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David Mills

August 31, 2023 MSFS Development Update

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Posted by: Microsoft Flight Simulator Team


This week’s Screenshot Challenge winner is Forum user AN2Felllla. If you’re interested in participating in our weekly Screenshot Challenges, check out the details in the Community section below!

Yesterday, we released a new test build to those enrolled in the ongoing Sim Update 13 public beta. You can read the release notes for this new build, version, on our forums here.

We have been very closely monitoring reports from SU13 testers regarding an issue with long loading times that can occur when certain Marketplace products are installed. The dev team is making progress on this issue, but a fix was not included with the build. Thank you to all the beta testers who have reported and submitted information about this bug. Your contributions have been extremely helpful to us.

Finally, the MSFS Team would like to congratulate our friends and colleagues at Bethesda Game Studios on the release of Starfield! Whether you’re planning to spend the upcoming weekend flying in a plane around the world or flying in a spaceship across the Settled Systems, the sky — and stars — are calling!

– MSFS Team


Development Update Banner


Click here for the web-friendly version of the Development Roadmap.



Current Backlog: 565 Total*

*The MS test process is currently going through iteration, so our backlog numbers are fluctuating.

  Testing Status
Content Type Initial Processing and Validation by MS Handed off to 3P for Functional Testing Functional Testing in Progress by 3P Functional Testing Signed off by 3P Total
Aircraft 77 3 0 0 80
Mission 26 16 6 0 48
Scenery 69 13 3 2 87
Livery 38 2 2 0 42
Airport 84 7 7 0 98
Other 47 13 4 0 64
Total 341 54 22 2 419


  Testing Status
Content Type Initial Processing and Validation by MS Handed off to 3P for Functional Testing Functional Testing in Progress by 3P Functional Testing Signed off by 3P Total
Aircraft 34 4 1 0 39
Mission 2 0 0 0 2
Scenery 7 0 1 0 8
Livery 46 0 0 0 46
Airport 30 16 0 0 46
Other 5 0 0 0 5
Total 124 20 2 0 146



The SDK and Third Party Updates will return in a future Development Update blog.




To celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day of August 31 (known locally as Hari Merdeka), this week our Community Fly-In will be to this beautiful country in Southeast Asia. We will depart from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, home to the renowned Petronas Twin Towers and the recently-completed Merdeka 118, the second-tallest building in the world (after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa). From KL, we will fly along a generally northbound heading to Penang, one of Malaysia’s top tourist destinations and a region known internationally for its delectable cuisine.

Event details are available here. All are welcome to participate!

An aircraft flies over Kuala Lumpur. Community Fly-In: Malaysia. Join us on Friday September 1st at 1800Z. Watch at twitch.tv/msfsofficial!


We’ve loved watching players attempt the Red Bull Bullseye Landing Challenge since its release last month. Recently on YouTube, creator Aaron Rheins posted a highlight video showing many landing challenge attempts from his viewers. These attempts range from good, to not-so-good, to great, to simply amazing. The last clip in this video in particular left us in awe at the flying skill of some members of the Microsoft Flight Simulator community. Luke Czepiela, the Red Bull pilot who completed this landing in the real world, would undoubtedly be impressed by some of these attempts. Check it out!



You can submit your screenshot via Twitter with #MSFSchallenge or the Weekly Forum Post! This week’s screenshot challenge: Star Fields

This past week’s Screenshot Challenge was My Cessna!“:


Weekly Screenshot Challenge Winner: AN2Felllla (Forum)


Screenshot by Flight4207344 (Forum)


Screenshot by HeKa48 (Forum)


Screenshot by HeKa48 (Forum)


Screenshot by KotetuP (Twitter)


Screenshot by Parorng (Forum)


Screenshot by pommes_l (Twitter)


Screenshot by SprocketSim (Forum)


Screenshot by tsujiKa_air (Twitter)


Screenshot by Zeanuck (Forum)


Screenshot by Zeanuck (Forum)



Microsoft Flight Simulator Team


Edited by David Mills
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Very light this week. No wishlist, bugs list, updated / new Marketplace addons.

Hopefully not the new norm.

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Thanks @David Mills. It’s 🌲’d

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Not much to be excited about. The updates this year have been rather disappointing.


No updates on ATC, AI airplanes or better Camera support(Multi views/monitors).

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Nice touch towards Bethesda there, 🚀 I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

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