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Lost my best friend-need a/c in honor of

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Hello All,First let me say that I am sorry for the sad story I'm about to tell you.Wednesday, May 29th, 2002 my best friend past away. He was my 8 year old dog named Gizmo. He has been very ill on and off over the past several years with multiple operations and treatments, medications, and special food. His body just called it quits all of sudden after almost 1-2 years of looking like it was all behind us and no problems since. Then he got so sick in the course of 2 days we rush him to our vet and the next day he was gone. The whole family is in grief and we are all feeling the lost. So since I took up flight simming a few weeks ago and signed up with AirSource virtual online pilot's union at http://ar-source.com, I thought I would try to paint a plane that I am using for my Around the World flights, so he can be with me on the trips. I know it is a bit sappy, but thats how I am. I'm flying the Convair 580, and after several hours and hardly any skills in graphics, my attempts are just not seeming like they will be possible anytime soon. So I am asking if anyone would be so kind and interested in getting me started with a painted CV580 in the dog's colors and name, etc.If so, I thank you so very much and will appreciate your effort.His name again is Gizmo and he was mostly black with white on the bottom half of his legs, stomach and cheeks. His last day with us was May 29th, 2002 and he was born Nov. 26, 1993. He sometimes liked to laid on his stomach and spread out his legs, like he was flying, and was usually by feet when I did. So I thought maybe the top down view of the plane would look like him laying on his stomach. If you have another idea I am very open to ideas.Thank you for the time to read this!Sincerely,John McCormackhttp://vbdesignteam.comAir-Source: AS077

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