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Sim Update 15 Beta -

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Even when just idling in Windows, if I start a process (like Excel), cores 4 and 5 are the ones that always spike and take the load. 

It seems like normal 'turbo boost' behaviour to me and a lot of people have this.  Cores 4 and 5 are the ones selected to take the load initially and boost up to 6 GHz if needed (on the 14900k). 
The other cores will only boost to 5.8 or 5.6, so it is obvious it will always try to give the load to those two if running in turbo hyper-boost mode or whatever it is called!  

I have not experimented with turning it off in the BIOS yet, but I am not sure I want to as it could lower the overall speeds available.  I will look into it more when I have the time and the inclination to go through the many BIOS boot ups required!  :smile:

This maybe a false issue though.  If people who have both usage profiles are happy, and getting MSFS at the framerates they want and stutter free, we could chase our tails for nothing.
Certainly, I am happy with my MSFS performance at the moment, so this issue is just an interesting one to ponder rather than a problem.

By the way, to reduce running processes on my PC's, I use the Chris Titus Tool.  Brings them down to about 150.
It takes just a few seconds, and although I have had no problems and I am happy with it, I am not advising other people to use it.  Do your own investigation on it first and see what you think.
I am very choosy on what I do, as there is so much snake oil out there at the moment just for the sake of getting a YouTube video and some likes out of it.

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Call me Bob or Rob, I don't mind, but I prefer Rob.

I like to trick airline passengers into thinking I have my own swimming pool in my back yard by painting a large blue rectangle on my patio.

Intel 14900K in a Z790 motherboard with water cooling, RTX 4080, 32 GB 6000 CL30 DDR5 RAM, W11 and MSFS on Samsung 980 Pro NVME SSD's.  Core Isolation Off, Game Mode Off.

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