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Paul K

My mind is boggled.

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One of the many extraordinary aspects of MSFS is that you don't need hundreds of dollars of add-ons to make the scenery or weather or aircraft look great. You're good-to-go right from the start. Plus, the performance of MSFS is vastly superior to any previously-released sim.

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9 hours ago, F737MAX said:

Yeah, but in our post-facts societies, what's more important are vibes, feels and narratives...

Anyway, while MSFS has been a whirlwind that's made it extremely difficult for a lot of the incumbent/legacy developers, we have seen Schumpeter's economic concept of creative destruction in effect. Bold new devs, such as Pyreegue, Fenix Sim, FBW, WorkingTitle and FSLTL have led the way to even more realism. A2A, JustFlight, AIG, FSReborn and Jo Erlend Sund have all upped their respective games to make the most of the new tools available to them.

A golden era indeed.

This and the impressive growth of the quality freeware catalogue. Cambrian explosion-like.

I remember early heated discussions with dire predictions that addons, specially sophisticated addons, would be a long time to come if ever because, you know, WASM is not the way to go and this is just a game for the Xbox and…, you know, Microsoft you can’t trust them  😆 etc. 

One can grumble now and then (I do and I will) but no doubt this is an impressive sim and a deserved business success.

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Simming since 1981 -  4770k@3.7 GHz with 16 GB of RAM and a 1080 with 8 GB VRAM running a 27" @ 2560*1440 - Windows 10 - Warthog HOTAS - MFG pedals - MSFS Standard version with Steam


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Yes the sim has come a long way. And the visual quality is also climbing steep, every new set of aircraft is getting better than the releases a year before.

But the SoFly Dinosaur addon is without question an absolute highlight finally adding something actually cool and fascinating into the world. I personally wish for decades seeing something more interesting and otherworldly as optional gimmick and as surprise for more interesting flights - like the UFO when going very high in the X-Plane Cessna Citation, or The Lord of the Rings movie set and other awesome stuff.

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