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Freezing Issues

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11 hours ago, sonny147 said:

first thing put your GPU on high performance in the NCP , if you haven't already , and take control of the folders you use , also exclude everything in Windows 10/11 virus and firewall

I had already excluded the folder but did not do the Prefer Maximum Performance option, good tip thanks! Will test it out and see how it goes.

Oh and I dont have GSX. This stuttering and freezing is something very recent. It was all good until around May or June then it began.

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Hopefully I’m not jumping the gun and the issues will happen again after a few more hours of flying but I THINK either going to DXT 11 and/or clearing the nvidia cache seems to have solved my stuttering issues. 

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Make sure you've got disabled all -and especially Microsoft's default- live wallpaper!!!!

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I've experience this problem for several months now, across 2 separate machines. For background:

  • Machine #1 - i9 12900HK, 128GB RAM, RTX 3090, Samsung 980 Pro NVME
  • Machine #2 - i9 14900KF, 64GB RAM, RTX 4090, Samsung 980 Pro NVME

Spent a good amount of testing trying the following:

  1. Rolling back nVidia driver to multiple versions (GameReady and Studio), all the way back to 517.
  2. Lowered visuals, lowered distance.
  3. Tried DX12 and DX11.
  4. Tried clearing Cache different Cache sizes.
  5. Tried different AA settings.

Crashes continued to happen, until I chose to disable nVidia DLSS Frame Generation. With this setting off, I've been able to do several 2-4 hour flights without issues, with visuals once again at ultra, all the way to 4k if desired (I usually fly on 1440). I was also able to upgrade to latest nVidia GameReady driver and everything is working fine so far.

Thought I'd share this in case someone is still having this issue in 2024 and not seeing positive results after rolling back drivers and trying all other suggestions posted so far, with no positive results.


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