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Airport Charts for ZUBD - Bangda and ZULS - Gonggar

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Guest avkx

I'm looking for airport charts (SID/STAR/approach/AD) for Bangda, Chamdo (ZUBD) and Gonggar, Lhasa (ZULS). Jeppesen chart collection doesn't contain these two airports.Does anybody know where I can find them?Thanks.

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A couple years ago - my company Challenger flew the CEO and some folks into ZPLJ - Lijiang - don't bother looking it's not in FS though a couple people have done addon AFCADs and very basic scenery.They were met at ZPPP by a Chinese military navigator who brought the plates / charts.He flew in the jump seat into the airport, and back out the next day.He collected every chart and note the aircrew made - and supervised the erasure of the information from the FMC of the flights.Good luck in finding the ones you want though Tibet is even more sensitive and restricted than many other airports.

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The two he mentioned are in Tibet - Gonggar is about 100 km from Lhasa - the home of that grand hillside palace / monastary - the Potala, which you've seen phots.ZULS is served by a good bit of commercial traffic - with I think Kathmandu being the only connection not in China. You'll also see it listed by IATA code LXAI don't know much about ZUBD - Bangda - Also known as Changdu InternationalThere are a couple airport sceneries for those airports - one by Bear Studios - payware associate of Flight1Jan Martin has done freeware scenery of both - you can information on his website - http://de.geocities.com/janswebsites/flightsim/index.html - theya re both in his Tibet Scenery v9.5 in the Avsim Library - tibet_95.zip

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Whole nother level of politics and world level argument.To China, Tibet does not exist - it's just another part of China with some tourist potential and land / room to grow.To much of the world and the people whose families have been there for generations - it's an uninvited foreign ruler who is colonizing the country.One interesting note about Tibet / China is the new railroad which will make travel into the area much easier and carry a lot more people.The train engine cab and passenger cars are pressurized like airplanes. The cars were built by one of the largest rail equipment manufacturers in the world - Bombardier - who certainly have other divisions (Lear, Challenger, Global Express, CRJ) with experience in pressurization.Most of the route is over 4,000 M/ 13,100 FT in elevation and reaches a highest point of 5,072M / 16,640 FT."China Railroad 328 you are cleared for departure - climb and maintain FL160"

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