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Help for someone new to VR

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Hi  sorry for a post that established members probably see all the time, but having researched YouTube and meeting contradicting info, I'm throwing my hands up for some help.


First, I'm not new to flight sims although I've been using xplane12, recently purchased msfs2000 from store, not steam.  I have also treated myself to a metal quest 3, and oh my the vr is a life saver.  However I'm not sure what my system capability is, I have recently rebuilt my tower to the following:

Asus rog z770H Pro gaming motherboard 

I7 12000

64gb ddrm 5 ram @ 6000Mhz (4 sticks)

Asus RTX 4060 gpu

2Tb gen 5 m.2 ssd


I'm reading that I should be getting a decent experience with high end or pushing ultra, but it's not case, more like 20 fps.  

I'm using virtual desktop as haven't found a way to use vr on msfs without steam.  But have WiFi 6 and router is close.

So, any ideas on:

1.  What performance I should be aiming for in vr.

2.  How to use msfs vr without virtual desktop or steam


Thanks in advance...

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Just now, jaykay79 said:

Sorry haven't figured out how to edit, I should say iys a z790 not 770

As a New Member you cannot edit your posts.

Charlie Aron

Awaiting the new Microsoft Flight Sim and the purchase of a new system.  Running a Chromebook for now! :cool:



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I don't know much about the Quest VR headsets, but when it comes to your question "which performance should I be aiming for", I'd reply "As much as you need to feel comfortable". This basically means that you have to adjust your settings in a way to get a "fluid-enough" display while moving/panning your head around in the sim. This doesn't mean you'll need to sacrifice any graphic settings to make the sim look ugly, but you'll simply have to be reasonable with some of them. Things like the render scale, or the terrain and objects LOD sliders, and finally the clouds quality (try to set to High instead of Ultra, still looks good, saves a lot of power).

You should be able to get rid of SteamVR by using the video codec named "VDXR" in the Virtual Desktop Steamer application settings (OpenXR Runtime in the "Options" section). This is basically a special version of OpenXR that doesn't need SteamVR.

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