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Kodiak Throttles Post V1.3.5 Update

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Being a huge fan of everything I can I do in AAO, I have finally gotten my Honeycomb Bravo working much better with the Kodiak / Floatiak after the latest update from SWS version 1.3.5.
The idea was to have Forward Thrust from the idle detent 0% to 100%, and BETA and REVERSE in the correct reverse direction 0% to -25%. Because there is no axis on the Bravo in reverse
I had to simulate it with buttons as best I could.

This is what I did:

1. Create Axis Assignment "THROTTLE1_SET" and assign to the first throttle axis on the Bravo.
   (You can use whatever axis you like but note the button numbers below will be different.)

2. In the RPN Script Editor, create a script (I called It) "THROTTLE1_BETA" with the contents:    14·(>K:THROTTLE1_DECR)
   This will move the lever into BETA range approx 11% of reverse thrust. (This is what the animation displays if you hover over it in the sim.)

3. In the RPN Script Editor, create another script (I called It) "THROTTLE1_REVERSE" with the contents:    32·(>K:THROTTLE1_DECR)
   This will move the lever into REVERSE range approx 25%. (Also what is displayed hovering over throttle in sim.)

4. Create Button Assignment   THROTTLE1_BETA to the reverse detent on the Bravo. It should read as Button 23.

5. Create Button Assignment   THROTTLE1_REVERSE to the Go Around Button on the Bravo. It should read as Button 28.
   The GA Button on the Kodiak does not appear to have assignment, so I used it. You can use whatever button you like.
   If it is or does get used later, I can still use this method just give it a long button press of say 1 second.

That should do it, works perfect for me. The BETA is really handy in the Float Version of the Kodiak, not sure it would be good to use full reverse there.
Both work well in the Kodiak wheeled version too.

Hope someone finds this useful. -HardCat

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