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Dune II

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8 hours ago, n4gix said:

Especially when most modern cameras have built in image stabilizers! One has to really strain hard to get shaky motion.


Yeah, they deliberately abandon the stabilized gear and use a hand camera, then deliberately shake it about. They think they're being creative but its just utterly annoying.

Second season of Halo is on at the moment, and in the battle scenes they get shaky, but luckily it's such as great series I can ignore it. 


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On 2/18/2024 at 8:24 AM, spilok said:

I probably just seem to remember some of the old movies that not only had clarity of the image always, but didn't involve all the flashbacks, multiple plots that are hard to follow, multiple characters that are not only unnecessary, special effects that may have no relevance but just seem to interfere in the overall intention of the film as far as the average filmgoer is concerned.


The less CGI, the better, as far my preferences will allow.

The less changes in time the better, too. Sergio Leone messed up what would have been a masterpiece by skipping forward and backwards in time. Once Upon a Time in America.

He did not do this in Once Upon a Time in the West. Except where he had to do the big reveal of who "Harmonica" had been as a child. And so the second film makes lots of "best ever" lists, and the first does not. Both films are loaded with big name stars.

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9 hours ago, martin-w said:

Second season of Halo is on at the moment, and in the battle scenes they get shaky, but luckily it's such as great series I can ignore it. 

I cannot afford subscription services, so I'm not able to watch Halo. I watch a lot of recovery videos however, and getting used to seeing through the lens of a body worn camera has much the same effect as the cited "shaky cam..." 🙃

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