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MSFS steam version wont start

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Hello everyone


I do hope someone is able to help and  below is what has happened.

I used MSFS yesterday finished and closed it . Then I shut down the computer

Today i went to do a flight and the following is happening

1.  Steam launches the programme

2.  I get the ASOBO screen and then the Blackshark AI screen

3.  Then Microsoft MSFS splash screen is showing saying do you want to start in safe or normal mode. I have tried both.

4.  Then I get a black screen with a spinning white disc, music is playing but it does not move to the checking updates screen just sits there spinning. Before it moved to the update screen and at the top showed my xbox name. I have even logged on to the xbox app and had it running while starting steam. Makes no difference.

I have tried numerous times run through the wont start checklists and updated my graphics card driver.

I have logged in and out of xbox app and steam makes no difference.

This is the first time I have had this problem since first installing it.

I dont understand how it was fine before and today doesnt work I changed nothing overnight.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction I am getting a bit desperate.

Running windows 10 all updated. I have and Intel i9-10900, 32GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 1080ti 11GB graphics card running the latest driver 526.47

I just hope I dont have to do a reinstall Of MSFS

Kind regards

David Spackman

David Spackman Real World Pilot  😀

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Hi David

The stage where it's stuck is the part of boot up where it uses the internet to connect to their servers to check your id and updates.

It sounds like there is either a temporary glitch in your internet connection or at their servers.  Is your internet working OK?  If so, then shut down the boot up and leave it an hour or so and try again.

Ryzen 7 7700x @5.5GHz; ASUS X670-P Motherboard; nVidia 4080 (factory o/c); 32G 5600MHz DDR5 SDRAM; HP Reverb G2

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One in every 5 startups for me stops at the black screen or the blurred colour image and goes no further




i7-12700K | Corsair PC4-28700 DDR4 32Gb | Gigabyte RTX4090 24Gb | Gigabyte Z690 AORUS ELITE DDR4 | Corsair HX1200 PSU

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Hi all those that replied and thank you.

Well still no luck in getting in to MSFS. I get the splash screens which now have a flashing black square in the middle of them and then it goes to the black screen with the spinning white disc and music playing after I have chosen to use either normal or safe mode. It doesn not go to the check updates screen with my gamer tag at the top right corner. I have sent a request for help to the MSFS support team at the zendesk. I am confused because i asked if i needed the x box app running and they said no not with the steam version. That seems contrary to what I have read on forums here. They have also given me pages of checks to try and and also steps to put the sim back to vanilla condition. Some of it i just dont understand. Are the zen desk support actual technicians or just untrained people putting together articles as they dont seem to answer my questions in the e mail correspondence. I am frustrated because everything they suggest seems to be with the Sim loading or partially loading but i cant even get that far.

I am not technical and hate to be blundering about.

Is there any way i can check to see if I am reaching the MSFS servers at all.

If any others  of you have had this problem please reach out to me. Given I have a slow internet connection I hate the prospect of having to uninstall and reinstall the steam version together with the fact i dont know really how to do it.

Kind regards to everypne


David Spackman Real World Pilot  😀

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This is an other forum:


I assume you have sufficent free disc space on main-drive ? ( e.g. so that pagefile can created ) If not, you must may be force a pagefile, but then we need more informations about your system.

Otherwise: have you checked the mentioned hints about reconnect in xbox app ( logout , restart windows, login ) and also check that you system time is correct set ?

Also clean the App-Data folder ( %AppData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator → delete the SceneryIndex, SceneryCache, DCE, cache, ROLLINGCACHE.CCC ) is sometime helpfull.

If the problem comes from a setting file, its not sufficent to start without internet connection, because steam have a cache of the setting files within : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxuserid…\1250410* ) . You can disable in steam the cloud sync, backup the files from mentioned folderr, and remove the folder. Then try to start. Because it resets all, you can may be start with removal of the input_ files only.
A note, be carefully if you play around the files in that folder, there is also your logbook, if you care about. If you later enable cloud sync again, then Steam try to sync it with the cloud-files and ask you which version you want.

EDIT: and I forget to mention the usually things, like try to stop anti-virus solution ( if not defender ). If you had former google-maps-replacement installed then check and clean windows-hosts file, all that things…


Edited by romoni

Rolf Niemi

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Hello again everyone.

Thanks for the input but it was just getting to hard. So I have uninstalled from Steam and then cleared the  C/users/my name/appdata/roaming/microsoft Flight simulator and then cleared all the files from my d drive where I installed Steam MSFS originally. I have checked that there are no more MSFS files anywhere. It seems the Steam uninstall only deletes the installer. One would think that there would be a proper Uninstaller that removes everything automatically without all this manual deleting. If i have missed anything let me know.

I intend to reinstall after the release of Sim update 11 as it takes me about 34 hours with my slow Australian internet speed.


Thanks again everyone



David Spackman Real World Pilot  😀

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