    Fixed support for negative flaps drag including the CTSL
•    Change cursor management with GUI and ModelBehavior to fix the cursor disappearance after hovering a devmode GUI
•    Added a new section in cameras.cfg to configure the new camera ray collision system. This system is to be able to identify when the camera ray is intersecting with configured nodes (see SDK for more info)
•    Autopilot should no longer flyback when activating approach (Forum Thread) 97  
•    Improve GNS 430 & 530 navaid selection
•    Improved parameters of existing cockpit camera physics so that the vertical camera shake at touchdown is more important
•    Reduced ground effect on all 3 airliners from 25% to 10%
•    Added a new parameter itt_maxcorrection to allow adjusting the maximum rate of change of the turbine itt and achieve faster itt changes when the itt_tc is high
•    Added a new parameter to control the collision between the CFD and the ground and adjust the CFD generated ground effect
•    Cleanup of glide slope code. Harmonized upped and lower bounds of glide slope correction to integral accumulation to avoid overflow & overshooting and make tuning easier. Added glide slope error smoothing to avoid PID bounces on turbulences
•    Debug AP now displays glideslope PID
•    Added new parameters to [FLIGHT_TUNING] section to control the static friction at high speeds and set how sticky the wheels should behave when rolling at higher speeds. These parameters are not used yet on any aircraft
•    Max thrust limiter now has a TC and needs 5s to go from 100% to 0% when throttle is reduced. Bug 3748756 Fixes jet engine sound at full throttle stops too abruptly when quickly reducing power
•    Fixed increasing/decreasing the whole nav frequency carry the decimal part
•    Corrected an issue that would make the VNAV button of some glass cockpits not update its state when another VNAV button was pressed
•    Fixed a bug where the Weight and Balance would be set to about a quarter of the chosen value when using Hybrid/Metric system
G1000 NXi Changelog (from current Marketplace version):
Feature additions:
•    Added weather radar to aircraft with it enabled (Forum Thread) 174  
•    Added radio altimeter to aircraft with it enabled
•    Added RA mins option to aircraft with radio altimeter
•    Added back-course support to autopilot
•    Added the current remaining active leg distance to the FPL page for the active leg
•    Added ability to edit all flight plan altitude restrictions and not just arrival/approach procedures
•    Added support for handling NAV/COM Volume knobs
•    Added support for slew mode; instrument will pause when in slew to prevent crazy flight path drawings or erroneous advancing of legs
•    Adds support for VNAV guidance to an airport when no approach is selected (allowing users to use VNAV with VFR flights)
Bug fixes:
•    Improved calculation of intercept legs
•    Improved rendering performance of airspace boundaries
•    Adjusted max bank angle for some aircraft
•    Added LNAV vector turn anticipation to eliminate oversteer, particularly when exiting a turn
•    The Garmin traffic map range layer will now always display ranges in nautical miles
•    Fixed flight director not turning off in C208
•    Fixed bug where OBS would not work on a flight plan with only origin or destination
•    Fixed missing TOD/BOD markers on map
•    Fixed bug where TAS/TIS did not initialize to operating mode if starting flight in air
•    Fixed bug where default Bravo bindings would not change the selected altitude on KAP140 equipped G1000 aircraft
•    Fixed bug with path rearming due to changes in LNAV sequencing
•    Fixed bug where GS/GP activation would not fully deactivate vnav
•    Fixed bug where loading a visual approach would add a disco leg to the flight plan
•    Fixed bug causing ‘VNAV UNAVAILABLE’ message to show after the FAF
•    Fixed truncation of frequency transfer when using 8.33kHz spacing
•    Fixed slow response of AP pitch control to pitch inc/dec button events
•    Fixed incomplete CDI tooltips
•    Fixed missing NEXRAD on HSI map
•    Fixed bug where map range compass layer could be missing heading labels after a map resize
•    Fixed broken on-screen keyboard interaction on Xbox
•    Fixed issue where adding duplicate legs after an intercept leg could cause the flight path to move incorrectly
•    Removed screen flash upon entering or exiting reversionary mode based on real unit reference
•    Fixed issue where Engine page softkeys could be missing or become stuck when entering or exiting reversionary mode on the PFD
•    Fixed bugs with BackCourse and Approach tooltips/hardware indications
•    Fixed bug with the visual approach preview not showing the STRGHT and FINAL legs
•    Fixed bug where the pitch ref would decrease while executing unrelated autopilot commands
•    Fixed bug where VNAV would sometimes not re-arm on level legs
F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
•    HMD has been added
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
•    Corrected an issue that caused the flight officer’s Baro Knob to not make any sound when rotated
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
•    RTO does not disable after a full stop on runway anymore
•    Altitude callout now take landing gear in account
Airbus A320neo
•    Corrected an issue that caused Autobrake not to properly disable after the gears are raised
•    TRK mode is no longer changing map North reference
•    Change handling of JS waypoint in FlightPlanManager to avoid function call on null objects that were causing freezes on Constraints mode and VFR map
•    CDU STAR selection now defaults to NO TRANS
•    Fixed TCAS Icons not displaying correctly
Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000
•    Adjusted new ground collision parameters to improve ground handling in cross wind and at high speeds
•    Added new parameters to [FLIGHT_TUNING] section to control if and at what speeds the crosswind effect is cancelled out on ground. Removed all crosswind cancellation on the aircraft
•    Trimmed rudder 1° more to the right to fix left rolling tendency of aircraft during cruise
•    CDIs in the Classic version are now fully independant to display GPS or VLOC source
•    Corrected the Default AP Pitch Mode
•    Toe brakes now animate when brakes are applied
•    Corrected an issue that would prevent the validation of a checklist step relating to the Standby Battery state
•    Fixed issues with NAV, VLOC, and GPS indicators on CDI lighting in incorrect conditions: indicators and flags should now match corresponding GNS CDI state
•    Correction landing light angle
•    Airframe paintings and textures improved. Some paintings was missing
•    Some Wear and Tear added in the cockpit
•    Correction Light position airframe
•    Better cockpit lighting
Beechcraft King Air 350i
•    Fixed glideslope PID for better glideslope following
•    Ground Power can now visually connect (Forum Thread) 24  
•    Added the Ground/Fine Throttle section to ensure the plane can be setup to not move without parking brake
Daher TBM 930
•    Fixed glideslope PID for better glideslope following
•    Panel light knob does knot change screens brightness anymore
Cessna Citation Longitude
•    Corrected an issue that caused the taxi light not to work when starting in apron (Forum Thread) 6  
•    Changed display logic of reverse transition title on EICAS display to remove flickering of the title during transition
Cub Crafter X Cub
•    Added AP disconnect button
•    The touch back button of the Aera doesn’t hold the Gamepad cursor anymore
Beechcraft Bonanza G36
•    A part of the landing gear was not animated and was clipping with the fuselage (Forum Link) 10  
Robin DR400/100 Cadet
•    Toe brakes now animate when brakes are applied
Aviat Pitts Special S2S
•    Fixed radio knob sound not emitted
•    Adjusted new ground collision parameters to improve ground handling in cross wind and at high speeds
•    Fixed fuel tank selector
•    Removed trees before runway 25R at EDDF (Forum Thread) 96  
•    Several small airport improvements
•    General Marketplace Debug
•    Fixed an issue where the cursor would act as in panel movement mode in the pause menu
•    Fixed deported VFR Map widget on a lateral screen couldn’t zoom
•    Create an “Experimental” tab for experimental features - available only on PC
•    Change framerate option description to better explain what the option actually does when the screen refresh rate is different than 60Hz
•    Added options to customize subtitles
•    Various improvements to Screen Narration throughout the menus, installation, onboarding, cockpit instruments and notifications during flight. For further details, see www.flightsimulator.com/accessibility 23
•    Added a Remove Friend option in game (Forum Thread) 7  
•    Fixed issues with keyboard secondary binding. (Forum Thead 1 13, 2 24)  
•    Fixed action trigged when hatswitch is used on a combination with a button
•    Added a new “Short Keyboard” preset, aimed to support 60% keyboards
•    Added the LED and SIP support for the TurtleBeach Velocity One on Xbox
•    Depth Reprojection Option added to get smoother experience
•    Adding a world scale perception option slider in the VR graphics settings (Forum Thread) 163  
•    Frustum Culling support for canted displays (Forum Thread) 77  
•    Fixed In-game panel size (Forum Thread) 86  
•    Added support for 3DSMax 2023 in glTF exporter
•    Added a sample for custom RTC animations
•    Added support for Visual Studio 2022 in MSFS Platform Toolset
•    NEW FEATURE: Smart Docking System is available! The game is embedded in an ImGui window while using devmode. Default layouts for each editor will soon be made available.
•    NanoVG is now the default rendering method (instead of GDI) for XML gauges on PC (still can be changed in devmode Options->Use NanoVG for XML Gauges)
•    Clarified asset group Type field by renaming it to Asset Group Type
•    Fixed console group filter UI elements overlapping with other elements
•    WasmDebugWindow now shows dll full path instead of CRC
•    Debug draws (e.g. “Display FPS”) now renders on top of ImGui
•    Improved teleport window and added camcode
•    Added Debug road vehicles
•    Added a warning when a polygon has an invalid shape and it failed to subdivise it in the BGL compiler
•    Teleport window: fixed teleport to EHAM
•    Improved developer camera (orbit around target)
•    Fixed rare crash when parsing ModelBehavior XML
•    New window transparency option in Devmode->Manage Windows menu
•    Reworked windows opacity system to make it more consistent
•    Fixed no inputs after exiting devmode while scenery editor is opened
•    Making the launch alert popup display only when loading is over
•    Fix Icao selector not closing when clicking Cancel
•    Saving settings upon checking/unchecking the “Don’t show again” checkbox
•    Marketplace Data scrollers and sliders are now limited to 15 media (images) each
•    Marketplace Data backgrounds are now limited to 5 media (images) each
•    Fixed ellipse rendering issue when using NanoVG or GDI+ over NanoVG
•    Default aircraft project now includes a thumbnail with correct dimensions
•    Removed ContentInfo and MarketplaceData from the available types when creating a new Asset Group
•    Fixed the Project Editor “Save As” option
•    Fixed super cells positioning when creating Weather Preset in SDK
•    Fixed occasional crashes when deleting materials through the Material Editor
•    Making the console dockable while using the devmode, and also make it respect devmode windows opacity setting
•    Fixed invalid warning messages about alpha values for invisible collision materials
•    Removed Camera Editor tool. Camera are now to be edited with the Aircraft Editor
•    Display message groups names when hovered in the console
•    Rework the way scenery packages are ordered, the content.xml will no longer store the list of all packages. It will now allow to set priorities to some packages. The user can edit these priorities via a new tool available in experimental menu
•    Fix screenshot tools soft-locking the game when an HDR screen was connected & HDR was activated inside the OS
•    Fixed crash upon closing an ImGui window from Windows taskbar
•    Fixed reloading of libraries in Material Manager
•    Improvement of the rendering of XML Gauges when using NanoVG:
o    Image mask now works as they should
o    Elliptical drawings (arcs and pies) fixed
o    String formatting is supported (\t, {md}, {lsp}, etc)
o    String overall rendering improved to better match GDI rendering
Visual Effects Editor
•    Properties of the GraphParameter node have shorter names in the graph
•    Fixed a crash when opening an effect in the editor after deleting another effect
•    UX improvements to editor popups (Create, Clone, Rename and Delete effect): Enter and Escape keys can be used to cancel/validate the popups and text fields automatically grab focus
•    Fixed SetScale node always displaying unknown input type
•    Fixed GetParticleAttribute & GetGroundAttribute & Color nodes not displaying the right output type
•    Plugging a graph to an effect wide property no longer causes static invalid values to be cached for particle specific computations (see Strange VFX problem in SU8 - MSFS DevSupport 2)
•    Fixed double vertical scroll bar in the SimVar units drop-down menu
•    Material Diffuse & Emissive colors are now available on the particle Output block. They replace AfterBurnerColor1 & 2 for the StaticMesh block
•    Properties related to specific material codes are hidden when the material used does not match
•    Fixed occasional glitches in ribbon-based FXs rendering
•    Fixed a crash when plugging a graph using a GetInstanceAttribute node into a StaticMesh block input
•    Added SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition to build a facilityDataDefinition and SimConnect_RequestFacilityData to request it
•    SimConnnect_Close now cleans events, unbound inputs…
•    SIMCONNECT_STATE_OFF now disables event
•    SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_FLAGS can now be removed
•    Added SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent_EX1 function which can trigger Key_Event with multiple arguments
•    VR: headset view now recentered when writing 1 to CAMERA_REQUEST_ACTION simvar
•    Fixed issue where NAV GSI NEEDLE would report lateral instead of vertical deviation when in GPS DRIVES NAV1
•    Fixed issue with VOR/NDB name not being returned from facility lookup
•    Added SET_NEAREST_EXTENDED_AIRPORT_FILTERS call to enable ability to filter airports by surface type, runway length, approach type, and towered/untowered
•    Terrain and weather map APIs updated to match new WASM map APIs, including extended color definitions and breakpoints
Scenery editor
•    Airports now correctly update after hiding them
•    When unhiding an object, it now unhides its parents as well
•    Made the Hide/Lock by type window sorted alphabetically
•    Object list and filter by type list are now sorted alphabetically
•    Added a cylinder to visualize control tower positions + allow pickup for towers without scenery
•    Link runways and runway-taxipaths automatically
•    Only one gate type and ramp type for taxi parkings
•    Easily use default sceneries for jetways
•    Fixed snap on ground for control tower without scenery
•    Fixed carparks can be moved in the air
•    Fixed custom display name for vectorplacement produce corrupted xml
•    Added “adjust scaling along path” for vector placement
•    Fixed mesh heading in light rows
•    Fixed conflict between polygons and aprons for vegetation exclusion
•    Added default taxi edge and taxi center light for light rows
•    Fixed car parking update
•    Taxi sign: Reduce emissive by 50%
•    Added “exclude projected mesh” to exclusion rectangles
•    Removed taxisigns exclusion from exclusion rectangles
•    Rename deleteAllBlastFences to deleteAllVectorPlacement
•    Fixed vegetation update after loading a package that contain a materialLib or biome files
•    Fixed framerate drop due to offline air traffic
•    Added spacing parameter for PAPI
•    SimObjects can now be hidden
•    Fixed airport not loading when an independent projected mesh is close
•    Fixed Sim Objects not taking their given scale into account
•    Fixed inconsistent update of airport upon hiding/unhiding objects
•    Hiding/Locking jetways and taxiway parkings now applies the same operation on their children
•    Scenery objects (scenery/simobjects/worldscripts/fx/etc) that are children of a projected mesh/control tower/jetway are now ignored by the filter by type and the hide/lock by type options to avoid confusion with other scenery objects
•    Improved filter by type and search filter consistency with recursive hierarchy
•    Remove irrelevant “Draw before” option from independent projected meshes
•    Fixed runway length edition that doesn’t move runway starts
•    Fixed runway warning “heading mismatch”
•    Fixed undo/redo apron flip UV
•    Improved undo/redo command
•    Added ability to create a path between parking and a taxi point
•    Fixed vector placement elevation
•    Fixed POI landmark that are moved when going back to main menu
•    FX object are deprecated, can’t place new
•    Fixed editor wasn’t correctly showing element from other packages (aprons, painted lines, control towers…)
•    Optimized scene tree for large airport
•    Real time edition for exclusion rectangles
•    Fixed bugs with polygon point altitudes
•    Fixed polygon with material rendering when the material is not loaded yet
•    Fixed object focus
•    Fixed jetway links that disapear during edition
•    Fixed TIN color correction not correctly applied during edition
•    Fixed “add a jetway” button that create invalid jetway
•    Fixed car parking update & optimze vehicle rendering
•    Fixed buildings that never come back when editing jetways
•    Fixed car parking add point and resume edition
Aircraft editor
•    Creation of a new Aircraft Editor with better handling of cfg files and a complete list of parameters (links to doc once available)
•    Loading a project to access Aircraft Debug Windows is no longer required. They are now available in the devmode menu under “Options/Debug Drawing/Aircraft/”
Project editor
•    Fixed airport reloading after building a package
•    Force reload of gameplay airports after building BGL package
•    No longer copy source .loc files from SimObject folders to built package
•    Added a new sample about how using Terrain/Weather API
•    Implemented Terrain/Weather API
•    [Beta] Added a Visual Studio Debugger Extension which improves Wasm Debugging (Especially inspecting callbacks)
•    Implemented trigger_key_event_EX1 to trigger key events with mutilple arguments (See documentation for more information)
•    Fixed reloading of standalone WASM modules after sign-out / sign-in





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3 hours ago, tpete61 said:


I never understand the point of posts like this.

Many of your points are accurate but not sure what the need is for a person to put a review here.

We all have by now created our own thoughts as to the current state of the game.

What does this review actually accomplish????


What does it accomplish? Well obviously it has triggered you in some way. I never saw the point in anyone using more than one question mark or exclamation mark at the end of a sentence. What's the need for that?

What's the need for a place like Avsim where people get a chance to express their thoughts about something they're passionate about?

(that was a rhetorical question by the way)

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Posted (edited)

I remember downloading it on release day and although it very much felt like a next-gen simulator, the poor performance, gamey default aircraft and confusing UI, assignments and camera system quickly had me drifting back to P3D and XP11 for my ‘study level’ fix. 

I did however float back each time an add-on airliner was released - first the CRJ which was typically Aerosoft half-baked and didn’t really allow me to enjoy the sim as much as I wanted to. The PMDG DC 6 I probably fired up twice. Life’s too short for all those buttons and levers for me I’m afraid. Some time later came the Mad Dog which works well but is quite a handful to fly and is a bit too much hard work for me for quick point to point airliner stuff.

The sim really came together for me when the PMDG 737 and Fenix came along in short order. I invested some time in getting my head around the UI, camera settings and assignments and came to really appreciate the sim for what is was. P3D and XP have now gone from my PC. 

There is a lot of room for improvement - ATC/AI is still a hot mess, pushbacks even with GSX are still a challenge, ATIS QNH in inches drives me nuts and trying to land in a tidy fashion with any kind of crossswind is like touching down a shopping trolley onto a strip covered in jelly, but I’m sure they will get round to these things in the end….

One thing I would say is that sadly the sim is beginning to get a little bit bloated again. One thing I really liked about the marketplace was the idea that you could just run the sim and nothing else. With all the (excellent) freeware on flightsim.to, GSX, FS Realistic etc then it’s becoming a bit of a full time job to keep on top of. Sadly there seem to be drawbacks from downloading from the marketplace too, with the files encoded and locked to read from other apps etc, plus missing options such as no statics and so on…

Edited by bennyboy75

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@mrueedi Thanks for posting that list. It’s bizarre, when you look at that list, that some people say Asobo did nothing in the last 2 years.

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I'm still waiting for Multi-Monitor support to work properly.  I was super excited to see this feature, but in its current state, it is not usable for someone that has a 220 degree screen.  I know, a niche group, but still was lookin forward to finally start using my copy of MSFS.  Unless they add some capabilities to the multi-monitor support so it is truly adjustable like in FSX, P3D, and other simulators it will not fit the simulator pit market

It seems like they like to push out updates as quickly as possible without doing proper QA.  Then you have the endless list of fixes each release fixing things that should have been identified and resolved before the next release.

I really do hope they get their ducks in a row, maybe slow down new feature releases and focus on resolving the bugs in the existing features to make it more rock solid.  Then there won't be the consistent fear each time they push out an update that it will break things.

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Posted (edited)

For me the biggest improvements in MSFS are third party contributions (FBW + Fenix). I fly airbus with my home cockpit (work in progress) exclusively.

While SU10 will bring increased performance (DLSS) and multi monitor support, there are still some glaring issue, that never were addressed since day 1. And they should be addressed with a major simulator like MSFS.

- still only one type of clouds (nature gives us at least 16 different cloud types)

- kamikaze airport vehicles (forklifts on runway, busses on taxiways etc), I just turned them off

- PAPPI's don't align with the ILS at major airports

- major airports (even 'deluxe' airports) have glaring elevation errors, meaning 2 foot+ bumps on taxi ways

- trees on airports between taxiways and runway and on final approach (just landed at LIPZ for example)

- their promised 'live traffic' is incomplete, I have to use payware for it (AIG+PSXT+RealTraffic)

- ATC is not usable for any serious flight simmer

- road traffic was not improved since FSX

There are more, but these are my pet peeves. There focus is strangely on more aircraft and POIs, which are nice, but after basic issues are fixed..... (I know different departments/teams do different things, but is is a budgeting issue, more budget for fixing the core sim team is needed).

Typing all this. MSFS is the greatest sim ever released and I enjoy it. They did many, many things right.

My 2 cents (Canadian).


Edited by Silicus
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I dunno , two years and two CTD’s ; not bad , not bad at all . 🤠






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6 hours ago, him225 said:

Has there been any substantial improvement or addition to the core sim in 2 years? The scenery area enhancements in updates can as well be categorised as dlc. Can't understand why in this time with numerous updates, no mouse yoke or AI atleast as good as fsx got added.

Seriously... a mouse yoke?

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So far so good, never had such immersion before in VR. The future possibilities are mind blowing. One day you will not know the difference.   

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Been a fantastic experience for me. The base experience is still fantastic and it's even better w/ the 3rd parties involved. I've also enjoyed seeing the growing pains, as well as successes, of a group that was new to flight sim development. Gotta start somewhere, and I've enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

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51 minutes ago, abrams_tank said:

@mrueedi Thanks for posting that list. It’s bizarre, when you look at that list, that some people say Asobo did nothing in the last 2 years.

Not at all.  But all of the accomplishments over the past two years are an undeniable testament to how far short it was upon release.  We all are fortunate that it has progressed as it has.  Many titles suffer a quicker fate, and ultimately death.  None of us wished or wish to see that here. Voices were heard and are obviously still being heard.  👍👍

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, mrueedi said:

You probably missed the 10 updates. See below...

My theory is, that people forget quickly how it was two years ago. As a reminder refer to the list below...

Are you sure, that you have checked all their fixes? Let's have a look:


That was quite the list... well played sir. Made me chuckle! 😄

However, when you look at what's actually in that insanely long list, it's 99%...

  • "Fixed...<insert bug previously created here>"
  • "Corrected... <insert previous issue here>"
  • "<Aircraft>... fixed <insert issue with original implementation>"

I love how one of the items on the list was something like "Weather: Lightning should no longer be triggered in clear skies"... how does that even get into the sim in the first place?!  Sorry, but they're not getting kudos for this long list of issues they created then fixed.

My question still stands... What area of the sim has improved in a substantial way that wasn't done by a third-party developer like Working Title, Fenix, or FBW?

After two years, we still have poor:

  • Flight/ground-effects interaction
  • Flight modelling (if you listen to the Kodiak developers)
  • SDK if you listen to most 3rd party devs
  • Turboprop modelling
  • ATC
  • Weather and clouds
  • Shorelines - everything on shore is either underwater or a terrible texture in port areas
  • Low res textures on many areas and poor mesh resolution (e.g. Canadian Rockies)
  • Main thread limited performance
  • Utterly bizarre AI traffic
  • Ground staff and vehicles that have no consideration for aircraft movement
  • Utterly dark major airports

The saving grace here, is that most of those can be overcome with mods and add-ons - but as noted, even the mod and add-on dev community is frustrated.

It's also interesting to be excited over DX12 in 2022 but that was five-year old tech when the sim launched.


Edited by Virtual-Chris
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1 hour ago, johnbow72 said:

I dunno , two years and two CTD’s ; not bad , not bad at all . 🤠

Good for you. Wish I could say the same 🙂

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“Intensify the forward batteries. I don’t want anything to get through”



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