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Asobo ATR and HOTAS Thrustmaster throttle setup

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7 hours ago, SAS263 said:

Got it working.

Settings as follows:
MSFS Control Options / Throttle. Set up separate profile using the profile manager. Make sure no conflicting bindings for trottle functions remain.
Power management / Trottle.
Throttle 1 Axis (reverse axis checked). Assign and Validate your left WH throttle handle as normal.

Throttle 1 Decrease. When selecting the input, lift the left WH throttle handle over the "gate" and pull back to the reverser position. MSFS will recognise this as Button 30. Lift the HW handle back to the normal position, out of the physical detent. Make sure that Action Type says "On Press".
Throttle 1 Cut. Repeat the same as for Throttle 1 Decrease. MSFS will warn that the button is used on other axis, disregard that warning. Validate! Now repeat the same thing again, but this time ONLY change Action Type to On Release. Validate. Go back in and verify that "On Release" "sticks" because MSFS has a habit of reverting back to On Press. That´s why you first validate with On Press, THEN change to On Release.

Throttle 2, repeat as above, but this time the Button will be identified as number 29.

Double check that On Release has not been changed 🙂

ATR EFB Options:
Dual Axis selected. Throttle hardware has reverser axis deselected. This got selected for me a few times, so validate this!
I moved the throttles and Set the Ramp to approx 14558, Notch 12500 and Idle is -16384.

This will have your throttle go back to the Idle position when fully closed. When you lift the throttles and pull them back Reversers will be engaged. When you lift them back forward out of the physical detent you will see the ATR finger guards be lifted, short delay and then the ATR  throttles will move out of Reverse into Idle. Just leave the physical handles alone and the ATR throttles will end up in the correct Idle position. 🙂

This worked great for me, thanks!

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