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Toussus-le-Noble (LFPN) freeware

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LFPN is available for free at flightsim.to: https://flightsim.to/file/22845/toussus-le-noble-vfr-reporting-points-and-some-minor-improvments-for-pilots-lfpn

This scenery redesigns the whole airport area of a famous GA airport in the west of Paris. It's a mod from pilot-eyes perspective and includes VFR reporting points. I'm a real VFR pilot flying frequently from Toussus-Le-Noble and want to add details I know in real, in the sim. For example, you'll get all the real taxiway signs.

Although FranceVFR has releases Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) in its Pack VFR Paris, this small scenery redesigns  the whole airport area. It's a mod from pilot-eyes perspective and includes VFR reporting point. I'm a real VFR pilot departing from Toussus-Le-Noble and want to add details I know in real, in the sim, for example, you'll get all the real taxiway signs.

This mod has been made with 80% of integrated MSFS objects excepted Alcyons club house (my first blender building), Farman's hangar and the control tower and its buildings (a HUGE thank you to MazelMart), the Robinson R44, the Dauphin in HeliUnion apron, cones for the transient grass parking and helicopter's taxiways and the . Don't be to harsh when you'll look at the tower building. It's a Frankenstein-like "creation". If you want to help and have skills in Blender/Sketchup and can create some of Toussus buildings, let me know!

More than 4000 new objects have been added to the default scenery!



  • 80% of airport buildings have been replaced: from East area with Jousse and Mont Blanc Helicoptères to the West side with AstonFly and Trimaille, including the terminal, the firestation and all hangars. Special attention to ATCF with its restaurant. My first blender building is the Alcyons Club House!
  • Update of 7/25 runways : the white cross on 7R and the displaced threshold 7L. Enhance the runway markings.
  • New buildings signs : ACAF, ACOP, ACS, Add Oxygène, AéroPyrenées, Affair, Air Europ Club, Alcyons, Allinter, Aéro Touring Club, AstonFly, ATCF, CFA, Clean Aero Service, Daher, Farman, (ex)JCDecaux, Helixaero, HeliUnion, Hégé, Mont Blanc Hélicoptère, Paris Hélicoptère, Paris Sud, Trimaille... and maybe some others
  • New FATO and helicopter's taxiways
  • New taxiway signs to match the real world and custom-made "no entry" signs
  • New edges lightning with inert blue reflectors on all taxiways except E and W as in real world
  • Dozen of small objects to make the scenery alive:parked planes, helicopters, vegetation, water tower, VOR, VDF, Farman's gate is opened for plane if you want to go/from Farman hangar...
  • Point VFR SIERRA : trees removal to make the forest aisle visible, heading to the famous farm with red roof, new power towers (pylons of high voltage)
  • Red and white check: base leg 25 to visualize inner and outer base, "clocheton avec damier rouge et blanc" on downwind leg (also HOTEL VFR reporting point for helicopters).
  • New few objects in Centre d'Etude Nucléaire de Saclay (towers, antennas) to make it more dense.
  • Add Electric Charging Station for airplane at tower apron and Fab'Lab
  • Add the self serve fuel station SP98 UL AERO SUPER+ at tower apron.
  • No change on ATC frequency and radionavigation
  • No extra library or dependencies required.
  • Thanks to MazerMart, who started a discussion here on flightsim.to, the Farman's hangar has been handcrafted by an expert. All credits for the Farman's hangar and the control tower go to MazerMart, a big thank you !


More pic available at the screenshots section: 


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This was one the first airports of yours I ever downloaded (after Le Touquet) and is one of my favourites.  I now use a few of yours and the work you have done is awesome.

I will check out the update later and look forward to seeing any changes or additions.

Thank you for the hard work you put into your creations.

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Nearly 200k downloads for your hard work @vbazillio and as someone who has discovered your excellent work in the past I thank you very much 😊 I've now followed you on flightsim.to and will download a bulk of your airports that I've missed.

This particular location looks like a great arrival from my home departure of EGKA, might do it in the A2A Comanche this week.

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One of the best freeware. correction, one of the best renditions of a regional airport in MSFS.

ORBX: do yourself the favor and hire this guy. 

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I will have to check this one out! I have been happy with every one of your other sceneries that I have tried 🙂 

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