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Thoughts on the Samsung Odyssey G9

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Prime day is today  and tomorrow, quantities sell out somethimes...

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Howard. I have had my G7 (32") for a few years now.

The first morning with it was a nightmare. All I could see was the huge curve at the top and bottom.

In MSFS it was the same thing and I thought I would sent it back.

But the second day I found my eyes adjusting to it.

After a week, i would never change it for a flat screen. My old 28" Samsung is at work and I hate it. Flat screen are soooo flat. The Curve on the G7 G9 is perfect for gaming/ siming as the viewing distance does not change, your eyes are never re focusing. IMO curved TV were always a wait of time. But when you sit so close as I do to the G7 its just stunning. The huge curve is perfect. 

But be warned it takes time for your brain to adjust to that curve.

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A related question..

Does anyone have experience running the G9 at 1080p?  If yes, how would you compare the resolution and clarity at that setting versus a regular 1080p monitor?

(I ask because I currently successfully run 3,  24" 1080p monitors via Nvidia Surround.  I am not sure my system will support 1440 resolution f a g9 sized monitor, and I don't want to buy one only to end up seeing a degradation in my current resolution if I switch to the G9).

Many thanks,




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On 7/12/2023 at 1:15 AM, Mike S KPDX said:

"Interacting with switches and programming the FMC is way easier, more natural and faster than using the mouse (like in P3D)."

I dont think this cant possibly be true, There are multiple flight sim review videos out there showing just the opposite that seem to follow the VFR recommendation only.  Can you point me to one that demonstrates and endorses VR for switching/programming?

The one that demonstrates it is me. I've been flying airliners for a few years in VR and it was clunky with a mouse in P3D. It's faster, easier and more natural in MSFS due to controller support. I've never understood people saying it doesn't work for flipping buttons, because frankly, as long as you can move your arm and have some sort of precision, there is no reason it would be a problem. For example, I program the entire FMC in about 2 minutes. No idea why people say it doesn't work or is an issue. You're pretty much operating switches like you do in a real plane. Stretch out your arm and flip it.

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