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AxisAndOhs version 2.60 build 20 released

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Hello @ll,

version 2.60 has been released today. SimMarket already deployed it, and you can download the new version from your account there. We are still waiting for a reply from JustFlight.

The biggest change in the 2.60 is, that templates can be linked to your current aircraft too, instead of "applied". "Linking" a template will not copy all buttons, axis etc. into the current configuration, it just references them. So a change in the template will directly affect all aircraft that have a link to it.
This should make sharing (and especially updating!) templates much easier.

Here is the rest of the changes:

- Change: Templates: option to exclude all scripts from template export
- Change: Templates: AAO asks if you want to overwrite an existing template when importing it again.
- Change: Templates: Option to create an empty template in Offline Mode
- Change: RPN: added bytof, bytol, bytoi operators
- Change: RPN: added "procexist" operator
- Change: RPN: improving performance of RPN parser
- Change: RPN: String query now returns numerical result when string is null
- Change: RPN: KEY_ events can be entered numerically
- Change: RPN: Added (AAO_ONLINE_MODE) and (AAO_OFFLINE_MODE:xxx) commands
- Change: Updated MSFS SDK information, updated MSFS SimConnect DLLs (SU10)
- Change: Updated P3D V5 SDK information
- Change: Gauges: Added FontColorScript, FontHeightScript to GaugeText Desktop/Web FIP elements 
- Change: Gauges: Desktop and Web FIP Handlers can be stopped with the standard "X" button
- Change: Updated to current PMDG 737 MSFS SDK
- Change: BVar mapping LVars now show up in the variables treeview

- Bugfix: Templates: Applying/Merging the same template again was multiplying the autoscripts 
- Bugfix: Gauges: Cursor areas on DesktopFIPs not scaling with the gauge
- Bugfix: vJoy interface was not activated if used only in scripts, required at least one button
- Bugfix: vJoy interface not active while RPN Editor is open.
- Bugfix: The result of "Delete Config" and "Empty Config" was not immediately visible in Offline Mode
- Bugfix: NPE when closing RPN Editor when no config has been loaded


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Just Flight support says they don't have this update. (As of Sunday, 10/16)

"Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received this update from Lorbi-Si.

 As soon as we do they are normally updated withing 12 hours.

 Kind regards



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Yup I had this earlier in the year with them nearly 10 days after the update was announced on here 1`0 mins after complaining about it they posted it. I've stopped buying stuff from them now as they take so long to publish updates.
Just checked again now 17/10 and it's still not available.

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Brian Thomas



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15 hours ago, HardCat55 said:

Just downloaded it from my JustFlight account!

Thanks 👍🤸‍♂️

Brian Thomas



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