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ISO Milviz planes/Milviz request

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My request is for Milviz to create a depository like many other top creators have. Possibly license issues, but at the very least, let others continue to enjoy the FSX versions. Honestly I am just looking for the T38A, I can live without the Iris F15, and the Milviz F15, as DC designs has a lot of momentum right now and I wouldn't mind supporting their FSX 32 bit version. Companies like Aerosoft I understand, as they still have a ton of physical products and digital keys being sold for their products, but Milviz FSX is currently vaporware. 

Thankfully, Iris released his promodel F14, and indiafoxtecho released incredibly former payware --> freeware. I'll probably try the aerosoft version as well, and then call it a day with the DC designs F15. No offense to the talented modders out there, but alot of the freeware doesn't scratch that immersion level. 

If anyone here is down to do mediafire, DM. Seeing as they are vaporware and converted for free to FS2020. If not, we will all take the plunge into FS2024 together! Until then, I am really enjoying FSX's raw analog feel, no over the top UIs like FS2020. 

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Sort of, it is missing the F-15E. I can find another model that will fit my jolly for that. But the T38 talon is a special one to me, I grew up near space center houston and they train constantly in those things. The Air national guard and their F16 and the occasional F18 graced us constantly. 

I am looking for high detailed modeled cock pits, I am enjoying throwing on noise canceling headphones and immersing myself at the moment, FS2024 is gonna be the real deal I feel. 

Fly away sim has a decent T38 model for free, I am just not big on the 2d cockpit to operate. Beautiful design though. Might have to get over it for that one, after all they literally just practice takes offs, landings and flying IFR conditions in those things. They just do circles. Thanks for the replay

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