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Fenix a320 Dome light Stream Deck Plus

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I purchased Axis&Ohs a few weeks ago after buying a Steam Deck Plus. I spent 3 or 4 nights trying to get one switch to work on the steam deck + just to try and learn the process. It's the Dome light on the a320 by Fenix.
I watch tons of axis&ohs videos to try and figure out the process. I have other controls working on the stream deck + using the axis plugin. So I know it's working. So after many hours I did a test with the Dome light inside
Axis and Ohs and found the commands that make the switch work when using the axis&ohs test button.
These are the commands that made it work. Now I can't figure out how to make this work inside stream deck.
I tried for so long that I had to walk away for a few days in frustration.

Here are the lines that worked from the test button in Axis&Ohs. How can I get these to work from inside Stream Deck Plus. I've pulled out most of my hair trying.
Dome Light  with lines below works in the Fenix a320 in test mode via AX&OS test button -
Are these the lines that would be used in Steam Deck plus to and where would the lines actually go?


I'm just not sure where to place these lines and which switch from the plugin to try.

The actual switch in the plane (Fenix A320 - Dome light) goes from off to dim to bright . I thought if I could get one working I might be on my way to learning Axis&Ohs, but that's what I get for thinking 🙂

Thanks for any help or suggestions it's much appreciated.

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A good starting point is flightsim.to. There are many StreamDeck profiles available for download there, ready made by talented simmers.

I would just call the script, as described in the AAO manual. Doesn't matter what StreamDeck Action you do it with.
Looking at the code this script apparently lives in AAO, and it is a toggle, right? You call it from the SD with type "K:" and writing "scriptgroup-scriptname" into the box.

So assuming that script is called "DomeLight" in AAO, and is located in the group "Scripts", you would for example use a "Toggle" action on the SD.
Select "K:" for the Key Down event
Enter "Scripts-DomeLight" into its text box (if your script has a different name or group in AAO, change the text accordingly)
Enter "1" into "Event value"

Select "L:" for "Read"
Write "S_OH_INT_LT_DOME, Number" into the textbox
Enter "1" into ON value

Press "Submit".

Granted, this is not ideal, as it can only detect the state "1" of the LVar and it will go dark on 0 and 2. Typically you would use a Slider gauge here and model all three states.

Alternatively you can use Type S: and copy the entire code into the box, but I wouldn't recommend that - you would have to remove the "dots" from the code first. Never copy&paste code from the script editor directly - use the grey box below it, where the code has been compiled - this will remove all formatting and the "dots".


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