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Just an idea!

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Hello Kiek. First of all: Merry Christmas!
Today I am doing a Christmas flight and I have realized that, when there are many planes on the ground, as you have explained to us, we have the option of blocking the one that interests us to replace its position with a "follow me" car.
Normally, PSXT advises me on the airplanes in front of me. But I was thinking:
Can there be an option where I directly block the first plane coming from behind me? I mean PSXT puts usually in first position the plane i have in front of me. But, what if the first position is the one that I have at number 1 at 18:00 o clock? Since that way, I don't visualize any sudden disappearance in front of me, and I know that the plane that comes after the blocked one will stop right behind me. 
just an idea.
thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Hello abranpuko,

Thank you, Merry Christmas too!

Thank you for your idea, that is quite different from the "design" of the block+follow me car function.

Maybe for clarification: The idea of the follow me car is that it is in front of you. And because it is very small you can stay close behind without hindering the next aircraft in line after you. But more importantly, by following the car you will know when it is your turn to move forward and finally to enter the runway. The usefulness of this is apparent at major airports, like EGLL where there is not just one row of aircraft waiting in line, but there are 3, 4 or sometimes even 5 different taxiways with aircraft leading to the departure runway  (you are number 15 😉 ) . So replacing the one in front of you by the follow me car (actually it is not blocked but it has got a different livery) gives you guidance.

What you suggest, blocking the one behind, will only work well with one waiting line. But  replacing it by a follow me car makes not much sense because  you cannot see it moving. Or do you want to remove it only? Blocking in this context  is maybe the wrong term, actually it is removing.
Maybe I have not yet understood what you meant, so please elaborate it a bit.


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Hi Nico.
I have understood what you are telling me, and it certainly makes a lot of logic.

What has happened to me for the small idea is that many times my plane is in a single line of planes waiting to take off. At that moment someone approaches from behind. Since I know it's probably going to enter my position, I have to make the decision to eliminate the one in front of me to take its place, but I don't like to see a plane suddenly disappear in a row.
To avoid this "disappearance", I imagined that the plane behind was the one that disappears, but you are right: in reality, PSXT already does this if I activate the "User ground" box.
What happens is that, at that moment I sense the movement of the blocked plane and I continue forward, taking its place, without reference to the "follow me".
If I don't want to have any flightradar24 or littlenavmap pages open, and do it without knowing what's going to happen, then I'll go into runway by intuition. (not when the "follow me" does it)
And all this, for the illusion of not seeing any plane disappear in front of my eyes. ahahah.
Anyway, it was an idea but I think it has faded away.

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