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OPIS Islamadad P3Dv5

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OPIS is installed in my third party folder yet PSXT does not recognise it and gives a message of:

"User aircraft on the ground with a lat long (which by checking the airport bgl with ADE is correct)  and no airport in sight"

Is this because as a relatively new aiport it is not included in default scenery but the old one OPRN is?

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10 hours ago, Knoblet said:

Is this because as a relatively new aiport it is not included in default scenery but the old one OPRN is?


In the \data\airports_p3d.xml file you can see all the airports it will recognize, here a "snippet" from that file and as you can see OPIS is missing:


 <airport code="OPGD" iata="GWD" lat="25.2333" lon="62.3295" alt="36" />
    <airport code="OPGT" iata="GIL" lat="35.9188" lon="74.3336" alt="4796" />
    <airport code="OPJA" iata="JAG" lat="28.2802" lon="68.4523" alt="180" />
    <airport code="OPJI" iata="JIW" lat="25.0678" lon="61.8054" alt="184" />
    <airport code="OPKC" iata="KHI" lat="24.9086" lon="67.1628" alt="100" />
    <airport code="OPKD" iata="HDD" lat="25.3181" lon="68.3663" alt="145" />
    <airport code="OPKH" iata="KDD" lat="27.7926" lon="66.6430" alt="3967" />
    <airport code="OPKN" iata="" lat="28.5972" lon="65.4225" alt="2408" />
    <airport code="OPKT" iata="" lat="33.5683" lon="71.4436" alt="1650" />
    <airport code="OPKW" iata="KCF" lat="27.2064" lon="69.1564" alt="250" />
    <airport code="OPLA" iata="LHE" lat="31.5216" lon="74.4046" alt="712" />
    <airport code="OPLH" iata="" lat="31.4957" lon="74.3455" alt="712" />
    <airport code="OPMA" iata="" lat="33.0500" lon="73.6333" alt="952" />
    <airport code="OPMF" iata="MFG" lat="34.3390" lon="73.5086" alt="2691" />
    <airport code="OPMI" iata="" lat="32.5617" lon="71.5716" alt="690" />
    <airport code="OPMJ" iata="MJD" lat="27.3352" lon="68.1431" alt="154" />
    <airport code="OPMK" iata="" lat="25.6828" lon="69.0725" alt="50" />
    <airport code="OPMN" iata="" lat="33.0126" lon="70.0643" alt="3070" />
    <airport code="OPMR" iata="" lat="24.9000" lon="66.9333" alt="35" />
    <airport code="OPMT" iata="MUX" lat="30.2032" lon="71.4191" alt="403" />
    <airport code="OPNH" iata="WNS" lat="26.2194" lon="68.3901" alt="95" />
    <airport code="OPOK" iata="" lat="30.7410" lon="73.3577" alt="490" />
    <airport code="OPOR" iata="ORW" lat="25.2749" lon="64.5861" alt="10" />
    <airport code="OPPC" iata="PAJ" lat="33.9027" lon="70.0714" alt="5800" />
    <airport code="OPPG" iata="PJG" lat="26.9545" lon="64.1325" alt="3289" />
    <airport code="OPPI" iata="PSI" lat="25.2902" lon="63.3444" alt="33" />
    <airport code="OPPS" iata="PEW" lat="33.9939" lon="71.5146" alt="1211" />
    <airport code="OPQS" iata="" lat="33.5633" lon="73.0333" alt="1642" />
    <airport code="OPQT" iata="UET" lat="30.2521" lon="66.9387" alt="5267" />
    <airport code="OPRK" iata="RYK" lat="28.3854" lon="70.2798" alt="271" />
    <airport code="OPRN" iata="" lat="33.6168" lon="73.0987" alt="1668" />

add this line for the time being:

 <airport code="OPIS" iata="ISB" lat="33.5491" lon="72.8257" alt="1761" />

The next version of PSXT_P3D will have it.


Edited by kiek

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