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Any trouble signing out of BETA now that BETA 11 is over?

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Has anyone tried quitting out of the BETA for FS2020?

It lead to a lot of problems during BETA 11. You either had to go back into BETA or do a complete reinstall of FS2020.

So I am just checking if anyone has opted out and how that went.

I am considering opting out instead of automatically being updated to BETA for U12. At least to start with as currently my sim is running fantastic.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Com GA Pilot, Retired • MSFS 2020 • Gigabyte 8th gen lga1151 motherboard z2370 hd3, i5 8600 8th gen 4.3ghz, Thermaltake 750w power supply, 4 x 8gb ddr4 dimm, MSI force GTO 1070 8gb ddr5, 4 SSD's • 4K main display with 3 HD displays, one is a touch screen. Often used as 3 1080P NVIDEA surround screens and one HD touchscreen for AirManager

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Yes, I have.

I have the Steam version and opted out of the Update11 beta, once everyone had updated to the released Update 11.

I feared the worst as I have tried to bail out previously when everyone was on 10 and the wheels came off. All I could do was re install or go back into beta, which was what I did with no problems. 

So now my MSFS seems to be running fine, however all will be revealed when I have my on line VR flying group on Monday morning. They were all Update 10 and whilst I was in beta we couldn't see each other. We had to use JoinFS to see each other.

Now they are all update 11, we SHOULD see each other from within MSFS.🤞  


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An update.

My group had our online VR flight and we could see each other. So, I am living proof that you can cancel the beta updates and live to tell the tale.

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