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Advice needed. Time to upgrade Headset & PC

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Hi all,

I have been using an oculus rift CV1 and an nvidia gtx1070 for the last 2 years since msfs2020 released.

Ive never managed to get it to run smoothly, always with consistent small stutters even with all graphics set to low.

And then there is the low resolution of the cv1 along with my ageing graphics card.


My question is, how much of an improvement is it to swap from a cv1 to the lastest and greatest VR headset. Combing the field of view and improved resolution, along with a powerful graphics card and supporting hardware, I am assuming it would be a big improvement. 

which graphics card & head set would you recommend to maximise immersion in msfs? I don’t mind spending some ££££ and future proofing myself

thanks all




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Although there are several new headsets to choose from today, I Believe the HP Reverb G2 is still the best bang for your buck headset for flight sim. It would be a huge improvement coming from the CV1.  Gauges are very readable without having to lean or zoom in. No screen door affect.  You would need at least a RTX 3070 GPU, preferably, a RTX 3080ti now that the prices for these cards are more reasonable. 

One of the best headsets is the Varjo Aero, but that is an expensive headset ($2000 US) and you need the lightboxes and controllers (extra $600) if you don't have them already.  I just got one, over $3000 Canadian, by the time I paid exchange rate and duty, and I already had the lightboxes and controllers. I really like the Varjo. it's the best headset I owned so far, but to be honest, It's not $2,100 (Canadian) better than the Reverb G2.  I think the Reverb G2 for around $600 US is at least 90% in not more, in visual quality as the Varjo. Of course, this is just my personal opinion. 

There are several good VR youtubers that have excellent reviews and setups for best VR setups. I recommend you check out "VR Flight Sim guy" or "Simhanger Flight Simulation" youtube channel. 

Good luck. 

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Rick Verhallen

i9-13900KF OC to 5.8 Ghz | 64 GIG- G.Skill 7200 RAM | Asus ROG Maximus z790 Hero Motherboard | Gigabyte  RTX 4090 OC |  47" Samsung 4K Monitor I HP Reverb G2 HMD I Varjo Aero HMD I  Windows 11

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The next generation of NVidia cards will probably be announced tomorrow, with the 4090 and maybe the 4080 being revealed. So right now is not the most ideal time to give graphics card recommendations. I would wait until we know the specs and pricing of the new lineup, and also wait and see what sort of price drop might happen with the 3000 series cards.

In addition, the next major sim update for MSFS is just around the corner, and will most likely bring improved CPU utilization, which also will affect decisions about which CPU to get with the new motherboard you will need to get to support the latest graphics cards...

So my advice is "Ask again in few weeks"

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I have used the CV1, Rift S, Quest 2 (link), and just upgraded to HP Reverb G2.  

The Reverb is the best bang , and I believe its still on sale from HP direct.   You’ll be really pleased with the improved clarity from the CV1.  Huge difference. 

Then get a nVidia 30xx card & you’ll be all set.  

rgds, JB

Intel 11900K @ 5.0GHz, MSI Z590, 32GB G.Skill 3600Mhz, RTX 4080 MSI Ventus, GoFlight modules, HP Reverb G2 VR, FlyVirtual.net, Private Pilot SEL rating


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Before you look at headsets, be sure to measure your IPD. I've got an IPD of 71mm, which was totally fine in a Rift CV1, but absolutely did not work in an HP Reverb G1.

But if your head is a more normal size, the Reverb G1/2 would be fine. 

If you've got a really wide eye placement, you'll have to look at something like the Valve Index or even the HTC Vive Pro 2. (I've got the VP2, but given the likely changes coming, I'd say the Index is probably a more balanced and reliable pick.) 

But on GPUs? Wait until the RDNA3 reviews come in. This GPU generation is going to be pretty nuts. The 4090 is expected to be extra toasty high power, but RDNA3 is likely to deliver considerable performance much more economically, and likely more performance for AIBs that are willing to push it to its limits. 

Combine that with the over production of Ampere cards and the crypto crash, and it will be a buyers market by the time we see the next gen of hardware. 

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My opinnion is that RTX4080 is the minimum for Reverb G2. That GPU could render picture in 100% size without big compromises.

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